Southgate Council is a “WILLING HOST” for foreign investor Samsung’s money ………..doesn’t matter that Wind and Solar energy prices are harming Hydro consumers!

Posted: March 7, 2014 in Uncategorized

ANY Council today that “approves” Wind Turbine or Industrial Solar panel development within their township should be put on notice: “YOU ARE NOT A GOOD NEIGHBOUR OF MINE”!

With Hydro bills so high that most fixed income families in Ontario can’t afford to heat their homes AND buy food and the reason for these massive increases in these bills is the outrageous and out of control development of Wind Turbines and Solar arrays that suck valuable consumer dollars all the while returning less that 1% of the needed electricity in Ontario, why would a Township elected Council approve any further development???

One could call it out and out GREED, or one could call it out and out IGNORANCE, but in the end a Council’s decision to continue to support the failed Green Energy tragedy unfolding today in Ontario is just plain STUPID!

A Council “could” be excused for being misinformed on the facts behind wind development IF this was 2009, but for any Township to declare itself a WILLING HOST in today’s “informed” world of wind fraud and support a foreign investor from South Korea like Samsung which negotiated a deal behind MPP’s backs with ex minister George Smitherman smacks of patronage and closed door dealings.

Any number of explanations from this Township will fall on deaf ears these days in Rural Ontario as hundreds of families try and get a night’s sleep surrounded by hundreds of Wind Turbines cranking away and sucking the life out our once great Province.

Well done Southgate……………… ain’t my neighbour!

Tentative Approval for Samsung

Friday, March 7, 2014 12:05 PM by Kevin Bernard
Southgate Council wants more information before giving full support to green plan.
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(Southgate)-Samsung Pattern Energy is getting a yellow light from Southgate Council on it’s proposed multi-million dollar solar and wind energy project.

Mayor Brian Milne says several company representatives were on hand at the Council meeting on Wednesday — and they answered a number of questions of the councillors.

Milne says two main resolutions that sought Council’s support as a willing host for the project received tentative approval at the meeting.

He says they still want more detailed information in writing from Samsung about some of the benefits expected to flow to the community.



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