The Big Green Lie has been around for almost 40 plus years and has taken that long to implement fully around the World!

When visiting Europe back 5 years ago plus you may have noticed huge Wind Turbine installations and Solar arrays on a scale that would be called “overkill” to some.  Others may have exclaimed they were a sign of modern times and inevitable to be coming to North America eventually.

They have arrived in North America just as Europe is starting to shut them down and we over here have to deal with a misrepresented and reprehensible group of politicians and business people who are “hell bent” on destroying our country, Canada!

These two items are just two of many many other “Green Lies” that have been “sold hook line and sinker” to citizens of the World by a very corrupt and dishonorable group of people who all operate massive and ill intentioned organizations that have only two “end games”: Money and Power

This site is dedicated to shedding the light of “truth” on what has been probably the largest “Scams” ever to be forced on the modern World!

Comments are welcome, no matter which “side” your on.  Healthy debate is encouraged and the only request we can make is to not use heavy profanity or personal insults to any other commenter’s posts.  Other than that, this should be open to all and all opinions unless they are “nonsense” and in that regard they will be pulled”!


The views expressed in comments or news articles do not necessarily reflect those of “The Big Green Lie” website.

  1. Ben Had says:

    More interesting details from PEI

    P.E.I. arenas say their new wind turbines an expensive ‘burden,’ want them removed


    • Any township who is hosting solar panels on their municipal buildings should ask their own fire department if they would even fight a fire if one broke out. Also ask their insurance agents if their buildings will be insured from fire with solar panels attached?…………….Green Fraud!!!!

  2. lysannegm says:

    Great blog and interesting content! I was looking for your email address but it looks like you didn’t leave it public. Is it possible to contact you? I this is possible, please just send me a message on my address, I would have a few questions for you about a project I am working on right now!

    Again, good job for your blog! 🙂

  3. a says:

    you are full of shit

  4. Anonymous says:

    this is not a website but a blog – no way to contact anyone who posts anything….

    • oldyellr says:

      The only person I want to contact is the author of the blog, not anyone else who posts. The spelling errors are consistently the same, (mostly “it’s” instead of “its”) so it has to be just one person writing the blog. It’s very good stuff, but those errors detract from the writer’s credibility.

      • Thanks oldyellr,
        I’ll try and clean up the mistakes………..sometimes its fairly difficult to keep up with the speed of the bad news that is coming out on an hourly basis.

      • Anonymous says:

        That’s because he’s an uneducated moron, who believes the crap he posts.

    • try it…………….

      • oldyellr says:

        You’re not kidding! I follow a lot of anti-wind and anti-stupid government blogs and there’s so much going wrong out there that those in power have to be either blind or wilfully negligent to ignore it.

  5. oldyellr says:

    I’ve been following this blog for a long time via RSS feed using Google Reader and while I agree with the opinions expressed, I have two complaints.

    1. The whole page appears in my Google Reader preview, which is very annoying, Most other feeds only show the file and fist few lines in the preview. How about changing that?

    2. While I agree with and applaud the sentiments of the writer, it annoys me that you constantly misuse apostrophes. In my eyes bad spelling and grammar takes away a lot of credibility of what’s written. Please get that right so I’m not embarrassed to forward links to the blog.

  6. “About The Big Green Lie” was in fact a truly awesome posting, .
    Keep authoring and I’m going to keep following! Regards -Quinn

  7. Philip Dabous says:

    Several comments about this large turbine issue:
    1. Too many reasons for not constructing wind farms are given, when the health and environmental harm issues ( if they are indeed valid) should mightily trump all other concerns – muddying the issue and casting doubt upon adverse health effects and environmental harm claims
    2. Anti-wind people have consistently behaved terribly to anyone who supports the turbines
    3. People on Manitoulin Island already claim health harm even though the turbines have not been installed – it seems that they argue that mere contemplation of a project causes indirect health harm
    4. People near the projects have a short term vested interest in the turbines not being constructed – temporary potential loss in property value
    5. Wind resistance appears to be coupled occasionally with anti-business and development bias – the NIMBY effect
    6. Photographs of bird flocks flying through turbine vanes, as well as absurd pictures showing wildly conflated postures of turbines with respect to well-known local sites on Manitoulin Island, lead one to suspect that some photos have been computer generated
    7. Manitoulin Island’s local anti-turbine group, MCSEA, purports to promote safe alternative energy ideas, but buries a few lines of lip service about conservation and small cooperatives amid page after page of anti-wind-farm polemic
    8. No spirit of compromise seems apparent in any anti-wind group I have listened to. No merit is awarded the many strong reasons for the turbines.

