David Miller and Agenda 21…………..together at last…………..

Posted: September 15, 2014 in Uncategorized

Remember this guy?

Toronto’s Jolly Green Giant that almost bankrupted Toronto with his Green is Good insanity?

His legacy lives on even up to today with the damage from the ice storm so severe that it will cost a 1/4 billion dollars to clean up his “greening canopy” agenda which he pushed in Toronto by not allowing any trees to be trimmed because of Global Warming and fighting C02 “poisoning”!

Now he’s pushing Agenda 21’s Sustainable Development as THE WAY cities should go today and is handing out awards for 3 cities that have embraced Sustainable Development as the answer to all the world’s woes!

It matters not a tinkers damn that Sustainable Development is just a buzz word for transfer of funds from rich western industrialized countries to “developing” or as we know them as “poor” countries thereby levelling the world’s quality of life down to a standard “cave dwelling” existence!

Of course these U.N. believers” are on no way going to set a good example by being the first to live without using any fossil fuels or damaging the planet by “over consuming”!

In other words the real description of a person like this as is Al Gore, David Suzuki and others is that they can be described as complete HYPOCRITES!!

How Canadian Cities Lead the Way To A Sustainable Future

David R. Miller   01/17/2014

Today, WWF is congratulating three Canadian cities for their commitment to tackling climate change and building a sustainable future. Out of 11 participating municipalities from across the country, EdmontonNorth Vancouver and Surrey have been chosen as finalists in WWF’s second annual Earth Hour City Challenge. They are among 34 cities in 14 countries on five continents vying for the greenest city title of global Earth Hour Capital 2014. One will also be chosen Canada’s Earth Hour Capital, to be announced March 27 at an award ceremony hosted by Vancouver, the 2013 global Earth Hour Capital.

WWF launched the Earth Hour City Challenge in response to a new reality: Cities are on the front lines of climate change. They feel the impacts first and most directly, especially as more extreme weather events stress already over-burdened infrastructure. We saw this when New York was pounded by Hurricane Sandy, when Calgary was hit by devastating flooding, when Toronto got as much rain in an hour as it usually gets in a month. Were these “freak” events directly caused by climate change? A matter for debate, possibly. But there is no doubt that scientists have been telling us that this is exactly the kind of major disruption that we should expect as our climate warms. Here’s a scary thought: if we are seeing devastating events like these at the current 0.8 degrees Celsius that our planet has warmed to date, what can we expect at 4 or more degrees Celsius of warming (which is the path we’re on)?

Here’s the good news: What the Earth Hour City Challenge shows is that in addition to suffering the impacts, cities are also on the front lines of building solutions. Working closely with our partners, like ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability, WWF’s global Earth Hour City Challenge aims to mobilize action and support from cities in the global transition towards a sustainable future powered by renewable energy. Participation is open to cities around the world, and the winners are selected by an international jury of sustainability experts for their impressive actions on climate change.

When I review the list of action by municipalities here in Canada and around the world — some innovative and creative, some simply based on practical common sense — it reminds me that we are not helpless bystanders, watching climate change unfold. The future is ours to make.

That’s enough of that stuff but if you can stomach more, READ IT HERE:

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