Another Day and another announcement from the Liberals on how to destroy Ontario’s energy sector!

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REALLY! ….a day never goes by without another ridiculous announcement from the Ontario Government on how well they are doing by ruining what was once a vibrant and cost effective existence within a once great Province!

These announcements are lost on most citizens as they try and wrap their heads around police investigations, budget worries and the dozens of unresolved SCANDALS that have gripped Ontario since the beginning of this Liberal Reign of Terror.

Mike Harris’s Common Sense Revolution was just a warm up exercise for ripping the guts out of venerable institutions in Ontario like Health and Education. The Liberals decided to do one even better better. “Let’s ruin” the Energy Sector and accumulate a debt load so big that it will essentially leave this Province so crippled that we can deliver it on a silver platter to a “developing country like China” and make it look like win-win decision.

This is in line with Agenda 21 and should be a blueprint for any corrupt and dictatorial government to follow if they want to absorb new lands and industry without going to a full out conflict like a war!

If we don’t get an election call on May 1st after the Liberal “budget” (exercise in futility) then we should all dig in, sand bag our homes and drop trees across our entrances and wait for the re-possession warrants to be delivered for our castles.

See if you can spot the “disconnect” in the next two announcements:

April 15: a very busy day for the Ontario Liberal government!

Libel Suits, budget announcement and shutting coal plants: all in one day!

April 15, 2014 will go down as the Ontario Liberal Party’s busiest day, bar none.   We had the Premier’s office announcing she was moving forward in a libel suit against the Loyal Opposition, Ontario’s PC Party, their leader, Tim Hudak and Lisa MacLeod, their energy critic.  Then we had the Energy Minister’s announcement that the Thunder Bay coal plant burned its last lump of coal; and to cap it off the Finance Minister announced that the budget would be presented to the Legislature May 1.  The last announcement was made at 3 PM which, coincidently, was when the committee investigating the Liberal gas plant scandal was examining a key witness.

Was this a lot of noise to distract the media (and anyone who is following the scandal) and make the best of what could be a very bad day. There was almost certain to be  more bad news on the waste of $1.1 billion to move the gas plants in the run-up to the last provincial election.

Interesting is the Energy Minister’s proud announcement that the Thunder Bay coal plant had burned its last coal:  “Getting off coal is the single largest climate change initiative undertaken in North America and is equivalent to taking up to seven million cars off the road.” Thunder Bay is being converted to biomass, but I’ll get to that.

All in a day's work

All in a day’s work

Minister Chiarelli didn’t exactly claim his party was entirely responsible for closing down the coal plants but, it was inferred. The Cold Air blog recently posted some history related to Minister Chiarelli’s announcement: The Select Committee on Alternative Fuel Sources  was formed in 2001 and this all-party committee of the Ontario Legislature in its report  one year later recommended, among many other things, “the Ontario government shall mandate the closure of all remaining coal or oil-fired generating stations by 2015.”

Back to biomass: Biomass is not all it is claimed to be and “advanced biomass” means the plant could also burn coal in the future, if necessary.  It should be mentioned that Thunder Bay was originally (via a Ministerial directive from Brad Duguid) slated to be converted to gas but OPG and the OPA were unable to reach agreement on a contract, so that plan was shelved.

What happened then was that the current Energy Minister stepped in and issued a directive to the OPA on December 16, 2013 with the instructions to the OPA to: “negotiate and enter into a contract with OPG for the procurement of electricity from advanced biomass at TBGS”.  One would surmise that the OPA was successful or the Minister would not have issued his press release on April 15, 2014.

Or, maybe not, as the press release issued by OPG on the same day (April 15, 2014) as the Minister of Energy’s contained this quote:  “OPG is currently seeking suppliers for the advanced biomass fuel and negotiating a power purchase agreement with the Ontario Power Authority.

In my opinion, it appears that the Ministerial announcement yesterday was meant to show that all is well with the government’s energy plan, and the Thunder Bay conversion is a fait accompli but it is obvious that the OPG and the OPA have no agreement, and OPG have no supplier lined up to provide “advanced biomass.”   Where that leaves the people in Thunder Bay and area is unclear, and what implications are there for the future development of the “Ring of Fire”?

Create enough confusion and perhaps the voters will be fooled into thinking you really do have a plan!

©Parker Gallant,

April 16, 2014

The views expressed here are those of the author and do not represent Wind Concerns Ontario policy.


Another rate increase for Ontario

What are ya gripin' about? It's just another 2 Timmies a day

What are ya gripin’ about? It’s just another 2 Timmies a day

Ontario Energy Board: your bills are going up … again

The press release issued from the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) April 16, 2014 was more bad news!   Electricity prices are heading higher for “households and small business consumers” as both Time Of Use (TOU) and RPP prices will rise May 1, 2014. Cost to the average electricity consumer will be approximately $2.83  per month on the “Electricity line,” for “a household with a typical consumption pattern of 800 kWh per month.”  No doubt it will cost the small business consumer a lot more.

Now $34.00 a year doesn’t sound like much, but on top of the $48 they added to our bills only six months ago, and the $44 from just one year ago, it’s adding up.  In fact, electricity bills have claimed $126.00 (+ HST) of our after-tax dollars in just 12 months.  

Do the math

The Yearbook of Distributors on the OEB website shows electricity by  “households and small business consumers” for 2012 totaled about 125 billion kilowatts (kWh).  The OEB press releases tell us that 64% of our consumption is during off-peak hours—that’s about 80 billion kWh.   The just announced TOU price increase of 0.3 cents per kWh (mid and off-peak) therefore represents an additional cost of $240 million (80 billion kWh X 0.3 cents), while the balance of 45 billion kWh and a 0.6 cent per kWh increase adds another $270 million.  This most recent increase will extract approximately $500 million of after-tax dollars, on top of the $625 million increase of October 2013, and the $630 or so that the May 1, 2013 increase took from us. 

Since the Liberal government came to power in 2003, the average electricity consumer has seen the cost of that 800 kWh of electricity per month go from a monthly cost of about $34 to almost $97 (including the PST portion of the HST) — an increase of 185% in 10years.

More bad news to come

Additional bad news in the OEB press release confirms there are more increases to come: “The forecast for higher costs includes more generation in the next 12 months from sources including renewables,” it said. That confirms the Minister’s December 2013 forecast of that prices will increases by 33% over the next three years.

Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli told members of the business community in Ottawa (where his riding is) he planned to announce “measures that would save small enterprises money on their bills.”

We wait to see what he will pull out of his hat. Maybe a free Tim Hortons coffee for every 800 kilowatts they consume or a free kilowatt of electricity by “rolling up the rim”!  No matter what, we should all expect the cost of electricity to eat up more of our money due to inept management of the energy portfolio.

Parker Gallant,

April 16, 2014

  1. infowarrior says:

    libs in bed with chi coms? say it aint so! have the tv zombified toronto sheeple had enuf yet? or are they a willing particepant in the destruction of the rest of ontario?

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