The following is Part 1 of 2 in what can only be described as self-explanatory.

Kris Stevens…….thanks to Bing

The first “character” in this “power play to poverty” is Kris Stevens  and his words that should read:

Green sustainable energy is working for Ontario making us “Green Idiots” all more prosperous.”

Not as follows”

(Parker Gallant) Wind Turbines and solar panels bring Ontario Energy Poverty: Chapter 1

(July 22, 2014) A letter to the editor appearing in the London Free Press on June 5, 2014 written by Kristopher Stevens, Executive Director, Ontario Sustainable Energy Association or OSEA (who claim they brought us the Green Energy and Green Economy Act [GEA]); opens with: “Green sustainable energy is working for Ontario making us all more prosperous.”

There are a large number of people in Ontario who would disagree with that statement and they are reflected in the increasing number of people living in “energy poverty” which Mr. Stevens and his ilk had a big part in creating. Stevens and other renewable energy advocates pushed renewable energy and the feed-in tariff (FIT) programs on the gullible Ontario Liberal Party (OLP) and the OLP bought the sales pitch; lock, stock and barrel!

So what is “energy poverty”? The “Guelph & Wellington Task Force for Poverty Elimination” define it as: “households that spend more than 10 percent of their income on home energy, affects about one million households in Canada. In Ontario, the lowest income quintile – one in every fiveNB.households –spend on average 12 per cent of their income on utilities,

NB: That would translate into approximately 530,000 households in Ontario based on the Ontario Energy Board’s (OEB) approximately 4.4 million residential electricity ratepayers as noted in their 2012 “yearbook of distributors”.

Finding statistics on those “one in every five households” however, is very difficult without months of research and a myriad of people to do the research.

There is no “central” place that either seeks or collects the data related to “energy poverty”! I did stumble on an organization; LIEN (Low-Income Energy Network) that has a genuine interest in assisting those “one in every five households” and managed to connect with them. Interestingly enough they had recently held their 10th Annual Conference and posted the participants as well as their member list. In a discussion with the LIEN Coordinator, Zee Bhanji, I learned that 14.7% of Ontario’s population is living at or near the “poverty line” and that she was not aware of where to obtain statistics related to “energy poverty.” The 10th anniversary of the founding of LIEN resulted in a letter from them to Premier Wynne and the leaders of all the provincial parties asking for support of a low-income energy rate affordability program for Ontario. The letter suggested a “threshold of 6% of total household income as the maximum amount that low-income consumers should have to pay for total energy bills”.



Parker Gallant: Wind Turbines and solar panels bring Ontario Energy Poverty: Chapter 2

(July 23, 2014) The first Chapter on “energy poverty” introduced the reader to LIEN (Low-Income Energy Network) who held their 10th anniversary (formed one year after the Liberals were elected in 2003) and to APCH (A Place Called Home) of the City of Kawartha Lakes & Haliburton County.

The City has a population of 90,000 with Lindsay hosting slightly over 20,000 of that population.

In the research I found LIEN members included the CAW; who erected a wind turbine in Chatham Kent and the Windfall Centre, where Brent Kopperson sits as the founder and Executive Director. For those who have followed my articles, Kopperson was one of the original founders of the GEAA (Green Energy Act Alliance). Some of the attendees at the LIEN Conference also caught my attention as they included Environmental Defence (a GEAA founder), Toronto Hydro (the sole distribution company that attended and whose distribution rates have increased 176% in the past 11 years), the OEB (Ontario Energy Board) and the OPA (Ontario Power Authority). Union Gas & Enbridge were also represented.

Responsibility for creating “energy poverty” is not something that one would anticipate claiming responsibility for; but, as pointed out in the previous chapter, the letter Energy Minister, Bob Chiarelli sent to the OEB certainly inferred it was the ruling Liberal Party that created it. The letter, from Minister Chiarelli to the OEB was dated April 23, 2014, just over 10 years after the Liberals passed: Bill 100,Electricity Restructuring Act, 2004 creating the OPA which brought us four (4) long term energy plans in a 10 year time frame and whose responsibility has been to contract for intermittent, unreliable, expensive renewable energy.

When I originally spoke with the LIEN Coordinator, Zee Bhanji, I questioned her as to who was the local distribution company (LDC) with the worst reputation in respect to cutting off clients for not paying their electricity bills. The answer was Hydro One, the Provincially owned LDC with about 25% of the residential clients in Ontario. Co-incidentally when I touched base with Jennifer Lopinski of APCH it turned out Hydro One were the LDC for the City of Kawartha Lakes & Haliburton County. The data that APCH had gathered and sent to me disclosed some interesting statistics that if applied to Hydro One’s full client base of 1.1 million residential customers and the 4.4 million total customers; paints a dismal picture for those living at the “low-income” levels detailed in Minister Chiarelli’s letter to the OEB. Minister Chiarelli certainly wasn’t concerned about the 11,800 plus personnel of OPG and Hydro One on the 2014 “Sunshine List”!


