“New MaRs Scandal” in Ontario?……….it’s been a money pit for years!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted: May 29, 2014 in Uncategorized

Wow!…………..talk about “uniformed” or maybe just “not informed” at all!

The MaRs Centre has been reported on for years by such honest and integral researchers like Parker Gallant but obviously has been almost IGNORED by mainstream media……….UNTIL an election comes along!

McGuinty and now Wynne has literally screwed millions and millions of tax payers dollars out of Ontarians pockets over the years with this Green lizard infested MaRs centre which is touted as a research and development centre for entrepreneurs………………HA!

It actually passes for the above while housing and funding a “back room club of political elites” that have no other place to go.

Here are just a few of the past posts and if you think 1/2 billion $$ is a scandal, here are stories about this pile of bricks that are literally sucking BILLIONS of $$$$ of our hard earned money out of OUR economy.

Note to mainstream news………………….DO YOUR JOB!

Oh the madness called “INNOVATION”!!!!!

Here’s the latest “madness” of this Liberal Government with the promise of shovelling out of almost 30 BILLION dollars of OUR hard earned money to “entrepreneurs” through a newly created program at the MaRs Centre in Toronto through what Wynne calls the Mars Investment Accelerator Fund.

The nerve of this Government when it comes to BLOWING our hard earned tax dollars on more FAKE Green Energy is to the point of being INSULTING to hard working Citizens of Ontario.


While the Feds audit charities like the Suzuki Foundation and others in the Green Energy Scam that is ripe with discrepancies, here is an example of an institution set up by our Provincial Government that should be included in any audit the Feds may have on their “to-do list”!


MaRS Discovery District: Ontario’s most expensive Consultants

THURSDAY, APRIL 12, 2012 Parker Gallant on MaRs

MaRS Discovery District: Ontario’s most expensive Consultants

MaRS Discovery District is a think tank created by Ernie Eves when Premier of Ontario. MaRS officially opened as a charitable institution in 2002 and by September 2005 had received $70 million taxpayer dollars. MaRS was touted as a way to capture the $1 billion in science and technology research spending in the medical sector in the University Ave. corridor. Their website claims, “MaRS is where science, technology and social entrepreneurs get the help they need. Where all kinds of people meet to spark new ideas. And where a global reputation for innovation is being earned, one success story at a time.”
MaRS bailout could cost up to $477 million
Ontario taxpayers would be on the hook under a provincial government plan to bailout the research hub, confidential documents reveal.


The second phase of the MaRS development at the corner of College Street and University Avenue, across from Queen's Park.


The second phase of the MaRS development at the corner of College Street and University Avenue, across from Queen’s Park.

By:  Staff Reporter,  News reporter, Published on Thu May 29 2014

A provincial government proposal to bail out the MaRS innovation hub — put on hold by the election — would cost Ontario taxpayers as much as half a billion dollars, secret cabinet documents reveal.

The high-level reports released Thursday by the Progressive Conservatives reveal that before the election the Liberal government was close to a deal with MaRS and a U.S. developer to purchase the brand-new — but virtually empty — MaRS Phase 2 tower in downtown Toronto.

The proposal would see the Ministry of Infrastructure purchase the building and land for $317 million, effectively erasing a $234-million loan the government provided to MaRS in 2011.


Read More Here:

  1. D Harvey says:

    you can not win when the liberals keep buying elections

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