What’s “being a female” got to do with being “just a lousy leader”???

Posted: March 19, 2014 in Uncategorized

Geez………………….bring up the gender discussion again all you “stuck in the 80’s” pro-activists!

BC, Alberta, Quebec and Ontario are all being “managed” by women, so in an archaic and backward sort of way, should we all give them a little “slack” when criticising their failure of running their Provinces into Bankruptcy?


It has nothing to do with gender whatsoever because our lousy financial situation and massive debt load was also the mismanagement of the “Old Boy’s Club” prior to these ladies taking power.

Here in Ontario, we’ve had Rae, Harris and McGuinty to drive Ontario into the swamp of failure when it comes to managing our tax dollars.

Now we have women to “fix” what “they”(men) broke but guess what?……………….it ain’t working!

One would suggest that a matriarchal society would be a kinder and gentler society but there must be something in the water when a human being, regardless of “gender” takes a sip of the legislature aqua! Male or female the truth is that to be a leader in today’s political arena one must rip out their collective hearts and souls, throw away any feeling of empathy or common sense, adopt a hateful “greater than thou” attitude and more important than anything, become a completely insane psychopath that cares not about the consequences of their actions on fellow human beings. There you have it..a complete Premier!

One word of advise for any “woman” considering a political career……………..don’t try and emulate or be stronger than that man you’re replacing………..try for one instance to be the Woman you are, with all the qualities of a woman who “nurtures, cares for and feels the pain of others, instead of playing the role of a dirty old, dried up and hateful back room Boy who’s the hit of Bay Street!

Redford, Marois and Wynne: Let’s forget the gender and focus on the politics

Politics in Alberta, Quebec and Ontario are interesting enough on their own, without focusing on the gender of the leaders.

Premier Pauline Marois appears at a news conference in Laval, Que., this week.

RYAN REMIORZ / THE CANADIAN PRESS Premier Pauline Marois appears at a news conference in Laval, Que., this week.

 Current affairs, Published on Wed Mar 19 2014

One’s been called “not a nice lady” and seems to be driving her own MLAs away at the rate of one a week. Another’s been labelled “la belle dame sans merci” and is currently feared as the country’s potent new breakup artist, not to mention institutionalizer of religious bigotry. And the third, while escaping for the moment pointed personal insults, is increasingly regarded as political toast in a province weary of her predecessor’s fiscal messes.

I’m talking Alison Redford, Pauline Marois and Kathleen Wynne, and the fact their current dilemmas comprise the most riveting provincial political dramas in the country.

Was it only a year or so ago we were hailing the New Girls Club of female premiers, feisty, diverse, and impressive, bringing excitement, fresh perspective and gender parity to provincial politics? These three members of the club are still bringing excitement — although not quite in the way they had hoped.

Everyone knows the terrible few weeks Alberta’s Progressive Conservative Premier Alison Redford has had: after an expenses scandal and amid accusations she’s fostered a culture of entitlement, there were screaming headlines suggesting she would be kicked out of office by her disgruntled party. (So far she’s just been subjected to a stern talking to.)

One male MLA who left the party in a huff, sniffily made that “not a nice lady” remark, describing Redford as a bully prone to temper tantrums. Was he being misogynistic? Would he refer to a male leader as “not a nice man?” He’d probably use stronger language (tyrant, dictator), but there was an unmistakable undertone that suggested female leaders should be “nicer” than men. Why?

As the Edmonton Journal’s Paula Simons pointed out, Redford may well be “aloof, arrogant or even verbally abusive …. But so are plenty of successful leaders, male and female. Politics isn’t a tea dance, and white gloves are not required.”

And why use the word “lady” at all? It seems to be making a comeback and I don’t like it. These are women, and they work alongside men, not gentlemen.


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