Could tomorrow be the end of McGuinty/Wynne and Horwath’s “reign of terror”? ………….we can only hope!!!!

Posted: April 30, 2014 in Uncategorized

It’s been a long, agonizing and downright bleak 11 years of tax, spend and laugh in Ontarians faces for what seems to be the longest darkest period in our once great Province’s history under the Liberal and NDP “leadership” or should I say “malpractice”?

That’s saying something considering the almost laughable (which it wasn’t) Harris’s Common Nonsensical Revolution which set us on a path of decades of poverty and rapacious tax payer’s burden of being a “have-not Province” . Back up to Rae Days when bobblehead Bob Rae literally ran amuck with Ontario’s gilded $$$ making Industry and we have a perfect Trifecta of thievery and financial highway robbery.

The word “politician” has become the benchmark of foul and debauched professions in the world of career status for anyone considering an employment path in that segment of society.

Can being a politician become even worse than any other profession today? I doubt it. but ask any young upwardly mobile young person if they ever want to become a politician and I guarantee less than one percent of the respondents would say no! The ones that would embrace that choice would surely be the kid who got beat up in the school yard for being a complete “misfit” in Society!

SS McGuinty/Wynne/Horwath ………….courtesy Bing

There’s a strong case for Wynne to call an election sooner rather than later

The Globe and Mail Apr. 29 2014

To a person, Kathleen Wynne’s Liberals insist they are excited about the budget they will introduce on Thursday and want it to be passed.

Still, they might pull the plug on their government as early as next week.

A strong contingent of Liberals – including, many sources say, campaign boss David Herle – is arguing that if New Democrats do not signal some willingness to support the budget shortly after it is introduced, the Premier should call an election quickly rather than wait to be brought down.

The quasi-official reason for this impatience, offered by MPPs and advisers alike, is that their financial plan is too important to be delayed, and that the third party should easily be able to support it. Liberals also somewhat unabashedly point out that because most of the budget’s contents have already leaked, NDP Leader Andrea Horwath has no excuse for the lengthy deliberations she favoured the past couple of springs.

There are a few better reasons, though, why Ms. Wynne might soon visit the Lieutenant-Governor.

To begin with, the last thing the Liberals want is to cede the spotlight to Ms. Horwath for several weeks while she slowly makes a case against their government before finally announcing she can no longer allow it to stand. The Liberals will be competing primarily against the NDP, more than the Progressive Conservatives, for votes during a campaign, and they are mindful that post-budget attention last year seemed to cause a temporary uptick in that party’s numbers.


  1. infowarrior says:

    the lies and coverups of the mainstream media have taken us to this point in time.over these years i have always spoken out in many venues, and have been punished financialy, personally.i would not change a thing! we need more boots on the ground. pray for the rite outcome.

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