    The above comments have led me to doubt the truth of the anti-wind-turbine position, especially regarding health, the environment, the financial feasibility of these projects and the claimed extent of public support for the anti-wind position.

    While sympathetic to the aesthetic issue and concerned about controlling turbine proliferation and location, I am dismayed by the anti-wind establishment’s delinquency in discussing the full energy issue and am left in doubt both about the motives and the basic truth of their position. Simply screaming and stamping one’s feet about an issue harms one’s cause and casts doubt upon one’s motives and understanding.

    • Admin says:

      I think you are too easily swayed by the superficia of arguments for and against and have not been diligent in your research which would have answered all your questions. But, I see you will not be swayed because you think the anti-wind lobby is merely screaming and stamping its feet and the pro-wind lobby is on the side of Truth, Justice and a Chicken in every pot.

    • Admin says:

      Read, Green Illusions, by environmentalist, Ozzie Zehner, guaranteed to knock your socks off.

    • Lorne WHITE says:

      Well said. Any potential problem with Big Wind & Solar pales in comparison with safe storage of Nuclear waste fuel rods & decommissioned concrete & steel power stations for … 100,000 years.

      The latest proposal from OPG is to store it 4,000′ in bedrock under Lake Huron in state-of-the-art ‘leakproof’ containers. The elevator shaft will break the rock seal thus threatening the long term well water of Southern Ontario – it comes from the higher head of Lake Huron & Georgian Bay.

  8. laborn says:

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  9. Hi,

    I am a new subscriber. Here in Cornwall ( SW England – next stop Azores !) our local government authority is wishing to carpet our county with wind turbines. It would help if I could use Twitter to pass on your great articles to my twitter followers. Maybe I can already – if so, how please ?

    Everyone knows that turbines are a scam in the Uk given their ineffectiveness and the vast subsidies paid to landowners who host these eyesores ( including our Prime Minister’s father in law) and to turbine operators – most of whom are overseas owned. But politicians are tied in to the false green agenda and want even more turbines. By 2020 we UK taxpayers will be paying £8 Bn ($12Bn) pa in subsidy to these groups. And given that the UK is bankrupt…………..

    When a scam is a scam and most know it how does one halt it ?

    • Lorne WHITE says:

      The UK is another example of Nuclear disaster. The UK has 60M people from Scotland to Cornwall (= Southern Ontario from Windsor to Sudbury to Montréal) who consume ~50% less energy per capita than Canucks.

      Now think Sellafield, the Nuclear accident from the 1950’s which has No storage or cleanup solution after 60 years….

  10. click now says:

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  11. Thank you Big Green Lie for exposing all this nonsense. I have been watching as the provincial government has incrementally, systemically destroyed our common-law rights in the name of the “environment”, “public health,” “protecting vulnerable populations,” etc. I recently became aware of the UN’s Agenda 21 – which goes a long way towards explaining what is happening in Ontario. My fear is that the politicians/bureaucrats are rushing to finalize their fascist plan to control every aspect of our lives, prior to the worldwide economic collapse. Unfortunately, given that most msm journalists merely reprint government press releases and do not read/analyze the relevant legislation – it will take time for the population to wake up! I am a land use planner and I can attest that these anti-human ideas are being pushed by land use planning schools across the country (including Ryerson’s) and by my professional association, the Ontario Professional Planners Institute. (Sigh)

  12. I am trying to compile a list of Canadian climate skeptic bloggers – are you an ontario-based blogger?

  13. atomcat says:

    I’m going our on a limb here but it appears you don’t believe in sustainable development or global warming. You won’t identify yourself…………………………………………………………………………………………………………..so I’m going to guess you are………………………………………….. Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

    I’m right aren’t I ……I friggin knew it!


  14. Volpone says:

    BigGreenie is, BigGreenie, end of story.

    • Tom Blacksmith says:

      I here there’s a sandbox across the street.
      There are many reasons why bloggers choose to remain anonymous…arguments for and against.
      That should be respected.


