McGuinty used Germany’s FIT program here in Ontario …. Germany on the road to Bankruptcy!!!!

Posted: February 20, 2013 in Uncategorized

When a young child is told “not to touch the fire because you will burn yourself” and that child inevitably touches it, screams out loud in pain and then nurses the wound for several weeks……….do you think that child will do it again? Probably not!

What happens when a child “sees” another child hurt by fire?…………do you think they would repeat the mistake themselves…………an overwhelming number probably wouldn’t!

So why on heaven’s earth would Dalton McGuinty and his “side kick” George Smitherman buy into a scam like the Feed In Tariff Program from Germany with such enthusiasm when they heard and saw how it was destroying that country and others around it like Britain and Scotland who also adopted it?

After all, they aren’t children, they aren’t mentally challenged (although you may disagree) and certainly had options when the wheels started to come off the Green Energy Scam in Ontario when thousands of useless giant turbines are being planted and do nothing more than drive people into energy poverty trying to keep the investors pockets lined with OUR green backs!

There is only one single explanation for this action and that is an “intentional and direct action to bankrupt Ontario in return for the tax dollars people are forced to hand over to their coffers at Queen’s Park”!

It’s called GREED!

And the SCAM is alive and well with Kathleen Wynne’s appointment for McGuinty’s retreat!

European Institute For Climate And Energy Warns Germany’s Feed-In Act “Will Lead Country To Economic Ruin”

By P Gosselin on 19. Februar 2013

Countries considering implementing green energy feed-in schemes may want to look at what is going on in Germany.

Limburg private photo

Michael Limburg warns that Germany’s EEG renewable energy act is driving the country to ruins. Photo source: Michael Limburg

Few countries have moved as aggressively as Germany in promoting renewable energy. Some tout the German system as a model for the rest of the world.

But in an interview with DIE FREIE WELT, Michael Limburg, Vice President of the European Institute for Climate and Energy (EIKE), called Germany’s EEG renewable energy feed-in act “ideological and expensive” and warns it threatens to economically ruin the country.

My time is a little short today, and so I’ll present only the main points of the interview.

Limburg on why people are becoming increasingly agitated by Germany’s EEG feed-in act

It’s obviously the new, real experience that the falsely named ‘renewable energies’ are nothing what the politicians promised they would be. Not only are they not free, but they really do burn a hole in your pocket. […] Especially low income households feel the pain. […] The reality is that it’s the state that initiated this expensive mess, and it is now asking the consumer to cough it up. Up to the end of last year, it had already cost € 98 billion euros ($130 billion). That’s 10 times the amount the Federal Department of Transportation is allowed to spend this year for investment and repairs for our roads and highways.”

Limburg’s criticism on photovoltaics and wind turbines

Of all the alternative energies available, these two are the most expensive, the most volatile, and thus the most useless. In Germany we get as much sun as Alaska does. That’s why PV systems here operate at only 8% of their rated capacity in the middle of the year.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Whoever wrote this is obviously a neanderthal. Unless you are willing to use logic and reason, there is no sense in taking anything you say as being even remotely worth listening to. In fact, I regret wasting my time reading this and to the further replying to your uneducated ranting from what you heard on FOX News.

  2. SolarMan says:

    It took 6 days for this to come to my attention. If the authour knew of what they spoke, he (or she) would understand that the “Green Sector” in Canada has generated over 15 times the number of jobs that coal and gas creates, and 12 times more jobs than nuclear, per unit of energy produced. That jobs in the natural gas and coal sector actually COST the Canadian taxpayer 6 times more than those in solar. That in 2011 the ‘dirty fuel’ sector received over $3.25 Billion (WITH A B) in direct and indirect government subsidies, whereas the entire Green sector received a paltry $148 million over the same time. That Solar pricing has dropped to the tune of 45% since the inception of the FiT programme in Ontario in 2009, when all we see with fossil and nuclear plants are price increases in building new ones.
    That, coupled with the fact the planet has, basically, 34 years of oil and gas remaining at our current consumption levels (God forbid that more than 25% of the Chinese population ever decide to buy cars, based on calculations for materials and energy to construct and fuel, that would cut the reserve number by 2 DECADES!)
    Solar and wind make sense for the now AND the future. They are in inexhaustible supply, once they are up, apart from nominal O&M costs there is no fuel to extract, process or buy; and there are no down sides to not polluting!
    It is our society’s insistance on holding on to ‘the old ways’ that does not make sense in this case.

    • Many of your “points” are absolutely bogus and smack of the “green rhetoric” that “Greenies” use to sell their products. i.e. more jobs…………How many?…………permanent?…….how many jobs have been lost due to the green agenda? many industries have closed or moved because of the high price of electricity due to the FIT program? 34 years of oil and gas remains?……….RIGHT!………….I guess your a Rubin fan and his rubber ducky book. Next your going to say the world is about to flood and everyone will either drown or burts into flames because of Global Warming!
      Maybe read the thousands of documents that confirm that AGW is a fraud and nothing more than a political agenda to transfer wealth from the rich to the poor through the U.N.

  3. John McMahon says:

    Limburg is a climate change naysayer from a long time back. It’s good to know where this disinformation is coming from.

  4. Evolve Green says:

    opinions are like _____ everyone has one. ONT Canada is in the sun belt and is not like them in anyway. Germany has many other problems that are not related like the Greece bail out. I do note that the Author of this has not attached there name!

    • Are you serious? Ontario is not in the sun belt!……Ontario is marginal and experiences more winter weather longer than anywhere in Germany! We get almost 6 months of cold wet and snow………..right now we are in the midst of a winter storm where we could get as much as 50 centimetres of snow!……If that ever happened in Germany you would all be asking the army to come in and save you!……………..

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