Anyone who marked their “X” beside a Liberal MPP this past June should shake their collective heads and ask themselves “why did I do that”?.

This is directed right at YOU, the ones who voted this majority Government back in.

Again, WHY?

Are you dysfunctional?  Are you beholding to these Liberals for your paycheque? Are you an employee of the Provincial Government? Were you told by your Union bosses to X them in? OR are you just UNEDUCATED?

Being “ignorant” of the background of these failed politicians is no excuse to condemn the rest if Ontario to a future of massive debt and failed promises for honest hard working Ontarians.

There is only one word to use for each and every person who marked an “X” beside a Liberal MPP………………SHAME!

What the Ontario Budget means for electricity ratepayers: Parker Gallant

Finance Minister Sousa: you didn't really think it would HELP you, did you?
Finance Minister Sousa: you didn’t really think it would HELP you, did you?

If Ontario’s electricity customers were expecting relief in the 2014 Ontario budget their hopes are dashed — rates will continue to rise.

Average ratepayers will continue to be punished as the Ontario Liberal government forces them to pay for the growth of expensive, unreliable renewable energy in the form of wind, solar and biomass.

Relief measures are few in the drive to maintain Ontario’s lead as the most expensive electricity sector in Canada.  The only true relief measure announced in the budget is the cessation of the Debt Retirement Charge on December 31, 2015. That will benefit the average ratepayer $70 a year but with the Ontario Clean Energy Benefit (OCEB) of about $160 a year falling away on the same day, the net cost to ratepayers is $90 per year, not including the HST — the total cost is $100.  Gross savings to ratepayers from the DRC is about $315 million (4.5 million ratepayers X $70) and the loss to ratepayers of the OCEB will cost $720 million (4.5 million ratepayers X $160).

Now the bad news: the additional $100 in annual costs will be augmented by the following budget  items.  And that doesn’t include the additional cost of solar, wind and biomass that will come on stream.

Read the full comment from Parker Gallant here: Ontario2014Budget

News story on the Budget here:

For 12 consecutive years Ontarians have elected the Liberals to be the “leaders” of Ontario’s industry, schools, health, energy sector, among all the other areas that used to lead Canada and be called the “engine that drove” this great country.

So how’s that been working out for Ontario and it’s job market?


Last week we saw Moody’s downgrade Ontario’s credit rating and Kathleen Wynne’s new budget will be introduced on Monday which “should” be tackling the massive debt load every Ontarian is now carrying on their backs as they work their ass off just to pay their Hydro bills.

But that ain’t goin’ ta happen………………….more spending  alongside closures of schools, cutbacks on medical services and everything else that Harris did to us before 2002 is on the table.

Of course Wynne’s supporters in the Greater Toronto Area won’t see any difference in lifestyles or hardships as the Libs prop up the transit system with a 29 billion dollar injection while every other community outside Toronto gets to pay for it!

So here’s the reality of today. Ontario has reached a new milestone…………..”the number of manufacturing jobs — once the backbone of the province’s economy — hit their lowest level on record.”

Good job people!……………….who voted for this dysfunctional gang of thugs that soak up valuable oxygen in Queen’s Park………….Thanks from all the citizens who don’t live within the GTA’s boundaries!

Ontario’s Job Market Is Beginning To Look Like A Disaster

The Huffington Post Canada  |  By   07/13/2014

The foundations of Ontario’s job market are turning into quicksand that threatens to swallow the province’s economic future — and despite all the heated political rhetoric out there, at least one prominent economist believes the problem may not have a policy solution.

Ontario passed a grim historic milestone last month: According to StatsCan data, the number of manufacturing jobs — once the backbone of the province’s economy — hit their lowest level on record.

Manufacturing payrolls sank to under 750,000 last month, the lowest in records going back to 1976. And back in 1976, Ontario’s population was 8.2 million, or about 40 per cent lower than today’s 13.5 million.

The latest job numbers from StatsCan, released Friday, paint a vivid picture of what’s wrong with Ontario.

While Canada lost 9,400 net jobs in June and the unemployment rate edged up to 7.1 per cent, Ontario saw 33,900 jobs lost in the month (some of that was offset by job gains mostly in western provinces). Its jobless rate edged up to 7.5 per cent.

