One more time…….Why did you vote for Wynne?????

Posted: July 15, 2014 in Uncategorized

Anyone who marked their “X” beside a Liberal MPP this past June should shake their collective heads and ask themselves “why did I do that”?.

This is directed right at YOU, the ones who voted this majority Government back in.

Again, WHY?

Are you dysfunctional?  Are you beholding to these Liberals for your paycheque? Are you an employee of the Provincial Government? Were you told by your Union bosses to X them in? OR are you just UNEDUCATED?

Being “ignorant” of the background of these failed politicians is no excuse to condemn the rest if Ontario to a future of massive debt and failed promises for honest hard working Ontarians.

There is only one word to use for each and every person who marked an “X” beside a Liberal MPP………………SHAME!

What the Ontario Budget means for electricity ratepayers: Parker Gallant

Finance Minister Sousa: you didn't really think it would HELP you, did you?
Finance Minister Sousa: you didn’t really think it would HELP you, did you?

If Ontario’s electricity customers were expecting relief in the 2014 Ontario budget their hopes are dashed — rates will continue to rise.

Average ratepayers will continue to be punished as the Ontario Liberal government forces them to pay for the growth of expensive, unreliable renewable energy in the form of wind, solar and biomass.

Relief measures are few in the drive to maintain Ontario’s lead as the most expensive electricity sector in Canada.  The only true relief measure announced in the budget is the cessation of the Debt Retirement Charge on December 31, 2015. That will benefit the average ratepayer $70 a year but with the Ontario Clean Energy Benefit (OCEB) of about $160 a year falling away on the same day, the net cost to ratepayers is $90 per year, not including the HST — the total cost is $100.  Gross savings to ratepayers from the DRC is about $315 million (4.5 million ratepayers X $70) and the loss to ratepayers of the OCEB will cost $720 million (4.5 million ratepayers X $160).

Now the bad news: the additional $100 in annual costs will be augmented by the following budget  items.  And that doesn’t include the additional cost of solar, wind and biomass that will come on stream.

Read the full comment from Parker Gallant here: Ontario2014Budget

News story on the Budget here:

  1. infowarrior says:

    what really lost the election for hudie, was his promise to re rig green nrg deals. way too much big city money invested in turbines was threatend by the conservitives..enjoy the decine

  2. 1957chev says:

    I HATE the Liberals, and their accomplices.

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