Here’s a guy with the nerve of a “canal horse”!

As a Premier of this Province he basically drained the tax payers pockets of every red cent he could, insituted a long range plan to basically ruin the future of most Ontarians for decades to come, dismantled a healthy and affordable electricity sector and was involved in hundreds of scandals that will never go away.

THEN, amazingly, has the absolute gall to show back up inside the Pink Building called Queen’s park to register as a lobbyist for a firm that develops software for educational purposes!

WOW………….now there’s a company to keep a wary eye on!

What planet does this guy live on and another question, why would any legitimate firm ever solicit this guy to help them get hands on more tax payer’s dollars????

Former Ontario premier Dalton McGuinty defends decision to register as government lobbyist

Canadian Press | September 17, 2014

Former premier Dalton McGuinty is defending his decision to become a registered lobbyist for a Kitchener-based company that got more than $3 million in Ontario government contracts last year.

McGuinty signed on to the lobbyist registry in late August — 18 months after he left office — to act on behalf of Kitchener-based Desire2Learn, which develops educational software. The company’s Brightspace system helps teachers deliver lessons and assign group work online. It is also adaptable for postsecondary and business settings.

McGuinty says schools around the world are introducing more technology into learning and he wants them to use made-in-Ontario products instead of American-made technology.

In a statement to The Canadian Press, McGuinty said the more schools that use Desire2Learn’s software, the more jobs will be created in Ontario.

I am proud to be representing Desire2Learn before the Ontario government as well as all other governments and businesses around the world

Earlier today, Liberal cabinet ministers defended McGuinty’s decision to lobby his former government colleagues, saying he followed the rules by waiting at least one year before taking on the job.


As if 10,000 Wind Turbines wasn’t enough of a mistake and the closing of coal plants and the cancellation of new gas plants to just name a few, now our Energy Minister announces the new Biomass generator that has been converted from the tried and true Atikokan Coal Plant.

Think Biomass is Green and Lean?………………………like all things these days that are called green and will save the planet from fake Climate Change or Global Warming read the following and then don’t try and make any sense of it or you’ll get a head cramp………………..unless you’re a Green Investor and in that case you’ll be downright “giddy”!

Atikokan conversion converts ratepayer cash to emissions


What's a few trucks?
What’s a few trucks? And trees that don’t grow back for 40 years? It’s GREEN!

The September 10, 2014 press release from the Ontario didn’t quite put it the way this headline does, but if you look behind the PR slogan, “A New Era of Cleaner Air in Ontario” it is obvious! The conversion of the Atikokan coal plant to biomass was complete, went the news story, but the real news is, it will cost us ratepayers a lot and will not save the planet. Why? It is going to emit lots of carbon when it actually runs and produces some electricity.

For background a visit to Renewable Energy World and an article about the conversion process a year ago tells a lot about the project. The article tells you how much the anticipated percentage of production will be, compared to its 200 MW capacity (10% to 12%), the tonnes of wood pellets to be stored (10,000), annual purchase of pellets (90,000 tonnes; one of the chosen suppliers has a contract to supply DRAX with 400,000 tonnes of pellets annually from their Wawa facility), thermal efficiency (close to coal in the mid 30s), the conversion cost ($170 million), and the term of its power purchase agreement (PPA) with the OPA (10 years) with the added information that the latter covers both the conversion and fuel costs (one assumes that it will also cover the costs of operations, maintenance and administration [OMA] of the 70 permanent workers).

In order to calculate how the Atikokan plant will burden ratepayers to produce 1 kilowatt of power, we need to make some basic assumptions in respect to the calculations, but the following are on the conservative side.

  • The converted plant will operate at 10% of capacity thereby producing 175,200 MWh (megawatt hours) annually calculated as 200 MW X 20% X 8760 hours = 175,200 MWh
  • At 10% capacity the plant will use 38,000 tonnes of wood pellets annually at a cost of $200 per tonne meaning annual costs of 38,000 X $200 = $7.6 million.
  • The conversion costs of $170 million will be amortized over the 10 years of the OPA contract meaning (on a straight line basis) an annualized cost of $17 million.
  • The cost of the 70 employees will average $100K per annum (all-in with pension and benefits) calculated as 70 X $100,000 = $7 million.
  • The foregoing represents total annual costs of $34,600,000 to produce 175,200 MWh creating a cost per MWh of $197.49 per MWh or 19.7 cents per kWh (kilowatt hour).  The math is simply the total cost of $34,600,000/175,200 = $197.39.