More than a third of those losses — 13,600 jobs — were in the manufacturing sector, which economists have been telling us for months is right on the verge of a renewed boom, thanks to the U.S.’s economic recovery.

Well that recovery, such as it is, certainly is not translating into new jobs. Not surprisingly, the search for causes and solutions to this predicament has become political.




Now Ontario has a Climate Change department added onto it’s Energy Ministry and one can only shake their head in disbelief that a so-called legitimate Government body would buy into this massive fraudulent agenda to dismantle the future of it’s own citizenry with all the proof that Climate Change is FALSE!

Here is a story that will chill you to the bone and can’t be overlooked anymore. Just look up in the sky on any clear day and see the proof that Chemtrails actually exist.

But then  if you’ve ever seen a UFO, which millions claim they have, then you are also crazy aren’t you?

Never be afraid to question……………never be afraid to state the truth…………..

American People Targeted By Weapons of Climate Engineering Warfare

Dane Wigington’s compelling presentation explains how the past decades of covert, military weather warfare programs has turned earth’s atmosphere into a catastrophic soup of chemicals to create the climate change we should fear most.

by Harold Saive

July 8/2014

Dane starts the video saying that chemtrails were developed as “weather warfare”. Around 25 minutes into the presentation Dane inexplicably appears to drop the weather warfare motive to assert that chemtrails are mitigation for global warming – an operation that has gone horribly wrong.

Wigington could be correct on all counts:

Strong evidence is available to support aerosol geoengineering has a multi-layered agenda that defies a single explanation.

A global satellite survey using the NASA WorldView interactive web server reveals massive aerosol deployment to warm the climate in all regions of the planet including arctic and antarctic regions (more)

Geoengineering investigator, Cliff Carnicom is researching disturbing biological contaminants likely sprayed into the atmosphere by aircraft. This finding has been the basis of his ongoing research into a cure for Mergellons syndrome since 2005. (More)

Global warming has attracted significant attention by geoengineers like David Keith who propose a seemingly “benevolent” program of spraying sulfuric acid aerosols into the stratosphere to reflect a small amount of sunlight back into space in order to avoid the extreme effects of surface “warming”. On Colbert Nation Keith maintains that spraying the aerosols in the stratosphere will only result in an additional 10,000 deaths per year when implemented. Watch the interview: (VIDEO)


Here’s a short yet poignant reality check on why your property rights, human rights and every other “right” you thought was engrained in our existence as a “citizen of this once great Province” is a sham!

“Communitarianism” or as it used to be called “Communism” is the new “buzz word” for world leaders and U.N. advocates of  “what’s good for you regardless of what’s wrong with the results”.  The means of conveyance of this New World Order concept is all wrapped up in a macabre and frightening method called AGENDA 21.

Too “Orwellian” to be taken seriously?………………….then don’t go any further and rest assured you won’t have to experience a massive brain cramp wrapping your head around just how bad the leadership of this political gulag called planet Earth has become.

OR……………if you have ever asked yourself: “how the hell did the world become so upside down”……………then READ ON…………………..

Agenda 21 is Based on Communitarian Law and What it Really Means – Kevin Eggers

Communitarianism: A Legislator’s Perspective 

Pat Lorjé

At the time this article was written Pat Lorjé was a member of the Saskatchewan Legislative Assembly and Chair of the Government Caucus Committee on Employment and the Economy and Chair of the Crown Corporations Committee

Communitarianism is a modern social movement consisting of individuals and organizations who have come together to promote the view that individual liberties depend upon bolstering the foundations of civil society: community consensus on social and moral values; emphasis on the responsibilities of citizenship; and a focus on the community rather than on individuals or the state. Communitarianism is a non sectarian, and non partisan movement which held a Forum on February 16, 1996. Speakers included Professors Amitai Etzioni and Charles Taylor, Father Bill Ryan, Andrew Coyne and Pat Lorjé.The Forum was held on Parliament Hill through the co-operation of the Deputy Speaker, David Kilgour. In this article the author examines some of the new and creative approaches found in Communitarianism and offers some cautionary and practical notes.

In the excitement of embracing a “new movement”, we must not forget a basic truth embodied in E.B. White’s Charlotte’s Web. Parents will recognize this cautionary tale of a curious and deep friendship between Wilbur, the very innocent pig, and Charlotte, the very wise spider. One line speaks to me and my ilk: “Wilbur ran again to the top of the manure pile, full of energy and hope.”

