Liberals are “so desperate to hold onto power” they are now suing the P.C.’s every chance they get

Posted: April 27, 2014 in Uncategorized

First it was Kathleen Wynne suing Hudak and MacLeod for suggesting she “possibly” could be involved in the gas plant deletion of e mails and now “Working Families” group of Liberal lobbyists are suing the P.C.’s for accusing them of WORKING FOR THE LIBERALS!


That’s like running around town without any clothes on and when caught, claiming to be fully dressed, and everyone who “thinks” they are nude are crazy!

This shows the people in Ontario how bloody desperate a gang green can become when they finally realize they have run this Province into the bloody ground and there is no way to fix it!

Sad and shameful at the same moment!

Working Families group sues Tories

April 27/2014 Christina Blizzard

Working Families, the union-backed group that has funded attack ads aimed at every Progressive Conservative leader since Ernie Eves, is suing the PC party for defamation over statements on its website.

PC Burlington MPP Jane McKenna accused Working Families of using the same libel chill tactics as Premier Kathleen Wynne, who recently launched a $2-million lawsuit against PC Party leader Tim Hudak and energy critic Lisa MacLeod over comments made about the police probe into the deleted e-mail scandal.

“We stand by everything we have on there (the website,)” McKenna said Sunday.

“We will not be silenced by anyone.

“Citizens in this province need to know what is going on and we, as the loyal Opposition in the legislature, need to bring them that information,” she said.

“We have seen what’s happened with eHealth, Ornge and the gas plant scandal,” McKenna added.

“We have two OPP investigations going on here.”

In a letter to John Simcoe, the PC Party’s CFO last week, lawyer Paul Cavalluzzo claimed the website’s contents are defamatory.

In a phone call Sunday, Cavalluzo said the key part of the case is the assertion on the PC website that Working Families is an agent of the Liberal Party.

He pointed out a Tory complaint to that effect to Elections Ontario was dismissed.

“That decision was appealed and upheld by a court, but they continue to allege Working Families is an agent of the Liberal Party, and that is defamatory,” Cavalluzzo said.

The suit also disputes Tory claims that Working Families, “get hefty taxpayer handouts from the Liberal government after elections.”




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