Looking for some retribution from being gouged and screwed out of $$$$ by Hydro One and their Government mandated SMART/STUPID Metres, well, don’t hold your breath!

Not only does our own Ombudsman have well over 8,000 complaints and climbing to deal with, now we have the Federal Government doing an in-depth investigation on how Ontario has gone so completely off the rails with their energy scam (aka. Enronesque) and there seems to be no relief in sight as another brutal winter is on our doorstep!

Hydro One: are you kidding?


by Parker Gallant

If you check in with Hydro One to see how are those “smart” meters work when coupled with the outsourced Inergi billing and customer service system, you’re in for a shock!

The Hydro One outsourced service is apparently not working out too well, and the constant rumours and stories about smart meter replacement seems to be an indication that the devices are not as smart as they were supposed to be!  Put the two together, allow people to voice their complaints to Andre Marin, Ontario’s Ombudsman and the result is thousands of complaints. Many of them are truly bizarre.

Here is a snip from the outsourcing agreement from the 2002 year-end MDA (Management Discussion & Analysis) of Hydro One:

“On March 1, 2002, we commenced an outsourcing services agreement with Inergi LP (Inergi), an affiliate of Cap Gemini Ernst & Young Canada Inc. Under this agreement, Inergi provides, among other things, customer service operations, supply management, pay operations, information technology, and finance and accounting services over a ten-year term. As part of this outsourcing arrangement, approximately 900 of our employees were transferred to Inergi. The initial fee payable to Inergi will be approximately $130 million in the first full year of the contract declining to approximately $90 million in the tenth year of the agreement, net of inflation adjustments and subject to decreases based on external benchmarking analysis every three years. Because this outsourcing arrangement provides for a defined competitive and continuously improved price for the outsourced services, we believe that it will allow us to continue to reduce our cost base and improve our competitive position. As part of this agreement, we are still responsible for the capital expenditures associated with these services.”

Surely a recap of Hydro One’s new billing system is also appropriate; this note can be found in the 2013 2nd Quarter MDA of Hydro One under the heading Future Capital Expenditures:

“Other capital expenditures are expected to be approximately $200 million in each of 2013, 2014 and 2015. These expenditures include investments to replace our end-of-life customer billing system with a new CIS and smaller projects related to the continued realization of increased productivity from our enterprise-wide information system.”

I have already highlighted the problems with Hydro One’s new CIS (Customer Information Service?) in several articles including one just before the launch of the Ombudsman’s investigation.  (Find it here!)

Other articles focused on those smart meters including one I wrote (found here) indicating that the smart meters were actually being replaced way back in 2010 shortly after they were installed at a cost of  $700.54 each.

Hydro One recently released their 2014 2nd Quarter results and a August 14, 2014 article in the Toronto Star had this quote from the Director, Corporate Communications, Daffyd Roderick: “ ‘Many Hydro One customers have electric heat,’ said spokesman Daffyd Roderick, ‘and had trouble keeping up with bills that were 20 to 30 per cent higher than normal. That boosted the number of accounts in arrears, and the amount they owe.’ ”

Had Mr. Roderick checked his own press release he would have quickly noted it stated Hydro One’s cost of power was 18% higher as were Hydro One’s Operating costs when the first two quarters are compared to the prior year.   The fact is, increased consumption because of the cold winter played only a minor role in causing the accounts to be in arrears.

We can all hope that  Andre Marin’s report will tell the truth, rather than the spin put out by Hydro One.

©Parker Gallant,

August 25, 2014

Stay tuned for the next installment on Hydro One as more interesting facts are disclosed and we will have a look at how well that 2002 outsourcing agreement has reflected itself in the reduction of their “cost base.”

The views expressed here are those of the author.

Parker Gallant will be speaking in Exeter and Grand Bend on August 26th

Unlike Australia who has just banished the massive Wind Turbine Fraud that has basically ruined every economy world-wide with their gargantuan subsidization, Ontario blindly goes beyond the pale by promoting the Green Energy Fraud against all common sense.

How much of OUR Government is being ruled by greedy industrial green investors?……………all of it?

Tony Abbott, Joe Hockey & Mathias Cormann: Natural Born RET Killers

August 18, 2014 by

abbott, hockey, cormann

Joe Hockey, Mathias Cormann & Tony Abbott: Natural Born RET Killers.

Tony Abbott has made no secret of his eagerness to do away with the most colossal corporate welfare scheme in the history of the Commonwealth (see our posts here and here and here).