My re-election to a once honourable profession makes me keenly aware of the need to mix idealism and practicality as we trumpet the New Jerusalem. We need whisker-sharp antennae to know how far, and how fast to implement our ideas. If we are too far ahead of people, we lose. If we are too far behind, we atrophy. So, like Wilbur, politicians constantly run to the top of the manure pile, full of energy and hope.

Indeed, many communitarian ideas certainly fill me with energy and hope that the partisan debate can be transformed to a discourse on effective improvements. Nevertheless, I have been around the political game long enough to be wary of the shifting nature of the pile where I stand. Our modern task, to move the public agenda from the central level to the community level, will be most effectively accomplished if we engage the public in dialogue and action on the important and compelling notion of stewardship, the balance between citizens’ rights and responsibilities. Simultaneously, the discussion needs to move beyond individuals and also focus on the duties and obligations of our systems in this objective. This means we need to be acutely aware of some of the practical problems associated with devolving power and enhancing and enriching communities.

Although ideals and ideology are the elemental soul of politics, beliefs must be balanced with practicality.

It is wonderful, as we move beyond an international duel of command versus market economies, to come across fresh ideas that shift our thinking into completely new directions. My only caveat to the lure of communitarianism is one expected from an unapologetic social democrat: this movement, to succeed at all, must not rely simply upon attitudinal change. Economic change is equally important. Otherwise communitarianism will be seen as mere middle-class moralizing, and pompous rhetoric from those who already have their oar for the lifeboat. Enlightened self-interest is a tacky excuse for a social movement.

Governments today come in two forms – maintenance, or change. The former simply props up the status quo of the privileged. This leads to bitterness, cynicism, and disdain for the political process. The logical consequence is demands for direct democracy (which surely is the most easily manipulable tool of all) and government by referendum. In Saskatchewan, we try to buck the trend, and be a government of change – by design not default. It is not easy. Our key job is to involve people in a meaningful communal fashion, and to make sure that the politicians stay out of the way as much as possible.

These strategic changes aim to ensure that everyone feels a sense of stake. Citizens cannot be meaningfully engaged in change, or even in the day-to-day maintenance of systems unless they feel a sense of urgency and involvement. Who cares about their country’s economic or moral health if they do not feel a sense of belonging, of stake? It is not only the direct owners or shareholders of economic assets who have a legitimate interest in how those assets are used. For example, the weekly transfer of electronic funds equal to or greater than the 4 trillion dollar American debt is something that effects all of us directly.

It is too easy to get caught up in day-to-day political crises and titillations. We then tend to forget the larger context. Issues like the continued drift and anomie of our citizens. Issues like simplistic calls for boot camps and long gun registration to combat violence. Issues like work-for-welfare against a back-drop of tax write-off business lunches. What about the children born into poverty and despair, who have no voice? Or those who have no ears because of the clack-clack-clack of manufactured crises?


Sad days in Ontario. Greed, apathy and an intentional dismembering of our Democracy over many decades by various Governments has finally exposed all that’s wrong with allowing an unfettered gang of power mongers and corrupt industrialists to run a Province.

Short term for a place like this on this planet: banana republic


Courtesy Bing

One can’t call these past few decades as being ruled by politicians, who are nothing more than “puppets” doing the bidding of their backroom masters, “managed, handled and groomed” to say whatever they are told, all 3 parties that have held the reins of power in this Province. The end result of this type of leadership?……….a bankrupt, divided and lost society with little or no way out from a future mortgaged to the hilt!

The only solution for any “sanity” or financial stability is for people to move and relocate somewhere else in canada that may offer some light.

Sad days in Ontario!!!!

Ontario’s worrying banana republic problem

The Ontario legislature operates under a set of rules that make it nearly impossible for a single opposition party to move motions of non-confidence. This is not normal and it is not democratic.

PETER LOEWEN June 21/2014

Imagine a friend just returned from a country you knew nothing about. During her visit, your friend took an interest in the country’s politics and the election they just held. Suppose she told you the following.

First, the governing party had a leader who, under accusation of major political corruption and the threat of sanction by the legislature, suspended that same legislature until his successor could be chosen. His successor, despite inheriting a government under police investigation, was able to survive nearly two years.

If your mind was an inquiring one, you might want to know how a party could survive in such conditions. Your friend tells you that despite holding only a minority of seats, they were able to routinely buy off the third party through policy concessions. Worse, they’d been able to avoid tests of confidence because these are essentially impossible to move under the rules of the legislature.

Things get stranger and they get worse. When the government was finally brought down, they were returned with a majority government. Now, the counting was fair and the party’s campaign was above board. But alongside their campaign was a massive one run by unions and interest groups. Those groups seemed sometimes indistinguishable from the campaign personnel of the governing party. And those same unions were preparing to negotiate labour agreements with the party in power. These fellow-travellers could raise and spend money without limit and effectively without oversight.