  15. Volpone says:

    The windy big guys are gearing up to gain say and bad mouth citizens who oppose turbines because of adverse health affects or who want to avoid such effects; they claim such citizens are more or less psychosomatic because they’ve been scared into being sick (or claims to that effect). Check this out:

    • They can say or do whatever they want but UNTIL they realize that this is a Democratic Country with real people and real dollars at stake here and they had better start acting like good corporate neighbours, all bets are off!
      I takes a long long time to get the “Canadian Train of Truth rolling” but that said, it takes 10 times longer to stop it!
      Hunker down and get ready for the fight of our lives…………..”The truth will out!”

      • Just an additional comment here to clearly show how the Wind Companies don’t honour anything they say! (This is from today)
        “Attached below are the MCSEA ad and Northland Power Inc ad in this weeks
        Manitoulin Expositor, Jan 11,2012

        We take issue with the content of the NPI ad as in previous ads.Many
        times their content has stated they have listened to the community in
        changing turbine locations whereas changes were made due to the
        requirements of the MOE vacant lot setbacks, wetlands,and AOK First
        Nation Concerns over the placement of the turbines too close to their
        community.They have since removed some turbines though all of their land
        setbacks has not been respected.

        Trying to get info from Northland Power was like getting water from a
        stone where they even directed us by e mail to contact the MOE directly
        rather than ask them questions. Hardly community engagement.

        NPI’s ad this week is far from being fully transparent. The OEB (Ontario
        Energy Board) application dated DEC 19,2011 for the transmission line
        they are discussing was a full two page ad. Adjacent landowners did not
        receive their written notice until much later as well as our township.
        Our written notice arrived Jan 9,2012 and was sent by NPI January 6,2012.

        This is well after the 10 day notice period for any stakeholder wishing
        to request an oral hearing or intervener status. We just happen to notice
        it on the last day to make our requests for an oral hearing and
        intervener status.

        In my opinion they knew well in advance that this letter requirement was
        to be sent out and a more timely mailing could have been sent. Perhaps
        even a fore warning letter to fully engage everyone.

        NPI only posting on their website eliminates a lot of stakeholders and we
        only noticed it on the last day of the 10 day requirement. Hardly a
        transparent process and community engagement. All that is left is for the
        public is to submit comments regarding the Transmission line and
        submarine cable impacts only to the OEB EB-2011-0394. The 30 day period
        for this begins Jan 11, 2012.”

  16. Lorne White says:

    Isn’t “About” supposed to give details of the author of a website?

    Please list some details of your Name, Contact Details, and Background, as well as the Why you have so eloquently posted.

    • Hey Lorne
      When your Wind Company STARTS telling the truth and what your projects are “ABOUT” instead of spreading lies and falsehoods then and only then will you read any more in the “About” section.
      Tit for tat!

      • Lorne White says:

        1. Are you saying that I should have been an Anonymous commenter, and Not shown my bias?
        Who ARE you and what are Your biases? And how can we contact you, if we want to discuss an issue with you?

        2. I merely work in sales for a Renewable Energy company that sells & installs small wind & solar products for home & business, a “Backup Power system that pays for itself”, or “solar microFIT” projects.

        3. I presume you aren’t saying that my employers Lie (that could engender lawsuits), but that you are concerned that the Big Wind industry is not telling the whole story about whether Wind works to provide reliable electricity.

        4. As I said in my original comment, you’ve done an eloquent job of explaining the problems with Big Wind. I have reservations about different aspects as well, and think that mandated STORAGE will be the eventual solution to Wind & Solar’s variability (there are at least 9 methods in existence or in development).

        I look forward to learning more about you !

      • I also understand what your saying about working for a small wind/solar plant for home and business. Your type of operation is not what we are discussing here. We are concerned with the large subsidized Wind Companies that built 400+ft monstrosities that damage land, health and wildlife.
        I too advocate local small home renewables that are used for not only backup but conservation. Storage IS the way to go.
        Once that system is hooked up the the grid to make money off the investment then those installations are fair game for criticism in this blog!

      • Lorne White says:

        Ok ‘Big Greenie’.

        (I’ll call you that as stand-in nickname for your unknown real name.)

        I don’t know why you won’t identify yourself -your arguments are interesting, intelligent, worthy of discussion & debate- why be ashamed of them?

