Energy Companies are GOUGING consumers because of Cold Winter!

Posted: March 13, 2014 in Uncategorized

I guess energy companies aren’t satisfied with just making a killing on their products in a normal winter but now that they have a captive market and can prove they have to buy propane from producers at a slightly higher price because demand has outstripped supply they can’t help but use this excuse to ram a higher bill up the proverbial behind of the “needy consumer” who is being held hostage by basically a monopolized industry called ENERGY SECTOR!

If the Liberals can get away with screwing it’s own citizens with criminal pricing of electricity, why shouldn’t gas suppliers jump on the bandwagon?

Greed be-gets greed…….and criminals breed criminals………….it has become a very sad place to live lately and it seems there is no end in sight for what can only be described as an out of control energy sector!

When you own the power supply, you own the people!

And you THINK we live in a Democracy?

Enbridge seeks nearly 40 per cent hike to natural gas rates

March 13, 2014 By Terry Pedwell  The Canadian Press

OTTAWA – The harsh reality of this winter’s exceptionally cold weather is catching up to millions of natural-gas users in central Canada.

The natural-gas company Enbridge has applied to Ontario regulators for a nearly 40 per cent hike in the energy rates it charges customers, just one month after predicting that its massive storage capacity should mute any price increase.

But it has been so cold, for such an extended period, that the utility says it was forced to buy more natural gas – at a much higher cost – than expected.

“For a customer that does burn 3,000 cubic metres of gas a year, the increase for them is going to be in the order of $400,” said Enbridge energy supply and policy director Jamie LeBlanc.

Normally, such a household would typically pay roughly $1,000 annually for natural gas.

If approved by the Ontario Energy Board, the rate increase would take effect April 1.

But once taxes are added, the price increase is closer to 50 per cent, says former Liberal MP and energy-market watcher Dan McTeague, who advocates capping taxes on home-heating fuels.

“My estimate is that, within a year … the federal government will have probably pocketed an additional half billion dollars from the misery of Canadians trying to keep themselves warm,” he said.

“And that to me is outrageous.”

Other natural-gas suppliers are expected to also apply for rate increases as they are forced to buy more expensive energy supplies on the open market.

Households heating with propane and oil have already experienced a price shock.

Propane customers in eastern Ontario and western Quebec saw their home heating bills nearly double in January and February compared with what they were paying in November.

Even those with fixed-price contracts have seen their bills go up because they’ve been using more energy.



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