There’s more: pellet delivery will require 10 trucks per day within a 200 kilometer radius, five days per week, to bring those 90,000 tonnes to the converted plant.  One of those plants is located in Thunder Bay a distance just under the 200 kilometer radius.  How is that going to produce “Cleaner Air in Ontario” as suggested by Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli?

The other distorted fact about biomass is that 2.5 tonnes of wood  is required to produce 1 tonne of pellets and requires considerable energy to both grind and produce the pellets.  They also are less efficient (lower efficiency ratings than all fossil fuels) and produce more CO2 than bituminous coal.  The reason biomass is regarded as “renewable” is that the trees cut to produce the pellets (or wood chips) may eventually grow back—it just takes 40 years or so!

A website, Partnerships for Policy Integrity put it succinctly by asking this question:  “Is biomass “Worse than coal?  Yes, if you’re interested in reducing carbon dioxide emissions anytime in the next 40 years.”

So, what’s the real news story? Our Ontario Liberal government has caused OPG to plunge into further debt, increased our electricity bills and created more emissions than we had before the conversion. The truth is there behind the doublespeak about cleaner air.

©Parker Gallant,

September 15, 2014


The opinions expressed are those of the author.

The answer to that question may be as simple as : “The Provincial Government of Ontario is a true advocate for the U.N.’s destructive and anti-Democratic agenda to destroy western Civilization as we know it”.

A bit “brutal”?.…………………….not at all……Agenda 21 is being pushed world-wide by a very corrupt and evil gaggle of elitists all wrapped up in a United Nations flag to try and give themselves some appearance of legitimacy!

Too bad it ain’t working any more…………………….we KNOW what it’s all about……we KNOW that Social Justice, Social Enterprise, Sustainable Development, Green, Smart, Global Warming, Climate Change and on and on are all “buzz words” being used by less than honest politicians and NGO’s who are nothing more than followers of the new/old beliefs of Communitarianism.

Here is Cheryl Gallant’s latest report from Parliament stating the obvious:

Report from Parliament

Cheryl Gallant MP

August 28, 2014

I hope everyone had an enjoyable summer. Thank-you to all who attended the various constituency clinics that have been held throughout our Renfrew-Nipissing-Pembroke riding. Whether it was just to drop by and say hi, or to share an interest or concern, I appreciate the opportunity of you letting me know what is on your mind.

After the high cost of electricity, one of the issues that has arisen as a topic of concern is the public move by the City of Ottawa to petition the province to use its legislation to restrict growth in places like Renfrew County. That could mean no more provincial funding for roads, sewers, hospitals and other infrastructure renewal. Without infrastructure renewal, employment opportunities would leave as would residents who need services, and particularly our young people who need jobs. It has been suggested this is a result of “Agenda 21”, a United Nations’ policy the provincial government has adopted in an extreme form. This radicalized environmental version is now being pushed in Ottawa by the same liberal advisors behind the so-called “Green Energy Act” that has meant crippling electricity prices, resulting in high provincial unemployment and energy poverty.

In 2005, the liberal government in Ontario passed legislation called the “Places to Grow Act” to align its land use/planning codes and government policies to United Nations Agenda 21. Like many ideas that may sound good on paper, when it comes to implementation by individuals with no real-world experience, these ideas can become dangerous.

While many people support the United Nations for its ‘peacekeeping’ efforts, hardly anyone knows the organization has very specific land use policies they would like to see implemented in every village, town, city, county, province and nation.  The specific plan is called United Nations Agenda 21 Sustainable Development, which has its basis in Communitarianism.  Most Canadians have heard of sustainable development, but are largely unaware of the U.N. initiative Agenda 21. A non-governmental organization headquartered in Toronto called the International Council of Local Environmental Initiatives, ICLEI, is tasked with carrying out the goals of Agenda 21 worldwide.

In a nutshell, the plan calls for government to eventually take control of all land use removing decision making from the hands of private property owners.  It is assumed people are not good stewards of their land and “the government” will do a better job if it is in total control.  Individual rights in general are to give way to the needs of communities as determined by the governing body.