    • Tom Blacksmith says:

      It doesn’t really matter much “who” is trying to speak out at this point, but rather why regular folk in Ontario have gotten here in the first place.

      I checked out your site Lorne. Not bad business you represent. Tap into the consumer market and setup homeowners and small business with roof-top solar, or small-scale windmills and cheer them on for being sustainable while tapping into the supply of Government honey as it flows. The FIT program is the icing on the cake and makes it possible for just about any moron, or no-name wannabe company for that matter, to setup shop and feed off the backs of all Ontario ratepayers. No offense, just saying.

      Problem is, you’re not being sustainable, neither is our government, nor the wind industry, green movement, etc.

      Can I ask if Niagara Wind Power sells truly “sustainable” (i.e off grid) solutions? That’s something I’d be interested in. But I’m not keen on this 10 or 20 year payback thing.

      • Lorne White says:

        Yes, Niagara Windpower (est. 1996) sells off-grid solutions, but usually the most cost-effective method is to use Net Metering. This uses the grid for Storage of your excess power when Wind or Sun are making more electricity than your home can use; it goes back to the grid for use elsewhere, reducing the need for generation, but is measured by a bi-modal meter and shown on your hydro bill. You won’t get paid for it, but can use it to offset times where your demand exceeds your supply.

        Best of all, when the power blacks out (ice or snow storm, car accident, whatever), your power supply continues for furnace, sump pump, rural water pump, fridge/freezer, lights, internet, microwave, etc.

        Yes, we also sell & install Solar microFIT systems.

        Despite your concerns that it seems a ‘cushy’ deal, here are the benefits to All of us of the Feed-In-Tariff [FIT]:

        – OPG does Not need to build new cost-overrun Nuclear plants (remember the ‘Stranded Debt’) if the FIT programme works.

        – OPG and the Ontario govt avoid borrowing huge amounts of money for Nuclear by giving Solar investors about 10% ROI for 20 years in exchange for their private investment in Wind & Solar FIT projects.

        – Sustainability = who will protect us from de-commissioned radioactive fuel & buildings for 10,000 years?! None of us who Used that Nuclear power for a mere 50+ years will be around to do the job, eh? (About 67% of the lights in your home come from Nuclear today.)

        – Sustainability = not having Coal smoke worsen my asthma (did mercury in Nanticoke’s smoke cause my mother’s alzheimer’s? we’ll never know). I recognise that there are debates over the health ‘fallout’ from Coal smoke, but 25 USA states have mercury warnings, and their EPA has issued rules about cleaning Coal smoke & ash.
        “Coal ash taints 20 USA. sites”

        – Sustainability = avoiding fracking for natural gas, which seems to unpredictably contaminate ground-water-wells, poison herds, and cause earthquakes. (Of course, all we Ontarians want is to have Alberta send us gas each summer to refill our empty gas wells so that we can heat our homes each winter – who cares if it drives a few Alberta farmers off their land?)

        – Solar power occurs during the day (mainly summer) when there is high demand, and the grid buys power hourly at the highest cost. Sometimes, they actually pay More than the FIT rates, which are currently under the scheduled 2-year review & will be reduced because solar panels prices tumbled after the Bank Crash of 2008-Fall.

        – As stated elsewhere, both Solar and Wind will work much more effectively when Storage is Mandated to capture there production to allow for Peak Shaving (use when needed).

        – Finally, I sincerely hope that anti-Big-Wind people will take their legitimate health concerns about Big Wind towers to the point where they also ask the OPA to remove high-voltage transmission lines from our landscape – they are Ugly and their very powerful Electro-Magnetic-Fields have cancer-causing effects; it’s time we abandoned them, and protect those of us who live near or drive under this dangerous technology.

  17. Volpone says:

    Great blog for a great fight! I would like to Link all the blogs fighting the Green/Greed Energy Boondoggle. Mine is http://www.macdezart.blogspot.com; trouble is, I don’t know how to go about creating permanent first-page links to the various blogs (and there are quite a few).

