The “extreme insanity” of Global Warming and Climate Change believers!

Posted: July 10, 2014 in Uncategorized

Now Ontario has a Climate Change department added onto it’s Energy Ministry and one can only shake their head in disbelief that a so-called legitimate Government body would buy into this massive fraudulent agenda to dismantle the future of it’s own citizenry with all the proof that Climate Change is FALSE!

Here is a story that will chill you to the bone and can’t be overlooked anymore. Just look up in the sky on any clear day and see the proof that Chemtrails actually exist.

But then  if you’ve ever seen a UFO, which millions claim they have, then you are also crazy aren’t you?

Never be afraid to question……………never be afraid to state the truth…………..

American People Targeted By Weapons of Climate Engineering Warfare

Dane Wigington’s compelling presentation explains how the past decades of covert, military weather warfare programs has turned earth’s atmosphere into a catastrophic soup of chemicals to create the climate change we should fear most.

by Harold Saive

July 8/2014

Dane starts the video saying that chemtrails were developed as “weather warfare”. Around 25 minutes into the presentation Dane inexplicably appears to drop the weather warfare motive to assert that chemtrails are mitigation for global warming – an operation that has gone horribly wrong.

Wigington could be correct on all counts:

Strong evidence is available to support aerosol geoengineering has a multi-layered agenda that defies a single explanation.

A global satellite survey using the NASA WorldView interactive web server reveals massive aerosol deployment to warm the climate in all regions of the planet including arctic and antarctic regions (more)

Geoengineering investigator, Cliff Carnicom is researching disturbing biological contaminants likely sprayed into the atmosphere by aircraft. This finding has been the basis of his ongoing research into a cure for Mergellons syndrome since 2005. (More)

Global warming has attracted significant attention by geoengineers like David Keith who propose a seemingly “benevolent” program of spraying sulfuric acid aerosols into the stratosphere to reflect a small amount of sunlight back into space in order to avoid the extreme effects of surface “warming”. On Colbert Nation Keith maintains that spraying the aerosols in the stratosphere will only result in an additional 10,000 deaths per year when implemented. Watch the interview: (VIDEO)


  1. Shleki says:

    Yup! And I just paid a $500.00 fuel surcharge on a flight from Toronto to Santiago. They’re really screwing the people good with this latest line of bull 😦

  2. 1957chev says:

    Have you noticed, that the M.O.E., is now the Ministry of the Environment, and Climate Change. These people are absolutely crazy! It is religion, not science!

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