Human habitation, as it is referred to in Agenda 21, would be restricted to lands within the “Urban Growth Boundaries” of a city like Ottawa.  Only certain building designs are permitted.  Opponents of Agenda 21 also assert that rural property could be more and more restricted in what uses can be done on it.  The provincial government says it will support agricultural uses, eating locally produced food, and farmer’s markets, etc. In fact there are so many regulations restricting water and land use (there are scenic corridors, inland rural corridors, baylands corridors, area plans, specific plans, redevelopment plans, tree-cutting by-laws, endangered species legislation, huge fees, fines, etc.) that small farmers and rural landowners are struggling to keep their lands altogether.  County roads will not get paved. The push will be for people to get off of the land, become more dependent, and go into the cities.  People will have to move from private homes and into single dwellings like apartments, as homeownership will become largely unaffordable the way it is in many urban areas like Toronto today. More extreme measures like a federal liberal carbon tax will force people out of private cars and onto public transit that only exists in cities.


Remember this guy?

Toronto’s Jolly Green Giant that almost bankrupted Toronto with his Green is Good insanity?

His legacy lives on even up to today with the damage from the ice storm so severe that it will cost a 1/4 billion dollars to clean up his “greening canopy” agenda which he pushed in Toronto by not allowing any trees to be trimmed because of Global Warming and fighting C02 “poisoning”!

Now he’s pushing Agenda 21’s Sustainable Development as THE WAY cities should go today and is handing out awards for 3 cities that have embraced Sustainable Development as the answer to all the world’s woes!

It matters not a tinkers damn that Sustainable Development is just a buzz word for transfer of funds from rich western industrialized countries to “developing” or as we know them as “poor” countries thereby levelling the world’s quality of life down to a standard “cave dwelling” existence!

Of course these U.N. believers” are on no way going to set a good example by being the first to live without using any fossil fuels or damaging the planet by “over consuming”!

In other words the real description of a person like this as is Al Gore, David Suzuki and others is that they can be described as complete HYPOCRITES!!

How Canadian Cities Lead the Way To A Sustainable Future

David R. Miller   01/17/2014

Today, WWF is congratulating three Canadian cities for their commitment to tackling climate change and building a sustainable future. Out of 11 participating municipalities from across the country, EdmontonNorth Vancouver and Surrey have been chosen as finalists in WWF’s second annual Earth Hour City Challenge. They are among 34 cities in 14 countries on five continents vying for the greenest city title of global Earth Hour Capital 2014. One will also be chosen Canada’s Earth Hour Capital, to be announced March 27 at an award ceremony hosted by Vancouver, the 2013 global Earth Hour Capital.

WWF launched the Earth Hour City Challenge in response to a new reality: Cities are on the front lines of climate change. They feel the impacts first and most directly, especially as more extreme weather events stress already over-burdened infrastructure. We saw this when New York was pounded by Hurricane Sandy, when Calgary was hit by devastating flooding, when Toronto got as much rain in an hour as it usually gets in a month. Were these “freak” events directly caused by climate change? A matter for debate, possibly. But there is no doubt that scientists have been telling us that this is exactly the kind of major disruption that we should expect as our climate warms. Here’s a scary thought: if we are seeing devastating events like these at the current 0.8 degrees Celsius that our planet has warmed to date, what can we expect at 4 or more degrees Celsius of warming (which is the path we’re on)?

Here’s the good news: What the Earth Hour City Challenge shows is that in addition to suffering the impacts, cities are also on the front lines of building solutions. Working closely with our partners, like ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability, WWF’s global Earth Hour City Challenge aims to mobilize action and support from cities in the global transition towards a sustainable future powered by renewable energy. Participation is open to cities around the world, and the winners are selected by an international jury of sustainability experts for their impressive actions on climate change.

When I review the list of action by municipalities here in Canada and around the world — some innovative and creative, some simply based on practical common sense — it reminds me that we are not helpless bystanders, watching climate change unfold. The future is ours to make.

That’s enough of that stuff but if you can stomach more, READ IT HERE:

Looking for some retribution from being gouged and screwed out of $$$$ by Hydro One and their Government mandated SMART/STUPID Metres, well, don’t hold your breath!

Not only does our own Ombudsman have well over 8,000 complaints and climbing to deal with, now we have the Federal Government doing an in-depth investigation on how Ontario has gone so completely off the rails with their energy scam (aka. Enronesque) and there seems to be no relief in sight as another brutal winter is on our doorstep!

Hydro One: are you kidding?


by Parker Gallant

If you check in with Hydro One to see how are those “smart” meters work when coupled with the outsourced Inergi billing and customer service system, you’re in for a shock!

