Kathleen Wynne issues lawsuit against Hudak for saying what all Ontarians want to say!

Posted: April 5, 2014 in Uncategorized

An out of control Liberal Government spinning downward to oblivion and scrambling to shut down any criticism for their rampant theft of public monies for their own gain has issued the first of probably many lawsuits to stifle the outrage of Ontario citizens by trying to GAG the Opposition leader, Hudak, from any further accusations about the Gas Plant Scandal!

Futile?……..probably. Hypocrisy?……yes! Bizarre?……to the extreme! Everything that is wrong with this action can be summed up nicely with one sentence……………..“when someone gets caught doing something wrong and has no legitimate explanation for what they did, their last resort is to lawyer up!”

Gag orders are the favourite means to an end for the Liberal Government and that can’t be more apparent with the massive amount of gag orders the Liberals have embraced over the past 6 years with their Green Energy Act and their partners in that fraud called Wind Turbine Developers.

Once a person signs a lease with a Wind Developer he/she has an automatic gag order in place so they can’t ever talk about the downside of “selling their souls to the company store”.

Not only are lawsuits common with Wind Developers but seem to be the norm when honest hard working Ontario citizens try and fight back against the assault on their homes lands and health with the out of control siting of Wind “Farms” (disasters) such as the lawsuit against Esther Wrightman who calls Nextera, “Nexterror”

I assume the same people who are working hard behind the scenes advising McGuinty and now Wynne how to make their Green Energy Fraud work are advising Wynne now the legal tools she has in her bag of tricks of how to shut down a democratic discussion on mishandling of public funds with one of the most heinous use of $$$ to buy votes…..the “Gas Plant Cancellations

What’s next?…..a lawsuit against ANY Ontario Citizen who cries FOUL on what this failed Government has done to them?

Kathleen Wynne serving libel notice to Tim Hudak, Lisa MacLeod 

Kathleen Wynne
Kathleen Wynne. (Toronto Sun file)
TORONTO – Premier Kathleen Wynne is serving PC Leader Tim Hudak and PC MPP Lisa MacLeod with a notice of libel for refusing to back down from accusations that she may have played a key role in the destruction of public documents.

Zita Astravas, a spokesperson for Wynne, confirmed the legal action Friday night and said that the premier had given Hudak the opportunity to withdraw his “unfounded statements.

“Unfortunately, he did not,” she said.

A spokesperson for Hudak could not immediately say if the leader and MacLeod had been served personally.

Wynne and her lawyer Mark Frieman demanded on Monday that Hudak issue an apology and pull down comments from his website that they called “false, misleading and defamatory allegations.”

The battle of words began the previous Thursday with the public release of an OPP search warrant application that alleged a former chief of staff had allowed unauthorized access to computer hard drives in the office of ex-premier Dalton McGuinty.


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