Is this the “end of small town Ontario”? …. Wawa near bankruptcy over McGuinty’s foolishness!

Posted: October 11, 2012 in Uncategorized

Wawa is just one small rural location in Ontario that is feeling it’s life is coming to an end very quickly.

If you live in the city of Toronto, or Ottawa or any other “large urban centre” in Ontario then you may not give a damn about the failure of small town Ontario going down the toilet.

What is happening all over Ontario is the”end of rural Ontario” as we know it.

Farmland being over-run with Wind and Solar Industrial complexes. Rail lines shutting down across the North. Race tracks being closed because slot machines are being pulled. Lumber mills closing permanently across the Central portion of Ontario. Gas stations closing by the week because of over regulation and Provincial laws making it so costly to operate that small gas owners are hanging up their hats. Electricity prices are so high that Industry is closing down and moving to other regions where prices are “reasonable”. Social programs are being shut down that used to make life worth living in a small rural setting. Many many more reasons for the death of Rural Ontario, but this should give you an idea of what’s happening.

ALL OF THE ABOVE are direct actions by our Provincial Government and was started way before McGuinty was in power but he is the one to finish off the de-population of Rural Ontario.

Now, about you folks living in the City. All this is probably just “our problem” now, but when you hop in your car come next summer to get away from it all, make sure you pack a few extra “gerry cans” of gas, extra food that won’t rot without refrigeration and make sure you bring your own tent or trailer, because your going to need it. If you want to explore the “wilderness of a wild Ontario or visit ghost towns” this will be waiting for you next June!!!

McGuinty government bankrupting Wawa 




wawa goose Linda Nowicki 121012
Wawa Mayor Linda Nowicki in front of the town’s landmark goose. (Photo courtesy the Wawa News)

The small town on Lake Superior is teetering on the brink of bankruptcy, pushed to the edge by a provincial government that ignores and misunderstands the needs of rural and northern Ontario.

A series of decisions by the province has forced the town to cut services and even consider layoffs to police and other essential public sector workers.

Wawa’s main industries are forestry and mining. And before you city slickers roll your eyes and say it’s not your problem, consider this: Bay Street was built on forestry and mining. The TMX is the largest mining exchange in the world by number of listings.

The town’s woes started during the Mike Harris years.

In 2000, the Harris government took power dam tax revenue from the municipal tax base and gave it to the provincial tax base.

This hit Wawa hard. It has seven dams with 16 generating stations within its municipal boundaries. That power dam taxation made up half its assessment – almost 45% of its tax income.

Realizing Wawa would go bankrupt, the province initiated a grant equivalent to the taxation income at the time – $2 million. They’ve only had a small, cost of living allowance since that time.


  1. annnorth says:

    Dalton Mcguinty’s days are finally over.
    Sadly, he will never be held accountable for all the damage he has done to this province.

    I’m a Conservative Northern mom from Temiskaming Shores. I’ve created the only community of Conservative Canadian Moms on Circle of Moms website. i encourage you to join in and share your concerns. Please invite more people to join in and help this circle grow. Together we can raise awareness of the liberal political agenda.

    Sincerely, Ann North.

  2. Greg says:

    The media are blind to what is going on. We need to hammer them on the UN Agenda 21 and the Liberals Anatomy of Risk.

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