The Hydro One outsourced service is apparently not working out too well, and the constant rumours and stories about smart meter replacement seems to be an indication that the devices are not as smart as they were supposed to be!  Put the two together, allow people to voice their complaints to Andre Marin, Ontario’s Ombudsman and the result is thousands of complaints. Many of them are truly bizarre.

Here is a snip from the outsourcing agreement from the 2002 year-end MDA (Management Discussion & Analysis) of Hydro One:

“On March 1, 2002, we commenced an outsourcing services agreement with Inergi LP (Inergi), an affiliate of Cap Gemini Ernst & Young Canada Inc. Under this agreement, Inergi provides, among other things, customer service operations, supply management, pay operations, information technology, and finance and accounting services over a ten-year term. As part of this outsourcing arrangement, approximately 900 of our employees were transferred to Inergi. The initial fee payable to Inergi will be approximately $130 million in the first full year of the contract declining to approximately $90 million in the tenth year of the agreement, net of inflation adjustments and subject to decreases based on external benchmarking analysis every three years. Because this outsourcing arrangement provides for a defined competitive and continuously improved price for the outsourced services, we believe that it will allow us to continue to reduce our cost base and improve our competitive position. As part of this agreement, we are still responsible for the capital expenditures associated with these services.”

Surely a recap of Hydro One’s new billing system is also appropriate; this note can be found in the 2013 2nd Quarter MDA of Hydro One under the heading Future Capital Expenditures:

“Other capital expenditures are expected to be approximately $200 million in each of 2013, 2014 and 2015. These expenditures include investments to replace our end-of-life customer billing system with a new CIS and smaller projects related to the continued realization of increased productivity from our enterprise-wide information system.”

I have already highlighted the problems with Hydro One’s new CIS (Customer Information Service?) in several articles including one just before the launch of the Ombudsman’s investigation.  (Find it here!)

Other articles focused on those smart meters including one I wrote (found here) indicating that the smart meters were actually being replaced way back in 2010 shortly after they were installed at a cost of  $700.54 each.

Hydro One recently released their 2014 2nd Quarter results and a August 14, 2014 article in the Toronto Star had this quote from the Director, Corporate Communications, Daffyd Roderick: “ ‘Many Hydro One customers have electric heat,’ said spokesman Daffyd Roderick, ‘and had trouble keeping up with bills that were 20 to 30 per cent higher than normal. That boosted the number of accounts in arrears, and the amount they owe.’ ”

Had Mr. Roderick checked his own press release he would have quickly noted it stated Hydro One’s cost of power was 18% higher as were Hydro One’s Operating costs when the first two quarters are compared to the prior year.   The fact is, increased consumption because of the cold winter played only a minor role in causing the accounts to be in arrears.

We can all hope that  Andre Marin’s report will tell the truth, rather than the spin put out by Hydro One.

©Parker Gallant,

August 25, 2014

Stay tuned for the next installment on Hydro One as more interesting facts are disclosed and we will have a look at how well that 2002 outsourcing agreement has reflected itself in the reduction of their “cost base.”

The views expressed here are those of the author.

Parker Gallant will be speaking in Exeter and Grand Bend on August 26th

Unlike Australia who has just banished the massive Wind Turbine Fraud that has basically ruined every economy world-wide with their gargantuan subsidization, Ontario blindly goes beyond the pale by promoting the Green Energy Fraud against all common sense.

How much of OUR Government is being ruled by greedy industrial green investors?……………all of it?

Tony Abbott, Joe Hockey & Mathias Cormann: Natural Born RET Killers

August 18, 2014 by

abbott, hockey, cormann

Joe Hockey, Mathias Cormann & Tony Abbott: Natural Born RET Killers.

Tony Abbott has made no secret of his eagerness to do away with the most colossal corporate welfare scheme in the history of the Commonwealth (see our posts here and here and here).

And his Treasurer, Joe Hockey has pinned his colours to the mast as someone who can’t stand wind farms – and whose political mission is to bring the “age of entitlement” to an end, which includes the stream of subsidies directed at wind power outfits (see our posts here and here).

The Finance Minister, Mathias Cormann made his disdain for the great wind power fraud known by joining Hockey to prevent the Clean Energy Finance Corporation signing up anymore unsecured loans to wind power outfits (see our post here).

So it comes as no surprise that Abbott, Hockey and Cormann would team up as Natural Born RET Killers. Here’s the Australian Financial Review heralding the beginning of the end for the mandatory RET and, with it, the end of the great Australian wind power fraud.