And his Treasurer, Joe Hockey has pinned his colours to the mast as someone who can’t stand wind farms – and whose political mission is to bring the “age of entitlement” to an end, which includes the stream of subsidies directed at wind power outfits (see our posts here and here).

The Finance Minister, Mathias Cormann made his disdain for the great wind power fraud known by joining Hockey to prevent the Clean Energy Finance Corporation signing up anymore unsecured loans to wind power outfits (see our post here).

So it comes as no surprise that Abbott, Hockey and Cormann would team up as Natural Born RET Killers. Here’s the Australian Financial Review heralding the beginning of the end for the mandatory RET and, with it, the end of the great Australian wind power fraud.

Abbott’s plan to axe RET
Australian Financial Review
Phillip Coorey
18 August 2014

The federal government is moving towards abolishing the Renewable Energy Target rather than scaling it back in a move that will cost almost $11 billion in proposed investment and which is at odds with the views of its own Environment Minister.

The Australian Financial Review understands Prime Minister Tony Abbott has asked businessman Dick Warburton, whom he handpicked after the election to review the RET, to do more work on the option of terminating the target altogether. This was after Mr Warburton’s review leant towards scaling back the RET.

Sources said Environment Minister Greg Hunt, who advocated scaling back the RET as a compromise, has been sidelined from the process and is understood to be unhappy. They said Mr Abbott, Treasurer Joe Hockey and Finance Minister Mathias Cormann are pushing the issue now.

A government source said when the government announced its decision, possibly before the end of this month, it was now “more likely” the RET will be abolished under a so-called “closed to new entrants scenario” in which existing contracts only would be honoured.

Given Clive Palmer has vowed to block any change to the RET until after the 2016 election, it remains unclear when the government could declare the RET terminated.

Independent modelling commissioned by the Climate Institute and other environmental groups, and which will be released Monday, found that under the termination scenario, coal-fired power generators would reap an extra $25 billion in profits between 2015 and 2030.

There would be no reduction to household power prices and carbon emissions would climb by 15 million tonnes a year on the back of a 9 percent increase in coal-fired power.


Every single ramped up declaration that humans are causing the world to heat up by using fossil fuels to heat their homes, and consuming water to stay alive and eating meat to satisfy their hunger is nothing more than one single massive LIE!

The real purpose of stating this obvious LIE is to reduce our quality of life down to a pre cave dwelling status so that the perverted world elitists (Gores, Suzukis, Ki-Moons and many other s) can claim OUR lands, resources and wealth for their own purpose!

Of course, non-believers in Climate Change (Global Warming) are labelled as “conspiracy theorists, Deniers, radicals”, or any other derogatory description to silence them.

Unfortunately the majority of scientists and informed people who know this is a LIE don’t get any press.

That’s the reason we operate blogs and report the TRUTH against all odds.

One such writing is as follows:

Climate Alarmists Never Quit!


Alan Caruba is a writer by profession and host of several Web sites and blogs, including Warning… (read full bio)

August 2/2014

In the same way Americans are discovering that the Cold War that was waged from the end of World War Two until the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 is not over, Americans continue to be subjected to the endless, massive, global campaign to foist the hoax of global warming–now called climate change—on everyone.

The campaign’s purpose to convince everyone that it is humans, not the sun, oceans, and other natural phenomenon, and that requires abandoning fossil fuels in favor of “renewable” wind and solar energy.

“It is not surprising that climate alarmists, who desire above all else blind allegiance to their cause, would demand all school teachers toe the ‘official party line’ and quash any dissent on the subject of man-made global warming in their classroom,” says Craig Rucker, the Executive Director of co-founder of the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT). “What is absurd is that any teacher or free-thinking person for that matter would listen to them.”

These days when I am challenged regarding my views about global warming, climate change or energy I send the individual towww.climatedepot.com  and www.energydepot.us, two constantly updated websites filled with links to information on these topics. Both are maintained by CFACT.

It’s not just our classrooms where Green indoctrination goes on. It is also our news media that continue to distort every weather event to advance the hoax. Guiding and feeding them is a massive complex of organizations led by the United Nations—the International Panel on Climate Change—that maintains the hoax to frighten people worldwide in order to achieve “one world order.”

On September 23, heads of state, including President Obama, will gather in New York City for what the Sierra Club calls “a historic summit on climate change. With our future on the line, we will take a weekend and use it to bend the course of history” to save the world from “the ravages of climate change.” This is absurd. Suggesting that humans can alter the climate in any way defies centuries of proof they do not.

