Liberal leadership in Ontario has left Ontario a virtual “basket case”!

Posted: July 13, 2014 in Uncategorized

For 12 consecutive years Ontarians have elected the Liberals to be the “leaders” of Ontario’s industry, schools, health, energy sector, among all the other areas that used to lead Canada and be called the “engine that drove” this great country.

So how’s that been working out for Ontario and it’s job market?


Last week we saw Moody’s downgrade Ontario’s credit rating and Kathleen Wynne’s new budget will be introduced on Monday which “should” be tackling the massive debt load every Ontarian is now carrying on their backs as they work their ass off just to pay their Hydro bills.

But that ain’t goin’ ta happen………………….more spending  alongside closures of schools, cutbacks on medical services and everything else that Harris did to us before 2002 is on the table.

Of course Wynne’s supporters in the Greater Toronto Area won’t see any difference in lifestyles or hardships as the Libs prop up the transit system with a 29 billion dollar injection while every other community outside Toronto gets to pay for it!

So here’s the reality of today. Ontario has reached a new milestone…………..”the number of manufacturing jobs — once the backbone of the province’s economy — hit their lowest level on record.”

Good job people!……………….who voted for this dysfunctional gang of thugs that soak up valuable oxygen in Queen’s Park………….Thanks from all the citizens who don’t live within the GTA’s boundaries!

Ontario’s Job Market Is Beginning To Look Like A Disaster

The Huffington Post Canada  |  By   07/13/2014

The foundations of Ontario’s job market are turning into quicksand that threatens to swallow the province’s economic future — and despite all the heated political rhetoric out there, at least one prominent economist believes the problem may not have a policy solution.

Ontario passed a grim historic milestone last month: According to StatsCan data, the number of manufacturing jobs — once the backbone of the province’s economy — hit their lowest level on record.

Manufacturing payrolls sank to under 750,000 last month, the lowest in records going back to 1976. And back in 1976, Ontario’s population was 8.2 million, or about 40 per cent lower than today’s 13.5 million.

The latest job numbers from StatsCan, released Friday, paint a vivid picture of what’s wrong with Ontario.

While Canada lost 9,400 net jobs in June and the unemployment rate edged up to 7.1 per cent, Ontario saw 33,900 jobs lost in the month (some of that was offset by job gains mostly in western provinces). Its jobless rate edged up to 7.5 per cent.

More than a third of those losses — 13,600 jobs — were in the manufacturing sector, which economists have been telling us for months is right on the verge of a renewed boom, thanks to the U.S.’s economic recovery.

Well that recovery, such as it is, certainly is not translating into new jobs. Not surprisingly, the search for causes and solutions to this predicament has become political.




  1. Lorrie says:

    Absolutely correct. Queens Park does NOT represent Ontario anymore, nor has it for several years now. Yep. Thanks Toronto for putting a corrupt group of liars back in office. It will bite you in the ass yet. But not before those of us in rural Ontario watch as Liberals destroy environment, democracy and hope.

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