Abbott’s plan to axe RET
Australian Financial Review
Phillip Coorey
18 August 2014

The federal government is moving towards abolishing the Renewable Energy Target rather than scaling it back in a move that will cost almost $11 billion in proposed investment and which is at odds with the views of its own Environment Minister.

The Australian Financial Review understands Prime Minister Tony Abbott has asked businessman Dick Warburton, whom he handpicked after the election to review the RET, to do more work on the option of terminating the target altogether. This was after Mr Warburton’s review leant towards scaling back the RET.

Sources said Environment Minister Greg Hunt, who advocated scaling back the RET as a compromise, has been sidelined from the process and is understood to be unhappy. They said Mr Abbott, Treasurer Joe Hockey and Finance Minister Mathias Cormann are pushing the issue now.

A government source said when the government announced its decision, possibly before the end of this month, it was now “more likely” the RET will be abolished under a so-called “closed to new entrants scenario” in which existing contracts only would be honoured.

Given Clive Palmer has vowed to block any change to the RET until after the 2016 election, it remains unclear when the government could declare the RET terminated.

Independent modelling commissioned by the Climate Institute and other environmental groups, and which will be released Monday, found that under the termination scenario, coal-fired power generators would reap an extra $25 billion in profits between 2015 and 2030.

There would be no reduction to household power prices and carbon emissions would climb by 15 million tonnes a year on the back of a 9 percent increase in coal-fired power.


Every single ramped up declaration that humans are causing the world to heat up by using fossil fuels to heat their homes, and consuming water to stay alive and eating meat to satisfy their hunger is nothing more than one single massive LIE!

The real purpose of stating this obvious LIE is to reduce our quality of life down to a pre cave dwelling status so that the perverted world elitists (Gores, Suzukis, Ki-Moons and many other s) can claim OUR lands, resources and wealth for their own purpose!

Of course, non-believers in Climate Change (Global Warming) are labelled as “conspiracy theorists, Deniers, radicals”, or any other derogatory description to silence them.

Unfortunately the majority of scientists and informed people who know this is a LIE don’t get any press.

That’s the reason we operate blogs and report the TRUTH against all odds.

One such writing is as follows:

Climate Alarmists Never Quit!


Alan Caruba is a writer by profession and host of several Web sites and blogs, including Warning… (read full bio)

August 2/2014

In the same way Americans are discovering that the Cold War that was waged from the end of World War Two until the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 is not over, Americans continue to be subjected to the endless, massive, global campaign to foist the hoax of global warming–now called climate change—on everyone.

The campaign’s purpose to convince everyone that it is humans, not the sun, oceans, and other natural phenomenon, and that requires abandoning fossil fuels in favor of “renewable” wind and solar energy.

“It is not surprising that climate alarmists, who desire above all else blind allegiance to their cause, would demand all school teachers toe the ‘official party line’ and quash any dissent on the subject of man-made global warming in their classroom,” says Craig Rucker, the Executive Director of co-founder of the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT). “What is absurd is that any teacher or free-thinking person for that matter would listen to them.”

These days when I am challenged regarding my views about global warming, climate change or energy I send the individual  and, two constantly updated websites filled with links to information on these topics. Both are maintained by CFACT.

It’s not just our classrooms where Green indoctrination goes on. It is also our news media that continue to distort every weather event to advance the hoax. Guiding and feeding them is a massive complex of organizations led by the United Nations—the International Panel on Climate Change—that maintains the hoax to frighten people worldwide in order to achieve “one world order.”

On September 23, heads of state, including President Obama, will gather in New York City for what the Sierra Club calls “a historic summit on climate change. With our future on the line, we will take a weekend and use it to bend the course of history” to save the world from “the ravages of climate change.” This is absurd. Suggesting that humans can alter the climate in any way defies centuries of proof they do not.

One of the leading Leftist organizations, the Center for American Progress, focused on the July 14 Major Economics Forum in Paris, offered four items for its agenda. Claiming that “the Arctic is warming two times faster than any other region on earth”, they wanted policy changes based on this falsehood. They blamed climate change for “global poverty” and wanted further reductions in so-called greenhouse gas emissions from energy use. The enemy, as far as they were concerned was energy use.

Mary Hutzler, a senior research fellow of the Institute for Energy Research, testified before a July 22nd meeting of the Senate Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on International Development and Foreign Assistance, that due to Europe’s green energy (wind and solar) policies, industrial electricity prices are two-to-five times higher than in the U.S. and that, by 2020, 1.4 million European households will be added to those experiencing energy poverty.