A true Canadian Patriot formally “DECLARES WAR on WIND COMPANIES in ONTARIO”!!

Posted: December 18, 2011 in Uncategorized

Here’s a question?:  If some stranger entered your home and tried to destroy your life what would you do?

This may be a bit baffling in this day and age when your home is supposed to be “Your Sanctuary” from the  hustle and bustle and craziness of the outside world but here in Ontario, just like in every other country in the world a very dark and evil “force” is doing just that!

The Industrial Wind Turbine Industry has now “invaded” Ontario and has caused massive “casualties” with people’s lands, health, homes and quality of life not to mention the murder of our wildlife and future for our children and their children.

This is not an “overstatement’!  This is actually what is really happening and what makes it even more serious is that this is supported by our very own Government and our very own Health System!  Here’s the “kicker”!  Guess who’s money is being used to force this “army of home destroyers” down our collective throats?  OURS!  In massive subsidies all declared “good for us and for the planet” by our Great Leader in Queen’s Park even though for years now a peaceful protest has been attempted with reasonable discussions being presented by the people being harmed with the “powers to be”, and YET the invasion continues unabated!

Here’s the answer:

A Declaration of War. 

I Melodie Burkett, a Canadian and a citizen of Ontario, hereby declare to the government of Ontario that I have no alternative but to engage in war against the wind industry that has been given the authority by the government of Ontario to continue to ignore precautionary principle, continues to ignore the pleas of the people world wide that have been suffering serious symptoms and driven from their homes, caused by the improper and reckless placement of industrial scale wind turbines , continues to ignore reports of massive bird slaughter world wide and continues to ignore economic reports world wide that we can not continue to subsidize this industry that due to it’s very nature can not , has not and will not reduce emissions that are believed by some to be causing a change of climate world wide.  

I hereby declare that I consider it my patriotic duty, as did my forefathers before me,  to defend my land, my home and my family and my province from this affront to sensibilities, this affront to my right to peaceable enjoyment of my home as guaranteed under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. I along with millions of people world wide can not and will not allow this tyranny, this undemocratic process to devalue and destroy our homeland, our airways and our oceans. 

Please be advised of this declaration of war and the consequence of war and govern yourselves accordingly.

Signed this day of December 18, 2011. 

Melodie Burkett
Township of Clearview
Ontario, Canada
An army of ONE Tomorrow an army of legions

  1. Melodie Burkett says:

    Hope my one size fits all uniform will fit you troopers. ( just kidding) So far I have had a good response. The “declaration ” was requested by Spanish member of the European Platform Against Wind. It was sent to them but I have not heard back as yet.

    War is a hideous thing …but so is the demise of democracy. We must win this.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Where do I sign up

  3. madasabat says:

    Just takes one person to
    start a revolution.

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