Green Shirts, Brown Shirts…………… them for what they are: “FOOLS”!

Posted: January 15, 2012 in Uncategorized

The Green Movement is being threatened to be exposed for what they really are:  Bullies and Thugs!  Bloggers and alternative media have basically opened this rotten can of worms to the genral public and it is now exposed for all to see!

Sadly, these misguided and hateful group of “Green Shirts” are now being infiltrated or ramping up their struggle for survival by looking to their “foot soldiers” for help!

Look for more hysterical and way over the top idiotic behaviour this yea, 2012,  as it is the 20th anniversary of the Rio Summit 1992!  This is year that this Summit predicted that the “world needed saving!”

Red TAZ Reports: Browns Infiltrating Green Movement In Germany, Discover Common Traits

By P Gosselin on 14. Januar 2012

Some of us may have had suspicions in the past. Now it’s confirmed – some parts of the green/climate movement are so radical that they are now attracting neo-Nazis and extremists.

The online German leftist daily TAZ has come out with an article that describes a disturbing phenomena, namely: the green movement is being infiltrated by these psychos. The TAZ piece is titled: Nazis against coal.

Courtesy Bing
Brown greens infiltrating in East Germany

The TAZ opens with:

Green. That’s the color that is inseparably linked to the environmental movement. But behind the appearance that there are lots of left-wing folks behind it, there are often ‘brown environmentalists’ who spread their extreme right wing ideas via their environmental friendliness. A new report by the Heinrich-Böll Foundation now shows that environmental initiatives are being ever more frequently infiltrated by Neonazis.”


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  2. John says:

    muh humanism and materialism

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