To McGuinty, Wynne et al: “The jig is up”……….what’s next for ya?……….the “slammer?”

Posted: March 27, 2014 in Uncategorized

You can run but ya can’t hide!

That seems to be the message to McGuinty from the OPP this week as they are about to criminally charge “someone” over the “deletion” of crucial e mails inside Queen’s Park that relates to the cover-up of the gas plant cancellations which have left the poor slobs of Ontario on the hook for over a billion dollars that it will cost in cancellation charges in order for the Liberal Party to retain two seats to rule Ontario with a minority Government!

With the help of Andrea Horwath who has allowed these parasites to retain their power now maybe some form of “justice” is finally dawning inside that putrid pink building of money sucking pariahs of society!

Could it be? FINALLY? that the Ontario tax payer will finally have something to smile about when they see Kathleen Wynne’s stolid face on their TV looking forlorn and angry that maybe she and her ilk “got caught” screwing us out of our hard earned tax dollars for her own party’s gains?

There can only be one thing more delightful at this point and that is to hear the cold clanging sound of a cell door closing behind these malcontents!

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The guy that could be charged is just a McGuinty “flunky” who will probably be thrown under the Liberal bus to save the top but maybe he just may “turn” on these crumbs and put the “long arm of the law” onto the real culprits!

Breach of trust charges: McGuinty chief of staff
 Breaking news from Ottawa
Police allege criminal breach of trust against McGuinty chief of staff over gas plants scandal
By Keith BONNELL, OTTAWA CITIZEN March 27, 2014 11:54 AM
Police allege criminal breach of trust against McGuinty chief of staff over gas plants scandal
 The OPP allege that David Livingston, former chief of staff to Dalton McGuinty, committed criminal breach of trust in giving an outside tech expert access to 24 computers in the premier’s office.

OTTAWA — Police are pursuing a criminal charge of breach of trust against the right-hand man of former Ontario premier Dalton McGuinty in an investigation sparked by the controversy over deleted gas plant emails.

Authorities say they believe McGuinty’s former chief of staff, David Livingston, gave an outside tech expert access to 24 computers in the premier’s office — access it’s suspected was used to permanently delete information.
By allowing someone who was not an Ontario Public Service employee to alter government computers, police allege, Livingston breached the public trust.
And while just what exactly the outside expert may have done to the computers in the premier’s office is not fully known, police now have two dozen hard drives in hand and are trying to see if they can figure it out.
The case against Livingston is detailed in the “information to obtain” (ITO) Ontario Provincial Police used last month to request a search warrant for a storage facility in Mississauga, where the government hard drives were being stored.
Some of the allegations are being made public for the first time after the Citizen and other media went to court to have the police document unsealed.
The accusations have not been tested in court, but a judge has ruled it is in the public interest to make them known.
Police allege that during the transition period after McGuinty had resigned from office under a cloud of allegations over the cancellation of gas plants in Mississauga and Oakville, Livingston arranged to get special computer access so that one user would be able to access the computer profiles of the entire premier’s office.
Police allege that Livingston had to go through bureaucratic hurdles and the incredulous questioning of staff to get this special high-level clearance — the kind of access usually reserved for IT staff.
He is then alleged to have given it to his executive assistant, Wendy Wai, a woman who the police document says knew very little about computers.
The police document suggests Wai was just a token staffer. It raises the possibility she was given the computer access so that her account could then be used by an outside expert who had the savvy to put the newly obtained privileges to good use.
This outside expert was connected to the government, in a way, police allege.Read the full story here.

  1. infowarrior says:

    the libs,ndps, and greens are dedicated to the u.n. agenda 21, which brought ontario the green nrg act. whorefats u. n masters wont allow her to cut the libs throat

  2. Ben Had says:

    What is really terrifying is that a recent poll showed the Liberals leading. We must have more than our fair share of stupid people in this province.

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