One of the leading Leftist organizations, the Center for American Progress, focused on the July 14 Major Economics Forum in Paris, offered four items for its agenda. Claiming that “the Arctic is warming two times faster than any other region on earth”, they wanted policy changes based on this falsehood. They blamed climate change for “global poverty” and wanted further reductions in so-called greenhouse gas emissions from energy use. The enemy, as far as they were concerned was energy use.

Mary Hutzler, a senior research fellow of the Institute for Energy Research, testified before a July 22nd meeting of the Senate Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on International Development and Foreign Assistance, that due to Europe’s green energy (wind and solar) policies, industrial electricity prices are two-to-five times higher than in the U.S. and that, by 2020, 1.4 million European households will be added to those experiencing energy poverty.


The following is a rather poignant explanation why we have such a debased and ignorant bevy of politicians who have achieved power and are basically ruining our lives with their incompetent and malicious rules and tax spending. Even though this refers to the U.S. juggernaut of idiots, the same can be used for any level of Government in Canada.

No Matter Who Wins, a Sociopath Is Elected
Aug 12, 2014


Reprinted from Casey Research

The midterm election season is upon us, and it’s a tossup whether the Republicans will win the Senate, or if President Obama, seemingly oblivious as conflict flares up around the world, will, through his continuous campaigning, keep Harry Reid in his majority leader seat.

The only thing we know for sure is that sociopaths will be elected.

The electorate must by now recognize they are electing incompetents at best, and at worst, crooks, but the constant, naïve, pro-democracy mantra is, “We just need to elect the right people.”

But, the “right people” aren’t (and won’t be) running for office. Instead, we will continue to have “the average American legislator [who] is not only an ass,” as H.L. Mencken wrote, “but also an oblique, sinister, depraved, and knavish fellow.”

The Sage of Baltimore had it correct that to be elected and stay elected in American politics to any full-time position requires the suspension of any ethics or good sense a person may possess. Even those who begin political careers with the best intentions and have measurable abilities that would make them successful in any field soon realize that the skills required to succeed in politics are not those required outside politics.

Lew Rockwell explains that, while competition in the marketplace improves quality, competition in politics does just the opposite:

The only improvements take place in the process of doing bad things: lying, cheating, manipulating, stealing, and killing. The price of political services is constantly increasing, whether in tax dollars paid or in the bribes owed for protection (also known as campaign contributions). There is no obsolescence, planned or otherwise.

Politicians clearly don’t seek office for the money. Most are already wealthy by most people’s standards. The Center for Responsive Politics reports that more than half of Congresspeople are millionaires; the median net worth of House members is just short of $900,000, and for Senators, it’s $2.5 million.

What makes the wealthy and successful want to hold office? Is it, as Charles Derber describes in The Pursuit of Attention: Power and Ego in Everyday Life, that politicians since “Caesar and Napoleon have been driven by overweening egos and an insatiable hunger for public adulation”?

The work of psychologist Abraham Maslow provides an understanding as to why people seek public office. Maslow is famous for the “hierarchy of needs” theory you learned in your college psychology, management, or marketing class. The theory is generally presented visually as a pyramid, with the lowest or most basic human needs—physiological needs—shown as a layer along the base of the pyramid.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Human Needs

Maslow’s view was that the basic human needs—thirst, hunger, breathing—must be satisfied before humans can accomplish or worry about anything else. The next tranche within the pyramid, shown on top of the physiological need, is the safety need. After satisfying thirst and hunger, humans are concerned about their continued survival. If a man is constantly worried about being eaten by a tiger, he doesn’t concern himself with much else.

The next layer presented within Maslow’s pyramid is the belonging need, which lies just above safety need. After the satisfaction of the two lower needs—physiological and safety—a person seeks love, friendships, companionship, and community. Once these needs are satisfied, according to Maslow, humans seek the esteem need.

These first four needs were considered “deficit” needs. If a person is lacking, there is a motivation to fill that need. Once the particular need is filled, the motivation abates. This makes these needs different than the need at the top of Maslow’s pyramid, the need for self-actualization. The need for self-actualization is never satisfied, and Maslow referred to it as a “being” need, or the need to be all you can be.


The following is Part 1 of 2 in what can only be described as self-explanatory.

Kris Stevens…….thanks to Bing

The first “character” in this “power play to poverty” is Kris Stevens  and his words that should read:

Green sustainable energy is working for Ontario making us “Green Idiots” all more prosperous.”

