Wanna see who “claims” to have started the Wind Turbine terror that’s ruined Rural Ontario????

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Here’s some very “misinformed and virtually unrealistic” people who are “claiming” the title of starting the “green energy revolution” in Ontario with a single Wind Turbine at Exhibition Place in Toronto.

Photo: Tom Hicken/The Grid


Of course millions of Rural residents don’t share this “act of valour” but would call these people “tyrants, scammers, grifters, fraudsters” or even worse for what has become probably the worst disaster ever to be committed on a peace loving, honest, hard working citizenry.

Add to this condemnation, the simple fact that these wind turbines are also murderers of wildlife, then if I were one of the people who claim that they are “responsible” for making Ontario the “leader in North America for renewable energy than I would pull a sack over my head every time I left my house so nobody would know who I was!

raptor hawk

Red Tailed Hawk murdered last week by a “green and free energy producing wind turbine”!

One question here………….why are the people below smiling?

Ontario’s green energy revolution started with a single turbine
 September 10, 2012

EDMONTON, AB, Sep 10, 2012/ Troy Media/ – What seemed like a wacky idea at the time – building a 600 kilowatt wind turbine right in the heart of Toronto Ontario –  turned out to be the butterfly that flapped its wings and caused a storm of renewable energy development in Ont

Twelve years ago the TREC Renewable Energy Cooperative formed with a simple idea – build a highly visible urban wind turbine – and it ended with the most robust renewable energy regime in North America.

Deb Doncaster is currently the executive director of the Community Power Fund and former executive director of the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association. She was involved with TREC almost from the beginning.

‘At that point in time we hadn’t envisioned a feed-in tariff program, we hadn’t envisioned a Green Energy Act for Ontario, it was really let’s just introduce windmills and let’s introduce the notion of community ownership,’ she recalls.

Deb Doncaster is the executive director of the Community Power Fund, the former executive director of the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association and was involved with TREC Renewable Energy Cooperative early on. Photo David Dodge, Troy Media

It wasn’t easy. Multiple sites were considered and not everyone in the community was excited about the project but, in 2002, Exhibition Place was identified as a viable location. Within four months the project, dubbed WindShare, had 427 pioneer members who had invested an average amount of $2,000 each in support of the turbine. On the second day of construction, WindShare membership rolls were full and the $800,000 capital investment target had been reached.

At the time, there was less than one megawatt of wind energy capacity in Ontario. Today, Ontario has 1,969 megawatts of wind energy capacity – the most of any province in Canada.

It wasn’t just the first urban wind turbine in North America, it was also the first for-profit cooperatively-owned wind turbine in Canada. It was a model that the Peace Energy Cooperative later followed with the development of Bear Mountain Wind Park in northern British Columbia.

‘It was built at a time when wind energy was not really on anyone’s radar in Canada’ said Judith Lipp, current executive director of TREC. ‘The folks that formed TREC really wanted a site that would act as a demonstration, an icon if you will, for the green energy movement.’

Judith Lipp, the current executive director of TREC Renewable Energy Cooperative, the organization that started WindShare and got the Toronto wind turbine built 10 years ago. Photo David Dodge, Troy Media

And what an icon. Visible from Lakeshore Boulevard and the always-busy Gardiner Expressway, hundreds of thousands of commuters see the turbine every day. When I stopped for refreshments at a Queen Street hotel there was the turbine visible through the window more than a kilometre away.

Disciples of TREC and the idea of the first-ever urban wind turbine went on to form TREC Education – The Ontario Sustainable Energy Association, The Community Power Fund, SolarShare, even played a significant role in creating Ontario’s Green Energy Act, the German-inspired feed-in tariff that led to thousands of wind, solar, hydro and biofuels projects being developed in Ontario.

According to Paul Gipe the feed-in-tariff policy has been responsible for most of the renewable energy developed in the world.


  1. 1957chev says:

    That is like taking responsibility for bringing the black plague to your own village. What is wrong with these morons? Have they no shame?

    • This is how absolutely twisted and deviated these greenies have become……………..zero reality and nothing but buzz words from propagandists to justify their very existence…………….sad, shallow, unevolved parrots!

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