WWF “in bed” with regimes that “jail Rape Victims”!

Posted: July 21, 2013 in Uncategorized

You say you’re an “environmentalist” and you want to “Save the World”. You donate money on a regular basis to these “holier than thou charities” that send you a nice monthly glossy brochure showing Pandas and Whales and Penguins all being killed by evil human fossil fuel consumption and you feel rather “righteous” that you’ve done your part in fighting this evil apocalyptic virus called “HUMANITY”!

What if all your beliefs in what is right and good were just one big crock of lies?

Would you do what people usually do when they are lied to, conned or otherwise used to drum up millions of $$$$ all in the name of a massive “con-game”? Would you rebel and start to investigate the malfeasance of this organization and turn on them with all the fury of a “rape victim” that has endured the heartless act?

The truth be told that in today’s “crazy as a rat in a coffee can world”, most modern “environmentalists” actually turn on the people who actually expose these “social criminals” because they feel they will always be the “righteous and saviours” of this messed up planet and they “CAN’T BE WRONG”…………..no matter what!

It’s called DENIAL and to admit that an “environmentalist” could be wrong, is not in their DNA. I guess you could call it “complete unadulterated indoctrination” and to admit their decision making process may be wrong is a sign of weakness.

That’s where we are today and that’s why these “Eco-Whackos” still survive. Read the following and then have a serious sit-down with your alter-ego and ask yourself if by donating your hard earned $$$ to these “eco charities” you’re actually propping up societies that should be in criminal courts everywhere!

WWF Partners With Country Where Rape Victims Are Jailed

July 21, 2013 at 11:04 am

Any country in which a woman finds herself sentenced to 16 months after reporting a rape is barbaric and deserves to be shunned. Instead, the WWF is burnishing the image of this oppressive regime.


The lead story on CNN.com this morning is about a Norwegian woman named Marte Deborah Dalelv. While on a work trip to Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), she says she was forcibly raped by a male colleague.

She immediately reported the incident to police and, as a result, was herself charged with having sex outside of marriage. Last Tuesday, 24-year-old Dalelv was sentenced to one year in prison for having unlawful sex, an additional month for consuming alcohol, plus three more months for making a false statement. (She initially spent four days in police custody and, according to CNN, was at one point advised “to tell the police it was voluntary sexual intercourse and likely the whole issue would just go away.”)

Any country in which a woman finds herself jailed for 16 months after reporting a rape is barbaric. It deserves to be shunned by civilized people everywhere.

Which is why I’m taking this opportunity to remind everyone about a piece I wrote two months ago titled WWF Gets Into Bed with Oppressive Dictatorship. As I asked then:

what on Earth are the…holier-than-thou folks at the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) doing holding an event three days from now in the UAE?

…basic human rights are a precondition to any serious discussion – or activism – regarding the state of the planet.

As I mentioned then, the UAE is a country in which ordinary people – men as well as women – aren’t permitted to vote. This is a country in which political parties are banned.

Environmental groups pretend to be oh-so-progressive. But they’re actually prepared to do business with the devil himself if they think it’ll advance their green agenda.



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