Believing in “Green” has evolved to become a religion unto itself!

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Talk about taking an idea, promoting it globally and then pushing it to the extreme to become a RELIGION that basically is so radical that people can’t see the true intent behind it!

Agenda 21, Eco-Warriors, Sustainability, Environmentalism, Mother Earth, Gaia, Social Justice, Green this and Sustainable that are all key buzz words that are incorporated into this new religion that is basically a throw back to a pagan religion that believes rocks, trees, dirt and ponds all are “spirits” that we should grovel in front of or else we will pay the price for failure……………EXTINCTION!

So what has happened to bring this bizarre concept back to the surface this week?

The POPE has endorsed it!

He basically approved Maurice Strong’s concept of redistributing wealth from those with money to those who have none.

Last time I checked that was COMMUNISM!

U.N. should encourage redistribution of wealth, pope says

By Philip Pullella

VATICAN CITY (Reuters) – Pope Francis told U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon on Friday that the world body must do more to help the poor and should encourage the “legitimate redistribution” of wealth.

Francis, who since his election last year has often called for significant changes to economic systems, made his comments in an address to Ban and heads of many U.N. agencies meeting in Rome.

“In the case of global political and economic organization, much more needs to be achieved, since an important part of humanity does not share in the benefits of progress and is

in fact relegated to the status of second-class citizens,” Francis said.

Francis, an Argentine, is the first non-European pope in 1,300 years and the first-ever Latin American pontiff. He has consistently used his meetings with world leaders, including U.S. President Barack Obama in March, to champion the cause of the world’s have-nots.

He told the U.N. officials that while there had been a welcome decrease in extreme poverty and improvements in education “the world’s peoples deserve and expect even greater results”.

A contribution to equitable development could be made “both by international activity aimed at the integral human development of all the world’s peoples and by the legitimate

redistribution of economic benefits by the State …,” he said.

An awareness of everyone’s human dignity should encourage everyone “to share with complete freedom the goods which God’s providence has placed in our hands,” Francis said.

The pope, who was known as the “slum bishop” in his native Buenos Aires because of his frequent visits to shantytowns, is has said often since his election that he wants the Catholic Church to be closer to the poor.

He told the United Nations leaders that the organization’s future sustainable development goals must be formulated in a way to have a “a real impact on the structural causes of poverty and hunger”.




The Bible according to Green Satanists


Green Bible.jpg

The Green Movement and Christianity

 JULY 17, 2013

As I have said many times over the years, if the Bible and the American constitution are destroyed we will live under world tyranny.

The Bible has been under attack for a long time, being removed from the schools and halls of government. The churches are preaching Earth Worship which is paganism.

The American constitution is almost destroyed, called “a damn piece of paper” by President George Bush.

It seems the Bible has been rewritten to usher in the World Religion to compliment World Government and World Law.

It’s high time we picked up the Bible and the Constitution and use them to beat back Global Tyranny.

The choice is ours….Freedom….or….1000 years of Tyranny.

I present to you a most interesting set of letters to the Holy See regarding the New Community Bible. Please read the letter and then go to website at end of letter. Interesting, and not unexpected revelations about the Church and New Age. Leave a comment as I’m interested in your thoughts on this matter.

Dear Holy Father,

I am sure that you are terribly busy out there with the Bishops’ Synod on the Word of God and other matters of pastoral concern for the Universal Church.

I am closely following all the daily news reports on NCR, VIS, Zenit, etc.

But I am fairly certain that you will be interested in this letter with the attachment. 

It relates to the theme of the Synod.

It is about a “New Age” [as described by French theologian Fr Jean de Britto Dupre OSB and other Indian priests] Bible that has been published in India by St Pauls. 

The commentaries in the NCB have many theological and other errors. 

It promotes relativism, religious pluralism, syncretism, saffronisation and confusion.

The Bible, which is the Word of God, has also been Hinduised in the guise of inculturation.

Our team has organised a crusade to have it withdrawn. 

Even 100 days after our writing to every Indian Bishop a minimum of three times, we are yet to get a clear response from the Bishops’ Conference except to say that they are looking into the matter. 

Other than a few Bishops, most of the Bishops have not acknowledged our repeated reminders.

The issue was discussed at the Bishops’ Standing Committee meeting that concluded nearly three weeks ago, but their decision has not been communicated to us.

The Indian Catholic media is not publishing the many letters that we have sent criticizing the NCB. Only the letters of the pro-NCB lobby are being published.

Because of the physical attacks on Christians, this spiritual issue has been apparently sidelined. The Church here is more concerned about the saffron without than the saffron within the Church.

In the meanwhile, we have received hundreds of responses from priests and laity from all over India, the Persian Gulf, Canada, Europe, the US and Oceania.

We have all along informed the Bishops that we would be writing to Rome and now finally we are constrained to do so.

We have great confidence in the Magisterium of the Church and we trust that the Holy See will examine this travesty of a Bible. 

Reproduced below is part of the initial ‘alert’ that we sent out. Also, attached herewith is our original report. It has been followed by other studies by our team.

On behalf of our team, I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours obediently, Michael Prabhu, Catholic apologist and evangelist Chennai, India


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