Kathleen Wynne is now using Police to harass Democratic Citizens from protesting!

Posted: July 22, 2013 in Uncategorized

Sounds about right!

Dalton McGuinty passed the most anti-democratic law through Queen’s Park back in May of 2009 in Bill 150 the Green Energy Act which literally removed all control from Municipalities where when and why Green Energy Developments would be placed within those Municipalities.

Fast forward to 2013 and many billions of $$$ scandalously spent by this disgraced Government and we have Kathleen Wynne squinting and smiling and announcing how she is different from McGuinty and how she will “converse” with people and allow Non Willing Hosts the benefit of deciding where when and why these destructive Industrial Wind Developments will go.

Now we know that was a LIE!

By-elections across Ontario where the Liberal hacks are barely hanging unto their fat tax cheques for delivering misery jobs, are well under way and Honest and Free Wind fighters are dogging every single move Wynne and her Liberal bobble-heads make.

Wynne has tried to appease these protesters with her psycho babble and announcements like how the Ontario Ministry of Energy will now practice Conservation instead of Green Energy…………..TOO LATE!

Now the latest twist………………I guess Wynne is so desperate to shut down protesters and save the SS McGuilty from sinking into a sea of green stench, she has ordered the police to basically “unleash the hounds”!

Nice!…..shades of Mike Harris towards the end of his reign of common sense INSANITY!

Is this the last gasp of a foul, near-rotten bunch of losers who have literally raped and pillaged Ontario for over 10 years and have left in it’s wake a bloody mess that will take us decades to fix?

Seems so!

Welcome to Wynne’s police state, Social Control in Ontario

Posted on 07/22/2013

On Monday evening, a small group of rural Ontario residents protested, not unlike we’ve done every time Kathleen Wynne has flitted into a nearby town, wearing her ever-present grimace, and coordinating suit.  We have protested her in Strathroy, in Sarnia, we have protested her in Clinton and on Monday night she was in London to support the Liberal candidate, Ken Coran, in the upcoming by-election.  What was different about Monday night’s event was the treatment that our group received from the police and ‘security;’ as well as, how the camera operator for CTV was treated, by Wynne’s supporters, or as they more distinctly resemble—sheep; following blindly without question.


Surprise Ontarians!!  Kathleen Wynne, the first female, openly gay premier of our Province, whom you might believe to be a gentler and more accepting provincial honcho is in fact closer in leadership style to Hugo Chavez, or the late Kim Jong-il.  Under Ms. Wynne’s umbrella, Ontario is hurtling towards becoming a police state, where individual or group expression is squelched—with force and temerity.  Forget the rules of engagement when it comes to protesting; they no longer count.  Think G20; or, if you’re brave enough, imagine the Egyptian protests of late; keep those in mind if you are planning to oppose publicly, Wynne or her government’s policies.  And please whatever you do, do not use any mechanical device to amplify your voice—that is a-kin to carrying a concealed weapon.

Now in section two of ‘The Charter of Rights and Freedoms’, it states that one of the fundamental freedoms that we, as Canadians have, is the “freedom of peaceful assembly”, but after last night’s peaceful assembly in London, at the Liberal Headquarters, peaceful assembly could only have applied to the red shirt wearing sheep—the Liberals of tomorrow—be afraid Ontario, be very afraid; not only of where your democratic rights and your freedoms are heading, but of the mindless youth that blindly support irresponsible government policies—they are the card carrying rams of tomorrow.  Not one of these Wynne-Youth was the least bit interested in the issues regarding wind development; that would have required some intelligence and thought.