  18. How can it possibly be a lie when there is such “overwhelming community support” for any “Green Energy” initiatives; such support being so often “arranged” in advance, exactly like I’ve watched happen here in my Ontario provincial jurisdiction’s Municipality of Marmora and Lake? If it was a lie, why would a federal “Conservative” government co-defend it with their “Liberal” provincial counterparts against a WTO complaint…aren’t they supposed to be in opposition to each others’ ideologies, even now in 2011? If it is a lie, why isn’t at least one of the Ontario provincial “opposition” parties pledging to hit the delete button on the entire Green Energy Act (and “Undo” the alterations it made to other provincial acts)?

    If I have been lying, why has my “opposition” been denied equal opportunity for public sharing by my own municipality and “edited out” of “local” TV station live broadcast videotape archives, rather than being successfully and openly challenged? (Seems like a lot of public exposure evasion being apparently required because of the evidence-supported opinions of a mere full-time, at-home wife and mommy like me, doesn’t it?)

    If I have been lying, why have none of the municipal, provincial or federal politicians who I had previously assumed were supposed to represent me responded to my questions and comments with evidence supporting the error of my thinking and denial of my self-declared municipal “Un-citizenship”? (or at least responded they have received my questions and comments and shown follow-up willingness to actually publicly say or do something to resolve my “local” issues?).

    If I haven’t been lying, why has nothing been done about those who therefore must have been and nothing been said about the municipal situation I am in as a result, by the leading provincial “opposition” party that assumedly would want to better represent me in the future?

    If even the leading provincial “opposition” continues to show no inclination to want to even help me raise my municpal issues publicly before the election, what comparable incentive would they have to do so after being elected to power? If my public sharing of my current “municipal” issues scare them off publicly helping me simply elevate public awareness of my situation this easily (and while they are trying to get my vote), what might my raising of current and future provincial issues do to such self-evidenced scaredy-cats (after they get elected)?

    So many questions that nobody wants to answer or even help me make public. Neither my municipal government, my provincial government nor my federal government. Neither those currently governing nor those hoping to next; nor the “local” media in a “full information disclosure” manner that could have “local” public impact.

    The silence or outright denial regarding the problems I face “locally”, in return to my barrage of questions posed to every level of government, is deafeningly telling, methinks?

    As is the “local” publicly-unrelayed fear amongst others to even make a publicly-viewable comment about what is going on in their municipality, in a manner that can not be municipally-prohibited as it is on the municipality’s own website?

    I have, by phone voicemail, requested the “local” equality of opportunity to at least privately learn what the “local” OPP think of my local “opposition” and self-created means of publicly sharing it online. I hope this voicemail-submitted request is not simply ignored or denied. Perhaps I should next attempt to achieve a discussion about my situation with Julian Fantino? I can’t afford to retain a lawyer, so hopefully the OPP can at least provide me with a correct interpretation of current law that I may be unaware of (or that became law without my notice).

    I would have thought that somebody could have answered my primary questions long ago: Do I really have to pay equal municipal taxes when I have been denied municipal equality of opportunity by being discriminated against? If so, why and where is the public reference to this? Why can no citizens or employers legally discriminate against individuals but a municipal government can?

    Where can I read and what is the provincial or federal legislation that exempts municipal government from any legal requirement to represent each municipal taxpayer equally yet enforces equal municipal taxation imposition upon each?

    Still no answers received to my questions. Nada. Zip.

    If the desired achievement is equal to the desired effect that I am being forced to live under without explanation, why hasn’t the province (and all provincial political parties) just publicly stated that directly-elected and taxpayer-accountable “lower tier” municipal government is now and in future will remain merely a public facade but non-existent for all municipal citizen and municipal taxpayer intents and purposes? Why the secrecy, lack of ability to answer me or mere substitution of rather blatantly obvious evasion of the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth in direct response to my posing such queries and comments to “my” representatives at every level of government (and the media) over the summer of 2011?

    If I’m lying, why have I not (yet) been arrested or at least been informed that my so-far feeble attempts at pubic exposure of my position is illegal and been requested to amend or remove my partial or complete website contents? It’s not like I’ve tried to publicly hide my identity or contact information, so what is really going on besides (or underneath) the “absolutely nothing” evidenced by the silence and absolute absence of public discission by all politicians at every level about my issues, that I’ve received in return for my public efforts?

