Ontario’s Liberals enact another anti-democratic law: “The Green Shirts are coming”!!!

Posted: August 18, 2013 in Uncategorized

First it was the Green Energy Act, Bill150. The most anti-Democratic Law ever enforced on Ontario citizens!

Not a peep from any Municipal leader across Ontario that would make a difference in May 2009. 4 years later we have 2/3 of the affected Communities crying “foul” with their “Not a Willing Host” declarations!

A little too late maybe?.

Now we have our non elected “Social Justice” Premier, Kathleen Wynne (“Social Justice” is just psycho-babble for Agenda 21)  forcing another unjust Law down Ontario Citizens throats.

Only this one will allow an unfettered entry by some very powerful people into your home “Without a Search Warrant” and allow them to penalize you “for not being a good green little boy or girl!”

Courtesy Bing

Wake up Ontario, wake up Municipal leaders “The Green Shirts are coming”!!!

Here’s the worrying part:

Powers of provincial officer

121. (1) If a provincial officer has reasonable grounds for believing that it is necessary, for the purpose of the administration of this Part, the Part VII regulations or the rules, he or she may enter at any reasonable time any place, including any building other than a dwelling, and make or require to be made such surveys, examinations, investigations, tests and inquiries, as he or she considers necessary for that purpose, including examinations of records and other documents, and may make, take and remove or may require to be made, taken or removed samples, copies or extracts.

Order authorizing
(2) If a justice of the peace is satisfied, on an application made without notice by a provincial officer, that there is reasonable ground for believing that it is necessary to enter any place, including a building used as a dwelling, for the administration of this Part, the Part VII regulations or the rules, the justice of the peace may issue an order authorizing a provincial officer to enter and to do anything mentioned in subsection (1), but anything done pursuant to the order shall be done between 6 a.m. and 9 p.m. unless the justice of the peace authorizes the provincial officer, by the order, to do it at another time.
Entry with consent
(3) Nothing in this section prevents a provincial officer from entering any place, including a building used as a dwelling, with the occupier’s consent, or from doing any other thing at the place with the occupier’s consent.
122. On request, a provincial officer who exercises a power under this Part shall identify himself or herself as a provincial officer either by the production of a copy of his or her designation or in some other manner and shall explain the purpose of the exercise of the power.

Liberal scam in works

Aug 17, 2013, The Windsor Star

Well, move over, Drive Clean: Ontario’s Liberal government has a huge new environmental boondoggle coming down the pike that’s going to make those semi-annual e-test bills seem dirt cheap.

Imagine a Drive Clean that covers most of your house and activities, affecting much of what you need to buy to live.

It’s called Bill 91, or the Waste Reduction Act, 2013. It’s a frightening octopus of new environmental regulations and new costs that will require the hiring of platoons of new inspectors, adjudicators and other bureaucrats to enforce new fees and laws that will affect everybody.

It’s so complicated the opposition parties haven’t even figured out all of its many tentacles and ramifications yet – although the NDP probably won’t oppose any of it in any case. If it passes into law as expected, with NDP support, all those new bureaucrats and their laws will be costing your household before you know it. And it will be permanent, like Drive Clean.

Just as Drive Clean has driven up the cost of owning a car without adding to the public good, Bill 91 will drive up the cost of buying televisions, computer equipment, tires, paint, cleaners, batteries and a slew of other household products.

Bill 91 will mean new hidden taxes on all those goods, which means it will likely probably cost thousands more Ontarians their jobs in the private sector when its full effects finish cascading through the economy.

The premise of the scam is this: acknowledging how irritating and unpopular “eco fees” have become, the Liberals pledged last year to eliminate them.



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