It is my opinion that Ms. Wynne is tired of having her glory marred by the frustrated and angry protesters that hound her constantly, and has instructed her goons that no more will she honour the Charter of Rights—it’s time to take down this small group of rural residents.  The vicissitude of democracy; declared and carried out by Wynne to ensure that her/McGuinty’s policy are respected and upheld.  As we are all aware, Ms. Wynne is merely Dalton McGuinty in drag, and has absolutely no intention of listening to and addressing the concerns of rural Ontario with respects to wind development, but will show her power through the destruction of our rights.  I already see her, standing with her fingers in her ears, singing, “La, la, la, la,” when yet another Municipality proclaims that they are unwilling hosts to turbines.  She said she wouldn’t put them into communities that don’t want them, but oops—didn’t really mean that—now she has to ignore it, and us.

But, it’s hard to ignore the very loud, but small group of citizens who have lost their democratic rights, their communities, their homes, their health, their natural environment and their quality of life—so the only option left is one of totalitarian punishment.  And, she laid it on thick Monday night—the heavy hand of Wynne was dropped; leaving the local police departments to threaten and terrorize citizens.

Right from the start, a rather large officer in a very black suit, who when asked did supply his name, but would not give his badge number, approached three of us, when we arrived, and announced that we were trespassing—in a shopping mall parking lot amongst the cars of all the shoppers at the mall, in front of the Liberal Headquarters—a publicly funded building—unfortunately we know our rights.  He then stated something about where we could and couldn’t be, but at this point, he was ignored—and nothing further came from that threat.  Arrest? Charges?  Whatever Officer Ryker.

Movie 2013-07-18 London ProtestAnother officer, Paul Gambriel—a detective with the Sexual Assault and Child Abuse Section ((?) I’m not too sure what he was doing at this rally, but I’m not even going to touch that one) approached us.  He told me that if I used the Megaphone, I would be arrested; I ignored him, and he grabbed my wrist, as though to cuff me.

There was a sudden influx of great support at that time, and they surrounded the officer, yelling at him about his un professionalism, and I was able to slip away, to chant into my megaphone once again; thank you so much for being such a great group of supportive and anarchistic folks, who clearly know your rights.

We decided, as a group that we would stay to offer Kathleen our sincerest Good-byes, and spent the next little while filling in the Wynne-Youth’s chants; feeble attempts to show support for their sheep herder/liberal leader.  “We want Wynne….,” the pause is where we inserted “Fired!”  And so on, until the police came and stood ominously around a running SUV—a running SUV—it ran for more than an hour, in London, where there is an idling law.  You just try and pull that one off on a cold January morning when you pop into the coffee shop, and leave your vehicle running.  You’d be slapped with a ticket so fast—not to mention a hearty lecture about ‘the environment,’ but not Ms. Wynne, she’s above the law.

In the interim police that were present were asked for their identification, and Detective Gambriel refused to give his badge number or name to Esther, saying that she had it on video—I am not at this point sure, but I thought that they had to provide that information when asked; hell, I think that their identification has to be prominently displayed.  I eventually did get his card, after much pressing on that issue.


The cops around the SUV were a decoy—Wynne was leaving from the opposite direction.  What they didn’t anticipate was that as soon as Wynne came out, the sheep were compelled to follow; that’s when we moved in and found ourselves, once again, smack dab in front of Wynne’s escaping vehicle.  It was at that time that a Wynne supporter assaulted the CTV camera man, and the woman cop pushed Esther out of the way, claiming that she had the right to touch her, when Esther challenged that fact.  One of the uniformed cops pushed me out of the way, and we were left thinking “What the what?”

And with that Wynne was gone, but not without some signs from Esther, Bob, Maureen and I being shoved in her face, so to speak.  We regrouped and decided to stop at Crabby Joe’s for a drink on the patio.  Everyone’s nerves were frayed, as the police had set the stage for a rather explosive night; their aggression fuelled hostility from both Wynne’s camp, as well as ours.  We were still working on the threat of arrest for the use of a Megaphone, and the difficulty in acquiring identification from the police.  If you’re going by the book people, you should be happy to provide that information.