This cake comes with icing. The provincial police force actively inserted itself into the campaign, releasing information about investigations into the governing party. At the same time, the police union campaigned against the principal opposition party……………………………

MORE to this Story in Ottawa Citizen of June 21/2014

The absolute “arrogance” of this Liberal Government is astounding!

When caught spending OUR hard earned tax dollars with complete abandon of moral or financial responsibility these Queen’s Park hooligans spin such outrageous claims about why they did it that I believe the normal over-worked and over-taxed Ontario citizen is probably too tired to even try and make sense out these bozos statements any more!

Once again Parker Gallant sheds light on what has become a cesspool of gravy these Provincial purveyors of poverty have created for their own use.

MaRS, the Ontario government’s very own money pit

Parker Gallant, Special to Financial Post | June 10, 2014

All of Ontario's taxpayers will be saddled with the obligation to repay not only the bad debt of MaRS but also to fund other public entities who have signed on to occupy a portion of that high-cost Phase 2 building.

All of Ontario’s taxpayers will be saddled with the obligation to repay not only the bad debt of MaRS but also to fund other public entities who have signed on to occupy a portion of that high-cost Phase 2 building.Peter J. Thompson

Those “premium tenants” are provincial entities that depend on the Ontario government for funding

Infrastructure Ontario (IO), an Ontario Crown corporation, provided financing of $235-million to fund the Phase 2 expansion of Toronto’s MaRS Discovery District. That loan is apparently now in default, a revelation that has had an impact on the current Ontario provincial election. What’s the story behind MaRS, which stands for Medical and Related Sciences?

Begin with Infrastructure Ontario’s March 31, 2012 annual report (the March 31, 2013, annual report has yet to be released, so never mind the 2014 report). In the 2012 report, it is difficult to find any information on the MaRS financing. On page 21 the name MaRS together with an amount of $153,612,000 is listed as “Outstanding” among a list of Tier 1, 2 and 3 risk-rated loans totaling over $4.2-billion. The MaRS loan is classified as a Tier 2 category risk under the heading “Credit Risk Mitigation,” which is described as: “Industries are either regulated or entitled to government based revenue contracts and therefore have a stable source of debt repayment.”

That description sounds reasonable, except that MaRS is neither “regulated” nor “entitled to government based revenue contracts.” MaRS is a “registered charity under the Income Tax Act” and therefore not “regulated” by the province nor “entitled to government based revenue contracts.”

As an entity, MaRS has been dependent on government largesse via grants (mainly from the Province of Ontario). Grants now exceed $160-million since MaRS was created.


Peter Foster also adds his “take” on this monetary monstrosity and literally calls it what it is ……A “SUICIDE MISSION” on our dime!


Peter Foster: The suicidal MaRS mission

Peter Foster | June 9, 2014

MaRS has come up with all kinds of bogus “independent” studies to demonstrate what a great boon it has been, but do those figures include money hosed away in promoting and participating in the green energy fiasco?

MaRS has come up with all kinds of bogus “independent” studies to demonstrate what a great boon it has been, but do those figures include money hosed away in promoting and participating in the green energy fiasco? Peter J. Thompson/National Post

Businesses were wise to steer clear of Ontario’s now-insolvent innovation hub

The scandals have been piling up thick and fast for the Ontario Liberals ahead of Thursday’s election. One all-too-typical example is the revelation of a government plan to bail out – at a cost of hundreds of millions of dollars — the foundering second phase of the MaRS Discovery District (the ugly financial details are provided by Parker Gallant).

The real scandal at MaRS – which was created as a whizz-bang incubator-hub-cluster for government coddled high-tech start-ups – is not that its shiny second phase is sitting empty. It’s that the institution ever existed in the first place.

MaRS DD was based on the zombie delusion that governments can pick winners or, in this case, carefully select those whom they will guide across the so-called “valley of death” – a place littered with the bleached bones of brilliant innovators who couldn’t sell their dreams to blinkered, flinty-eyed financiers.

Using taxpayers’ money to buy jobs from South Korean Samsung – to jump start wind and solar “technologies of the future” – and San Francisco-based Cisco – to do computer stuff in return for up to $220-million — were both what Jane Jacobs called “transactions of decline,” but at least Samsung and Cisco are likely to stay in business. MaRS was always doomed without ever-increasing public support. It inevitably turned into a place that was more about empire building, sunshine salaries, and serving its political masters than promoting any net benefit to the economy.

“The Liberals’ bailout plan involves filling half the high-price building with bureaucrats”