What happened to Pauline Marois last night will happen to anyone who wants to break up Canada!……

Posted: April 8, 2014 in Uncategorized

So there ya have it!……total DEFEAT!. Pauline Marois tried to divide and conquer Quebec, create a hateful divide between English and French citizens and the secede from Canada and create her own little nation that would align itself with the outside world which one can assume would be the United Nations!

Of course the Liberals rush in and fill the gap claiming they will “save” Quebec from itself but in politics, nothing is at it seems. The Liberals also believe in Global Governance but they go about their Agenda 21 plans in a more subtle and almost invisible way.

Pauline Marois wasn’t that patient. She wanted sovereign issues decided NOW with the help of Quebecor billionaire Pierre Karl Péladeau which of course was her downfall when he clenched his fist over her head and declared Quebec would be a sovereign state.

Good Luck Quebec……..Good luck Canada…we are in the hands of fools!

Pauline Marois resigns, Liberals win crushing majority over separatists


MONTREAL – Quebec Liberals decisively crushed the Parti Quebecois in Monday’s election, vaulting rookie leader Philippe Couillard to the premier’s job and dealing yet another bitter blow to the separatist cause.

PQ Leader Pauline Marois quit during her concession speech after she lost her Quebec City riding.

“You will understand that under the circumstances I have to leave my post,” Marois told supporters in Montreal, to a chorus of groans.

Quebec’s first female premier was in power for just 18 months and that ended with her party’s worst election-night showing, in terms of seats, in 25 years.

Liberals were elected in 70 ridings, a 21-seat improvement over the last election.

The PQ was at 30 seats, down 24 from the last election in September 2012.



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