Europe ripping up Green Energy contracts……..Ontario apparently doesn’t want to read this news!

Posted: April 5, 2014 in Uncategorized

For the sake of brevity, Green Energy Fraud in Europe is on the verge of being dumped in the garbage bin YET Ontario forges ahead with this misguided and destructive plan regardless!

Talk about “head in the sand” of denial!

Possibly Wynne and her Gang Green at Queen’s Park don’t read any news stories outside their pink building anymore in case some little lower ranked employee gets “informed”.

For a master plan for fraudulent behaviour to exist then all parties involved MUST be onside at all times with little or no dissension in the ranks.

This is how Dictatorships world-wide have existed for so long around the world. Keep the people ignorant, uninformed, disenfranchised and poor………..then one has control over the people!

Europe is basically a basket case (as is Ontario) with huge electricity costs, loss of industry, loss of land and property values dropping like a stone and the experiment in renewables that has caused this to happen is now a poisonous stance for any politician looking for re-election.

David Cameron KNOWS he is in trouble and is now reversing course on his Green Energy debacle so he can stay in power for another term so he doesn’t lose the keys to the public vault of hard earned tax dollars!

Why not Wynne?…………….could it be that when one signs onto a contract with a gang of no-neck Louies like the ones that exist within the Wind Industry, your fate is sealed from the beginning…….the old adage for a gang of thieves is ………...Blood In…………..Blood Out!


Lawrence Solomon: North America slow to reverse renewables projects, but its turn will come soon

April 2/2014

Only those in fantasyland should expect a contract to be sacrosanct when one party to the transaction makes the law

Europe taught us to spare no expense in supporting wind and solar projects, the better to help the planet survive. Now Europe is teaching us how to tear down those same projects, the better to help ratepayers, and politicians, survive.

UK Prime Minister “David Cameron wants to go into the next election pledging to ‘rid’ the countryside of onshore wind farms,” the London Telegraph announced this week. He intends “to toughen planning laws and tear up subsidy rules to make current turbines financially unviable – allowing the government to ‘eradicate’ turbines,” the goal being to “encourage developers to start ‘dismantling’ turbines built in recent years.”

Cameron will have no shortage of methods in taking down the now-unpopular wind turbines — in recent years countries throughout Europe, realizing that renewables delivered none of their environmental promises, have been systematically cutting their losses by ditching their renewable commitments. Here’s Spain, unilaterally rewriting renewable energy contracts to save its treasury. And France, slashing by 20% the “guaranteed” rate offered solar producers. And Belgium, where producers saw their revenues slashed by as much as 79%. And Italy and others, which clawed back through taxes the gross profits that renewables companies large and small were raking in at the expense of average citizens and the economy as a whole.

North America has been slow in systematically recognizing the damage wrought by renewable megaprojects but its turn will come soon enough, possibly among the 30 U.S. states with onerous renewable mandates, possibly among the Canadian provinces. No citizenry would more benefit from reversing the wind and solar gravy train than Ontario’s: Its developers have received up to 20 times the market rate of power, leading to a tripling of power rates and a gutting of the province’s industrial base, and helping to turn Ontario into a have-not province.

North America’s politicians have at their disposal all the methods employed in Europe to undo the odious arrangements voters find themselves in. Those squeamish about the optics of unilaterally ripping up a contract with the private sector can consider more genteel methods of skinning the cats.

Ontario’s property tax system, for example, allows for numerous residential and industrial tax classes, among them farms, forests, and pipelines. The provincial government could add wind and solar to the list, and then let local governments set whatever tax rates the local councillors, in fulfillment of the democratic will of their constituents, deem just. Given the view of many rural residents toward their windfarm neighbours, councillors will swiftly ensure a just end, sometimes by deterring new installations, sometimes by speeding their dismantling, sometimes by using the extra revenues to compensate victims.

Penalties also provide a mechanism for clawbacks. When Syncrude Canada’s lack of foresight led to the death of 1600 birds, it was fined $3-million, or $1875 per bird. Wind turbines kill birds in large numbers — according to a study in Biological Conservation, between 140,000 and 328,000 per year in the U.S. At $1875 per bird, the fine would be between $262.5-million and $615-million per year.

But governments need not feel squeamish about forthrightly shredding deals they enter into with private sector companies. Contracts are sacred when inked between private parties — if one party transgresses, the other has recourse to the law. But only those in fantasyland should expect a contract to be sacrosanct when one party to the transaction makes the law.


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  2. Kathy Hamilton says:

    Has David Cameron abandoned his position on the High-Level Panel of Eminent Persons ushering in the United Nations’ Post-2015 Development Agenda?
    Story here:
    and here:

  3. infowarrior says:

    defunding green nrg contracts will wreck liberal insiders retirment plans! too bad ; so sad

  4. […] Europe ripping up Green Energy contracts……..Ontario apparently doesn’t want to read this news… […]

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