When is an “energy report” propaganda?……………most of the time!

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On an almost weekly basis, Mainstream Media touts this report and that report propping up wild and inaccurate claims about Global Warming, Climate Change, Fracking, Oil Sands, End of the World, Overpopulation, Green is Clean, Wind is Good, Solar is free, and on and on ad nausea………….

We get it…………..Mainstream Media belongs to the “power players” that are basically driving us out of our homes and Province with their righteous, indignant and morosely over priced greedy bottom line in energy………..GOUGE the hell out of consumers until they are bled dry of money!

Now we see another “report” from a well known anti-fossil fuel NGO produced by an American firm known to produce backup reports to legitimize otherwise misguided statements about our energy sector.

Environmental Defence and Power Advisory have produced yet another “report” that basically has no relationship with the true story of our energy plight in Ontario.

One would think that when someone gets caught writing gobbledygook and falsehoods they would quit, but not so with the Global Warming/Green Energy sector. After all if they had to stop writing “tripe” it may mean the end of the GOUGING of massive sums of money from US, the consumer!

Environmental Defence report on renewables costs


Environmental Defence and Power Advisory:  Joined at the hip

Report ignores facts, designed to support environmental credo
Environmental Defence, one of those environmental charities being investigated by the CRA, released a report March 14, 2014 prepared by Power Advisory. The consulting firm is where Jason Chee-Aloy formerly of the Ontario Power Authority (OPA), now works.  Mr. Chee-Aloy’s clients at Power Advisory include Samsung, Pattern Energy Group and NextEra; interestingly, his role at the OPA was Director of Generation Procurement,where he was responsible for procuring over 13,000 MW of generation.
With that background in mind, it is easy to assume that Power Advisory’s report commissioned by Environmental Defence would weigh in on the side of wind and solar generation, and come to a conclusion that would put those two sources of power generation on the climate change pedestal.
That is exactly what Power Advisory’s report did. And it did so by completely ignoring other facts associated with wind and solar power.
The Globe and Mail opened its article on the report with this:  “The cost of green energy has a relatively small impact on residential electricity bills in Ontario, a new study to be released Friday suggests, and that will not change significantly even as renewables take up a bigger portion of power generation.That should be a lesson for other provinces considering the shift to renewables, says the study’s sponsor, Environmental Defence Canada, because it shows Ontario’s pro-green energy plan is not as costly as some critics claim.”
The “report” is really an eight-page (including the cover sheet) PowerPoint presentation with most of the information scooped from the recently revised Long-Term Energy Plan released a few months ago by the Energy Minister, Bob Chiarelli.  The report ignores the “first to the grid” rights of wind and solar, its need for fossil fuel (gas plants) as backups for the average 71% of the time wind turbines sit silent or the 85% of the time solar panels produce no power.  The fossil fuel back-up from those gas plants are not included as part of the costs driving up Ontarians electricity bills!
The authors also do not include the costs of paying for “steaming off” Bruce Nuclear plants when our surplus baseload may cause the grid to fail, nor do they account for the spilling of hydro by Ontario Power Generation (1.7 terawatts in 2013 which was 31% of wind’s production).   As well, the consultants don’t admit the fact that wind power is produced out-of-phase with demand.  That point was brought out by Ross McKitrick, professor in economics at the University of Guelph, in a letter to the Ontario Energy Board:
“…in every year since 2006, approximately 80% of the time [author’s context: 80% of 29% means 2.4% of the time we need that generation] that wind turbines have been supplying power to the grid, the entire output of the wind sector is surplus to current demand and has to be dumped on the export market.”
By ignoring the facts, Power Advisory and Environmental Defence simply paint over the underlying cost of wind and solar production in an effort to buttress their beliefs.  And in the case of Power Advisory, to ensure the consulting fees continue to line their pockets.
Anyone who buys the rhetoric contained in this report is simply too lazy to see that the vested interests of Environmental Defence and Power Advisory are joined at the hip!
©Parker Gallant,
March 14, 2014
The opinions expressed are those of the author.



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