Out of 90 Municipalities in Ontario that have Wind Turbines forced on them, 80 say NO!

Posted: March 17, 2014 in Uncategorized

When a Democratic system of Governance gets dismantled such as is the case in Ontario with the anti-Democratic ruling by the Ontario legislature called Bill 150 in May of 2009 was rammed through Parliament then this is the state of affairs we are faced with today.

Approximately 90 Municipalities in Ontario are facing total destruction with wind turbine development being forced upon them. The Premier of Ontario Kathleen Wynne stated that “unwilling communities” will not have renewable projects forced upon them and only “willing communities” will be in the cue for renewable development.

Shallow words in a desperate attempt to diffuse a hostile citizenry at the time spurred over 80 Municipalities to declare themselves “Not Willing Hosts” to any wind turbine development by way of Resolution through their Municipal Council’s “Democratic Process” under the Municipal Act.

So one would assume that now we have a clear and singular message that should give pause to the Ontario Government to STOP any development within those 80 municipalities and only consider the ones who gladly accept out and out “bribery” from Wind Developers to install their useless and destructive projects?

NOT SO…………..it seems these Resolutions are null and void from having ANY influence on the run-away development schemes concocted by an unworthy Government and corrupted Energy Sector.

This is where we stand today!

Unwilling Host municipality numbers climb: when will Ontario listen?

Dutton-Dunwich asks province not to sign any contracts for wind turbines in municipality

By John Miner, The London Free Press

Saturday, March 15, 2014
Erie Shores wind farm near Port Burwell.
Erie Shores wind farm near Port Burwell.
The anti-wind farm movement has notched up another win in its battle to stop industrial wind turbines from spreading across the province.
After surveying its residents, Dutton-Dunwich council became the 80th municipality in Ontario to pass a resolution opposing wind turbine development on their turf.
“This is pretty amazing,” Jane Wilson, president of Wind Concerns Ontario, said Saturday.
Wilson said there are about 90 municipalities in Ontario that are vulnerable to having big wind projects located within their boundaries. To have 80 come out officially opposed is an achievement that will carry weight.
“I remember back when we hit 30 and we thought, wow, this is going somewhere,” Wilson said.
The impact of the campaign can be seen in recent statements by Ontario’s Energy Minister that in the future it will be virtually impossible for wind farms to be located in a municipality without an agreement with the local council, she said.
“I think that’s a sign they are having to listen,” Wilson said.
When Ontario first introduced its Green Energy Act, the Liberal government stripped local municipalities of planning powers over energy projects.
That move sparked a backlash that lead to the defeat of several Liberal Cabinet ministers in a subsequent provincial election. Last year the government announced a review of the Act and promised to return some control to local municipalities.
Dutton-Dunwich Mayor Cameron McWilliam said he believes his municipality is the first in Ontario to actually survey residents on whether they wanted industrial wind turbines located in the municipality.
More than 50% of residents replied to the survey and 84% said they opposed the wind turbines.
“We felt it was time to say to the province we aren’t interested in a project,” McWilliam said.
The resolution passed by Dutton-Dunwich council on March 12 requests the province not sign any contracts for industrial wind projects within the municipality. The resolution also instructed municipal staff not to sign any agreements.
Wind farm developer and operator Invenergy has approached landowners in Dutton-Dunwich to lease properties for a 90 megawatt project that would mean the installation of 30 turbines.
Invenergy is headquartered in Chicago and has power generation facilities in North America and Europe. It has 42 wind farms.Read the full story here.

  1. helen busch says:

    We no longer have the Endangered Species Act and the Navigable Waters Act to protect us. Check out both Acts. A solar company bought our my brother-in-laws farm in Burk’s Falls and put up acres of panels. They plowed up these acres (looking for artifacts) then planted their solar panels. This farm was farmed for 100 years and nothing like this has ever happened. We had 2 good rainfalls resulting in tons and tons of silt washing into the Magnetawan River, what will be done?? With the Navigable Waters Act no longer in force this will be happening everywhere in rural and northern Ontario. Turbines are being put up on Crown Land – Municipalities have no where to turn and can do nothing.

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