Wynne won’t blame Dalton for ripping off taxpayer’s to buy seats …………. “but WE WILL”!

Posted: February 27, 2013 in Uncategorized

Is Kathleen Wynne for real? She states she won’t blame her predecessor for the massive Gas Plant RIP-OFF by her Party for moving two gas plants to ensure their MPP’s get the votes! So who is she going to blame? A virtual stooge who isn’t even real? NO. She says she will accept the blame for it!

Is she for real?………………oh, I already asked that!…………………….obviously there is something rather disturbing about this comment that must have most Ontarians scratching their heads, wondering IF Dalton isn’t to blame, who the hell was?

Oh, and by the way, where is little old Dalton these days?…. shouldn’t he be sitting in the back of legislature listening to this crap as an elected MPP?…………OR…………is he being rewarded for his mass destruction of Ontario by his fellow MPP’s by having them fall on their own swords to show how faithful they are to the Party?

Do these people gather in the basements after dark dressed up in dark cloaks all barefoot dancing around a fire and sacrificing animals to a pagan god???

Wynne’s statements are about as absurd as that last statement!

Kathleen Wynne won’t blame Dalton McGuinty for cancelled gas plants scandal

Premier says she was part of government when deal was made, as legislative committee hearings resume Thursday.
 Queens Park bureau reporter, Published on Wed Feb 27 2013

Premier Kathleen Wynne says she won’t sacrifice her predecessor Dalton McGuinty to deflect blame for the $230 million scandal around cancelled power plants in two Liberal ridings.

As legislative committee hearings into the Mississauga and Oakville plants resume Thursday with a search for what opposition MPPs insist are withheld documents, Wynne said she wasn’t “in the room” when the cancellation decisions were made before the 2011 election — but will take responsibility.

“I am not going to pretend I wasn’t part of the previous government . . . I am now the leader of that party, I am leader of the government,” Wynne told reporters Wednesday.

“I’m part of the government and the implications of that and the activities and the costs associated with that obviously came to cabinet and I was part of cabinet.”

Wynne, who has pledged to testify before the justice committee probing the politically motivated cancellations, said she wishes the government hadn’t located the plants in the two GTA communities.



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