“Wynnegate plot” thickens …….who will be the first to “rat someone” out?

Posted: March 31, 2014 in Uncategorized

The OPP are sinking their teeth in deeper every day into the “criminal wiping of files from McGuinty/Wynne’s computers during the transition between the two when they played roulette with the tax payers keys to the money trough they have been feeding off since 2003!

The OPP IT forensic team is one of the best in the world and they are quickly opening up this festering can of muck called gas plant coverup and names are starting to be published as the “players” who actually engineered this massive computer wipe.

Who will be the first among these who are about to be thrown under the Libera’s bus and be held in cuffs while Wynne and her ilk continue to claim “we’re innocent and don’t know what your talking about”!

Even McGuinty has come out of his spidey hole and said not only wasn’t he involved but stated that Wynne could not possibly order this and shouldn’t be raked over the coals over it!

Yeah……RIGHT!……………..no stooge or flunky who works for the Liberals would take it on themselves to act in this manner UNLESS they were ORDERED to do it!

Now it’s just a matter of time when one of them “flips” on the true perpetrator………………..my bet is McGuinty!

Tech expert at centre of gas plants probe worked for Ontario Liberal party

Computer specialist at centre of OPP probe into premier’s office was Liberal IT contractor until last weekend, the government reveals Monday

:  Queen’s Park Bureau,  Queen’s Park Bureau Chief,  Provincial Politics, Published on Mon Mar 31 2014

The computer specialist at the centre of an OPP investigation into breach of trust in the premier’s office had a contract with the Ontario Liberal Party that was only cancelled last weekend, two days after revelations of a criminal probe in the gas plant scandal rocked Queen’s Park.

Government House Leader John Milloy said Peter Faist’s invoices have been turned over to Ontario Provincial Police as they continue investigating deleted emails in the $1.1 billion cancellation and relocations of two gas plants.

“We made it clear that his services were no longer needed,” Milloy said of Faist, who is the boyfriend of ex-premier Dalton McGuinty’s former deputy chief of staff, Laura Miller.

“That information has been turned over to the authorities,” he said, referring to the fact that Faist’s invoices to the party have been forwarded to the OPP.

“We’ll let them decide if it’s relevant.”

Progressive Conservative energy critic Lisa MacLeod called the information about Faist “a bombshell.”

It's not clear what work Peter Faist was hired to do for the Ontario Liberal party.

DALE BRAZAO / TORONTO STAR FILE PHOTO It’s not clear what work Peter Faist was hired to do for the Ontario Liberal party.

“It looks very damning for the government right now . . . never in a million years did we suspect he was still on the payroll,” said MacLeod.

Liberal Party officials said in a statement a company operated by Faist did “IT services work” starting in March 2011 and billed $60,000 for “IT maintenance.”

In addition, Premier Kathleen Wynne’s office said Faist’s company did other work for the Liberal caucus at Queen’s Park, billing $159,727.28 starting in June 2010 and ending in January 2013 when McGuinty was premier.

Faist could not immediately be reached for comment. The allegations in the police document have not been proven in court and no charges have been laid.

Miller, who is now executive director of the British Columbia Liberal Party, has also not commented but B.C. Premier Christy Clark vouched for her Monday, the Star’s Les Whittington reports.

“She is a person of absolutely sterling character, and she works incredibly hard for our party and our province,” Clark told reporters in Ottawa. “She is a person of the utmost integrity and we’re really, really lucky to have her in B.C.”

Clark, who was in Ottawa to discuss energy projects, was asked about reports that Miller has declined to speak with police about the gas plant scandal. “She needs to make her own decisions about that,” Clark said. “My concern is to know that everybody who is working for me are people of integrity. She is a person of integrity and, of course, you know she is not the target of this investigation.”

Milloy said he did not know details of the IT work that Faist’s company did.

“He did some work in terms of supporting the IT services,” he said, noting the caucus contract ended before “Premier Wynne took over” on February 11, 2013.

OPP documents last week named Faist as the person who allegedly wiped clean two computers in the McGuinty premier’s office after former McGuinty chief of staff David Livingston obtained a special password. Livingston is being investigated for breach of trust for allegedly having a non-government employee access government computers containing sensitive information. There is no mention in the documents about pending charges against Faist, who along with Miller has declined to comment to date. Livingston maintains he did not do anything wrong.

Sources told the Star that when officials from the legislative committee probing the gas plants scandal advised Faist Friday that he would be required to testify, he advised them that he may not be available as he was moving to Vancouver over the weekend. Miller works there as executive director of the British Columbia Liberal Party.

The OPP documents broached concern about involvement by Faist with the premier’s office.


  1. Tom Blacksmith says:

    Wynnegate? Isn’t there even a Wynn hotel? Wow, the parallels are striking…lol

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