Not as follows”

(Parker Gallant) Wind Turbines and solar panels bring Ontario Energy Poverty: Chapter 1

(July 22, 2014) A letter to the editor appearing in the London Free Press on June 5, 2014 written by Kristopher Stevens, Executive Director, Ontario Sustainable Energy Association or OSEA (who claim they brought us the Green Energy and Green Economy Act [GEA]); opens with: “Green sustainable energy is working for Ontario making us all more prosperous.”

There are a large number of people in Ontario who would disagree with that statement and they are reflected in the increasing number of people living in “energy poverty” which Mr. Stevens and his ilk had a big part in creating. Stevens and other renewable energy advocates pushed renewable energy and the feed-in tariff (FIT) programs on the gullible Ontario Liberal Party (OLP) and the OLP bought the sales pitch; lock, stock and barrel!

So what is “energy poverty”? The “Guelph & Wellington Task Force for Poverty Elimination” define it as: “households that spend more than 10 percent of their income on home energy, affects about one million households in Canada. In Ontario, the lowest income quintile – one in every fiveNB.households –spend on average 12 per cent of their income on utilities,

NB: That would translate into approximately 530,000 households in Ontario based on the Ontario Energy Board’s (OEB) approximately 4.4 million residential electricity ratepayers as noted in their 2012 “yearbook of distributors”.

Finding statistics on those “one in every five households” however, is very difficult without months of research and a myriad of people to do the research.

There is no “central” place that either seeks or collects the data related to “energy poverty”! I did stumble on an organization; LIEN (Low-Income Energy Network) that has a genuine interest in assisting those “one in every five households” and managed to connect with them. Interestingly enough they had recently held their 10th Annual Conference and posted the participants as well as their member list. In a discussion with the LIEN Coordinator, Zee Bhanji, I learned that 14.7% of Ontario’s population is living at or near the “poverty line” and that she was not aware of where to obtain statistics related to “energy poverty.” The 10th anniversary of the founding of LIEN resulted in a letter from them to Premier Wynne and the leaders of all the provincial parties asking for support of a low-income energy rate affordability program for Ontario. The letter suggested a “threshold of 6% of total household income as the maximum amount that low-income consumers should have to pay for total energy bills”.



Parker Gallant: Wind Turbines and solar panels bring Ontario Energy Poverty: Chapter 2

(July 23, 2014) The first Chapter on “energy poverty” introduced the reader to LIEN (Low-Income Energy Network) who held their 10th anniversary (formed one year after the Liberals were elected in 2003) and to APCH (A Place Called Home) of the City of Kawartha Lakes & Haliburton County.

The City has a population of 90,000 with Lindsay hosting slightly over 20,000 of that population.

In the research I found LIEN members included the CAW; who erected a wind turbine in Chatham Kent and the Windfall Centre, where Brent Kopperson sits as the founder and Executive Director. For those who have followed my articles, Kopperson was one of the original founders of the GEAA (Green Energy Act Alliance). Some of the attendees at the LIEN Conference also caught my attention as they included Environmental Defence (a GEAA founder), Toronto Hydro (the sole distribution company that attended and whose distribution rates have increased 176% in the past 11 years), the OEB (Ontario Energy Board) and the OPA (Ontario Power Authority). Union Gas & Enbridge were also represented.

Responsibility for creating “energy poverty” is not something that one would anticipate claiming responsibility for; but, as pointed out in the previous chapter, the letter Energy Minister, Bob Chiarelli sent to the OEB certainly inferred it was the ruling Liberal Party that created it. The letter, from Minister Chiarelli to the OEB was dated April 23, 2014, just over 10 years after the Liberals passed: Bill 100,Electricity Restructuring Act, 2004 creating the OPA which brought us four (4) long term energy plans in a 10 year time frame and whose responsibility has been to contract for intermittent, unreliable, expensive renewable energy.

When I originally spoke with the LIEN Coordinator, Zee Bhanji, I questioned her as to who was the local distribution company (LDC) with the worst reputation in respect to cutting off clients for not paying their electricity bills. The answer was Hydro One, the Provincially owned LDC with about 25% of the residential clients in Ontario. Co-incidentally when I touched base with Jennifer Lopinski of APCH it turned out Hydro One were the LDC for the City of Kawartha Lakes & Haliburton County. The data that APCH had gathered and sent to me disclosed some interesting statistics that if applied to Hydro One’s full client base of 1.1 million residential customers and the 4.4 million total customers; paints a dismal picture for those living at the “low-income” levels detailed in Minister Chiarelli’s letter to the OEB. Minister Chiarelli certainly wasn’t concerned about the 11,800 plus personnel of OPG and Hydro One on the 2014 “Sunshine List”!