Off to our cars we went.  I had a nagging suspicion about going to my car; a fleeting thought that made me think that I should perhaps do a little shopping.  Just thinking about it now, perhaps the mall had a shoe shop.  We could have shopped for shoes; a nice pair of summer wedgies, but as they say, hind sight is twenty-twenty vision.  We went to our cars, looking forward to a cold drink and some relaxation.  As the rest of the group left around us, I opened the hatch of the car just as one of the police cars cruised past slowly.  I thought that it was leaving; then the second police car slowly cruised by the back of my car.  And with that they started a slow procession around the car; they couldn’t get the licence from the back, as the hatch was up, and Esther had positioned herself in front of the vehicle to prevent them from seeing the front plate.

The police cars circled us somewhat like I imagine happening in some old time western movie; circle the wagons—save the women and children, but in this case it was to harass the women.  Eventually, one of the cars stopped in front of my car, and engaged us in conversation; calling us Miss—which I must admit was a bonus.  The officer, Officer Page, as in ‘on the same page’ as he told us, was quite charming—and handsome.  He asked for our identification, which we refused to supply.  He then mentioned that we would be stopped for a ‘routine’ check when we left the parking lot—an idle threat or a promise?

I reluctantly succumbed, and regretfully gave him my driver’s licence, ownership and insurance.  I wish now that I had walked away from my car and gone shopping.  I know they knew exactly who we were, and that we had been targeted by Wynne.  I believe that she hoped that by manipulating us, and frightening us, it would put a stop to her humiliation; controlling the voice of rural Ontario—no, SILENCING the voice of rural Ontario.

Well, sorry Ms. Wynne, you did not even begin to succeed.  We will not be forced into silence.  Our story will be heard, and our objection to your Green Energy Act will dog you endlessly.  Your government’s criminal approvals of wind projects will be exposed, and these foreign based companies that are eating at the pockets of Ontario’s residents will be stopped.  We will regain our democracy and the right to political opposition, and we will hold you accountable.  You can hire your goons, you can attempt to silence us, but you will fail.  We will NEVER stop, until your government repeals the Green Energy Act and kicks these companies that are destroying the fabric of our province out.  Clinton, Sarnia, Strathroy, London; we will be wherever you are, and will not allow your sheep to drown out our voices. We are fighting for our rights, our communities, our health, our children’ and our homes.

Next time you eat a meal McWynnety, think about us; your rural neighbours.  We demand to be heard.

  1. atomcat says:

    Interesting video and choice of music. Wynne is a criminal and like her predecessors, McGuinty, Harris and Rae, continues to ram UN agenda 21 down the throats of the good people of Ontario. Same program is being played out in every province and municipality in Canada. Unfortunately those fighting wind farms still seem oblivious to reality. Still waving their ineffective little “Stop wind” signs like they have some kind of magical power or that if they wave enough signs long enough someone will come save them from their plight. “We aren’t gonna take it” seems an odd choice of music because those opposing wind farms have “taken it” since 2002 and continue to take it and I don’t see anything that would lead me to believe they won’t continue to take it. That said, I do feel for the folks being overrun with these massive useless monstrosities called wind turbines. However “wind fighters” are a classic case, seen throughout history. Protest and hope someone will step forward to fix the injustice. Didn’t work then and it won’t work now….history proves it. The municipal elections in 2014 is where you will or will not make a difference. “The people” must take control of all local councils in 2014. If “the people” can’t bring themselves to “step-up to the plate”, they have no one to blame but themselves. This message is not solely directed at “wind fighters” but to every man and woman who call Canada home. Canada is under attack by international/globalist interests pushing UN Agenda 21 using the political system to get what they want. This war we find ourselves in will be won or lost in the political forum not in the streets. The politico are quite pleased to see you waving your signs and shouting through your bullhorn. As long as you keep doing that they know you are no threat to them or their/global agenda. The future of this country depends on you and what you do between now and election day 2014. Blaming politicians will not solve or change anything….never did. The ball is in the “people’s court”

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