    Your voluntarily and publicly-offered helpful suggestions would be most welcome, since the silence returned to me to date sure hasn’t been. It has become increasingly clear to me that nothing that can’t or won’t be said publicly will be considered irrelevant by all, so please submit your suggestions accordingly and with full advance notice that they may be publicly shared by me, at my own discretion. Feel free to post them to my home-made website’s moderated and publicly-viewable guestbook yourself.

    Great blog! I wish you all the best of luck at raising public awareness. I trust it won’t scare YOU that I’m going to link to your home page, from my Links page? Kathy

    • Kathy and all:
      Good comment and many questions by you and many others that should and “must” be answered by our so-called “Political Leaders”! For some reason politicians today resort to “attempting to appear like human beings” only prior to their election and once they convince the Citizens of Ontario to hire them, they forget that they have basically accepted a “public Servants” role and resort to being “omnipotent rulers who answer to no-one but their $$$ interests!”
      Now here is the brutal truth on why WE don’t get answers to our questions and concerns from any level of Government today, including our very own Municipal Councils. We have been “SOLD OUT!” That’s correct, “SOLD OUT!” Sold out to investors, industry and lobbyists who work non stop on getting their sticky fingers on our never ending supply of TAX DOLLARS! One word you could use here is “Grifter”! A person who uses any underhanded means to steal money from another.
      Our very own Municipal Councils have sold out lock stock and barrel to their “so-called” advisory organization the Association of Municipalities of Ontario or the AMO. This organization is supposed to answer to all 400+ Councils and was formed to “advise” Councils on what the Provincial Government was demanding of Municipalities in order to make informed decisions that would be fair to it’s electorate. In a rather bizarre upside down world the AMO has actually become an “arm of the Provincial Government” which tells Municipalities what to vote for and what not to vote for through their respective CAO’s and in simple terms,asking anything of this organization is like asking McGuinty “what should we vote for Dalton”?
      We are in a heap of trouble here in Ontario with absolute dismissal of our Democratic Rights through the implementation of the Green Energy Act, Bill 150 and we must do everything in our power to inform our young and our fellow citizens on this sad state of affairs and take back what our forefathers and mothers fought so hard for in the past two World Wars.
      Oh, and one final thought here?…………..do not depend on Mainstream Media for one single enlightening report as they too have “SOLD OUT” to the $$$ interests of this “once great Province”!

  19. Whatever you do, fight to prevent Canada following the appalling European model. Unmemployment, bankruptcy and poverty loom! But not for those preaching subsistence living and austerity to us, of course..

    • Tom Blacksmith says:

      Yes, that’s what we’re trying to do…tooth and nail.
      The Green Movement is just the sheep wrapped up in wolves clothing. Nothing more than a good slab of mutton with gravy on top, and a chicken to guard it with a bell on its neck. Doh!

      Seriously though. The EU was brought about covertly. The NAU is happening the same, right now. SPP…Border Security..the Dollar, etc.

      Inflation is one piece, and that will eventually be the excuse to introduce us to a new currency. We’re already there really. When does Walmart start minting their own coin like Crappy Tire?

      But back to the green BS….yes, rural living is not sustainable.
      The poor indigenous folks are laughing now I bet. A hidden reason for the push to industrialize rural Ontario, is because a certain faction wants us off the land, for good.

      Wildlands Project, Agenda 21, etc. It’s all there. It’s a Marxist plan really, and has been in the works for an awful long time.

      That’s why we’re here.

      • You’re completely right. I have read/analyzed the numerous laws, policies and regulations that implement Agenda 21 in Ontario. It’s all hidden in plain view for anyone who wants to do the research (versus forming their opinion after reading an article in the Toronto Star). Keep fighting the good fight!

  20. atomcat says:

    Don’t you care about Mother Earth?

    Maurice Strong and the UN want to destroy Canada and the USA yes, but don’t you think driving us into bankruptcy and out of our homes is for the best. We know those who rule the world are all multi-billionaires and have great disdain for the common folk, but you have to admit, they care about Mother Earth or they wouldn’t do this to us.
    The earth can’t survive if we all live like the ulta-rich, so shouldn’t we just accept our lot in life.

    Don’t fight the inevitable…submit, and know you helped save Planet Earth.

    Thank God for Earth Day as it reminds of our duty to Mother Earth and our Masters.

    Thank you Maurice Strong and associates for helping me and the world understand our duty to you and Mother Earth.

    Happy Easter!

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