Anyone who marked their “X” beside a Liberal MPP this past June should shake their collective heads and ask themselves “why did I do that”?.

This is directed right at YOU, the ones who voted this majority Government back in.

Again, WHY?

Are you dysfunctional?  Are you beholding to these Liberals for your paycheque? Are you an employee of the Provincial Government? Were you told by your Union bosses to X them in? OR are you just UNEDUCATED?

Being “ignorant” of the background of these failed politicians is no excuse to condemn the rest if Ontario to a future of massive debt and failed promises for honest hard working Ontarians.

There is only one word to use for each and every person who marked an “X” beside a Liberal MPP………………SHAME!

What the Ontario Budget means for electricity ratepayers: Parker Gallant

Finance Minister Sousa: you didn't really think it would HELP you, did you?
Finance Minister Sousa: you didn’t really think it would HELP you, did you?

If Ontario’s electricity customers were expecting relief in the 2014 Ontario budget their hopes are dashed — rates will continue to rise.

Average ratepayers will continue to be punished as the Ontario Liberal government forces them to pay for the growth of expensive, unreliable renewable energy in the form of wind, solar and biomass.

Relief measures are few in the drive to maintain Ontario’s lead as the most expensive electricity sector in Canada.  The only true relief measure announced in the budget is the cessation of the Debt Retirement Charge on December 31, 2015. That will benefit the average ratepayer $70 a year but with the Ontario Clean Energy Benefit (OCEB) of about $160 a year falling away on the same day, the net cost to ratepayers is $90 per year, not including the HST — the total cost is $100.  Gross savings to ratepayers from the DRC is about $315 million (4.5 million ratepayers X $70) and the loss to ratepayers of the OCEB will cost $720 million (4.5 million ratepayers X $160).

Now the bad news: the additional $100 in annual costs will be augmented by the following budget  items.  And that doesn’t include the additional cost of solar, wind and biomass that will come on stream.

Read the full comment from Parker Gallant here: Ontario2014Budget

News story on the Budget here:

For 12 consecutive years Ontarians have elected the Liberals to be the “leaders” of Ontario’s industry, schools, health, energy sector, among all the other areas that used to lead Canada and be called the “engine that drove” this great country.

So how’s that been working out for Ontario and it’s job market?


Last week we saw Moody’s downgrade Ontario’s credit rating and Kathleen Wynne’s new budget will be introduced on Monday which “should” be tackling the massive debt load every Ontarian is now carrying on their backs as they work their ass off just to pay their Hydro bills.

But that ain’t goin’ ta happen………………….more spending  alongside closures of schools, cutbacks on medical services and everything else that Harris did to us before 2002 is on the table.

Of course Wynne’s supporters in the Greater Toronto Area won’t see any difference in lifestyles or hardships as the Libs prop up the transit system with a 29 billion dollar injection while every other community outside Toronto gets to pay for it!

So here’s the reality of today. Ontario has reached a new milestone…………..”the number of manufacturing jobs — once the backbone of the province’s economy — hit their lowest level on record.”

Good job people!……………….who voted for this dysfunctional gang of thugs that soak up valuable oxygen in Queen’s Park………….Thanks from all the citizens who don’t live within the GTA’s boundaries!

Ontario’s Job Market Is Beginning To Look Like A Disaster

The Huffington Post Canada  |  By   07/13/2014

The foundations of Ontario’s job market are turning into quicksand that threatens to swallow the province’s economic future — and despite all the heated political rhetoric out there, at least one prominent economist believes the problem may not have a policy solution.

Ontario passed a grim historic milestone last month: According to StatsCan data, the number of manufacturing jobs — once the backbone of the province’s economy — hit their lowest level on record.

Manufacturing payrolls sank to under 750,000 last month, the lowest in records going back to 1976. And back in 1976, Ontario’s population was 8.2 million, or about 40 per cent lower than today’s 13.5 million.

The latest job numbers from StatsCan, released Friday, paint a vivid picture of what’s wrong with Ontario.

While Canada lost 9,400 net jobs in June and the unemployment rate edged up to 7.1 per cent, Ontario saw 33,900 jobs lost in the month (some of that was offset by job gains mostly in western provinces). Its jobless rate edged up to 7.5 per cent.

More than a third of those losses — 13,600 jobs — were in the manufacturing sector, which economists have been telling us for months is right on the verge of a renewed boom, thanks to the U.S.’s economic recovery.

Well that recovery, such as it is, certainly is not translating into new jobs. Not surprisingly, the search for causes and solutions to this predicament has become political.