Horwath should be held as accountable for Ontario’s dismal decline as McGuinty and Wynne!

Posted: April 1, 2014 in Uncategorized

Andrea Horwath sounding indignant and outraged over the scandalous behaviour inside the Liberal enclave of the swipe and wipe computer file’s issue is about as hypocritical as one can get!

After all, if it wasn’t for Horwath and her alignment with McGuinty and Wynne which propped up this bag of snakes called the Liberal Minority Government we might possibly not be out a few billion hard earned tax dollars by now.

She only has 18 MPP’s in power but that’s enough to sway the power balance inside Queen’s Park to the Liberal’s side so they could go unabated with their parasitic blood letting of tax payers money all these years!

So now we hear her indignity and righteous pleas that Wynne has forsaken the spirit of leadership and fair play.

How bloody ripe is that!

Horwath can’t hide the fact that she is as guilty as Wynne et al in their screwing over of the citizens of Ontario!!!!!

Gas plant scandal shifts focus to Horwath and NDP

Martin Regg Cohn April 1/2104


Chris Young,The Canadian Press

NDP Leader Andrea Horwath risks being cast as a Liberal enabler if she doesn’t pull the plug on the government, Martin Regg Cohn writes.

From criminal to political, what is next for Ontario?

An OPP probe into a possible Queen’s Park coverup is having a domino effect.

The Ontario Provincial Police are investigating a possible coverup in the premier’s office under Dalton McGuinty.

His successor, Kathleen Wynne, is suffering collateral political damage.

Now, Wynne’s rival for the premier’s job, NDP Leader Andrea Horwath, is under the spotlight. Not, in fairness, for any alleged crimes — for it goes without saying that Horwath isn’t under police investigation. But scandals, and scandal mongering, have a way of boomeranging.

All three party leaders must be mindful of how they play their cards, lest they overplay their hands over the controversial cancellation of two gas-fired power plants.

Horwath indulged in conventional opposition mischief by implying police were “now focusing on questions about the period after you were sworn in and became premier” — a clear misreading of the OPP documents — the NDP leader also found herself targeted by her chief opposition rival, Tory Leader Tim Hudak.

In a double-barrelled attack after the OPP revelations, Hudak not only went after Wynne but directly accused Horwath of exacerbating the biggest scandal in Ontario history: Not criminally culpable but politically complicit.

Hudak’s strategy is to link Horwath to Wynne, just as he is lumping Wynne in with McGuinty — like a game of dominoes, where one piece knocks out the next: Use the McGuinty explosion to make Wynne radioactive while also contaminating Horwath.

Hudak didn’t miss a beat, describing the OPP documents as evidence that “this is now clearly more of Kathleen Wynne’s scandal than Dalton McGuinty’s.”

The OPP documents suggest no such thing, but Hudak used that false premise about Wynne as a building block for a bigger proposition about Horwath: “She clearly cannot continue to stand and prop up a corrupt government,” he thundered.

He makes a good point about Horwath’s hypocrisy: By putting Wynne under the gun, Horwath has placed herself in the spotlight. By her own logic, acting as a Liberal enabler makes her an accessory to scandal.


  1. infowarrior says:

    horwath and her dipper crew love the united nations and agenda 21,as much as the libs and the greens do. even if you cant stand the conservitives, they dont bow to the u.n.

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