Tim Ball……..tells the TRUTH Part 1

Posted: November 16, 2014 in Uncategorized
  1. Got a copy of “Deliberate Corruption of Climate Science” by Dr Tim Ball thru stairwaypress.com … his website links to a film by Luke Dillard “The Global Warming War” he is featured in as well .. lots of good info in the film and Tim’s book … to arm you against the ‘war’ … theglobalwarmingwar.com winning awards .. check it out .. drtimball.com .. its not too late to ‘wake people up’ .. just do posters and artivism … and stay peaceful and if possible anonymous .. get off Facebook … into the real world .. talk to people.

  2. david290842 says:

    In Mississauga, there has been a big push to use Climate change to justify a new tax for flood control using a 2009 storm event but the pictures used are from the older areas with poor or non existent flood water standards; a May 1974 storm event which was larger is ignored. It appears to me that no one has done a study in detail of the actual patterns; most of the studies done in Hamilton and at Pearson Airport have very short arbitrary time periods; and nobody is showing how the long range climate graphs have changed to demonstrate their assertions. Can you help in this discussion?

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