“Global Warming promoters” actually admit they are LYING about Climate Change!

Posted: April 5, 2014 in Uncategorized

“Skeptics and deniers” as we are called by the U.N. Global Warming advocates, have always known the truth about the so-called LIES being told world-wide by politicians, eco-whackos and outright anti-human, soulless propagators of “carbon hating” and advocates of outright dictatorship over all human species on this planet!

NOW even the idiots who have pushed this Green Agenda have announced publicly that they endorse “Information Manipulation” to make sure their message agrees with the oligarchs who crafted the AGW agenda!

At this point in time maybe it would be wise for these liars and manipulators to just concede utter defeat and slink away under the rocks from which they crawled many decades ago and basically just GO AWAY!

We will look back on these days eventually and possibly call this period of time we have endured as the “Second Dark Age” in history and get on with life as it should be.

Peer reviewed paper: It’s OK to lie about climate

April 4th/2014


You won’t find it shocking to learn that suppressing inconvenient facts, lying about climate science and exaggerating tales about natural weather are deliberate strategies for global warming campaigners.

What will shock you is that two professors not only candidly admit it, but published a paper in a peer reviewed journal touting the beneficial effects of lying for pushing nations into a UN climate treaty in Paris next year!

The title of their study?

“Information Manipulation and Climate Agreements.”

See for yourself.  You can read the abstract in the American Journal of Agricultural Economics here.

People ask me all the time, “how can the global warming crowd tell such whoppers?”

Well here’s the answer.

They not only believe that their dubious ends justify their shady means, they institutionalize “information manipulation” as a tactic, host panels about it at climate conferences and publish it in journals.

They’re shameless.

Take a look at this advance draft from CFACT President David Rothbard for one of our  upcoming Just the Facts radio broadcasts:

“Global warming skeptics have long charged that alarmists are over-hyping the dangers of climate change. Now comes a new paper from two economists in Singapore and Hong Kong that actually advocates exaggerating global warming fears to get countries on board international environmental agreements.

According to Kevin Glass of Townhall.com, the paper claims that the urgency of climate change makes it OK to deceive the public about the projected consequences of global warming. They don’t actually use the word “lying,” but by calling for “informational manipulation and exaggeration,” they certainly think the ends justify these very questionable and over-heated means.”

We exposed these two pro-lying professors on Facebook and over 1,500 people shared it right away.

Please take a moment to forward this article to a friend, then click the link, share, add your comments, and help us expose the global warming campaign for the deliberate liars they are.

For nature and people too,

Craig Rucker
Executive Director

P.S.  It takes affordable and abundant energy for free societies to prosper in the modern era.  Get all the facts and analysis as they break at CFACT’s brand new Energy Depot!   You’ll be hearing much more about this.  Tell a friend!

  1. Lex Loeb says:

    It is an international energy cartel worse than OPEC that the power monger politicians are after. The greens are just the useful idiots because there is NO science backing up the claim. Everyone in climate study knows the oceans are the biggest solar energy sink on earth and the diffuse earth atmosphere with trace amounts of carbon molecules has a negligible effect on “greenhouse effect ” compared to the experiments they did with glass containers to get this stupid thesis revved up in the first place. http://voices.yahoo.com/the-scientific-fraud-substituting-6261136.html

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