Liberals “rob Ontario tax payers blind” and then declares they will now be “honest and open” with them!

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So “Bob’s your Uncle”………………………..”that was then ………this is now………………………sorry for screwing Ontario tax payers and electrical consumers out of their life savings and futures for their children and grand children BUT NOW we will open our books, be honest and transparent and even force local Municipalities to be honest and open because ya know the local officials of you 444 Municipalities are as crooked as we are!”

The above nonsense is actually what the Premier of Ontario is trying to say in her new declaration of openness and transparency in the prelude to another “running of the reptiles” looming on the horizon for the Provincial leadership.

To hell with all the previous indiscretions and scandals, as long as there appears to be a “new and honest” direction of the present Government then the “unwashed and unclean ignorant citizens of Ontario will buy into this crap”

NOT…………..this story is just one more grandiose insult to the educated and hard working citizens of this once great Province!

People know and remember how they have been shafted and not one single word coming out of Queen’s Park these days has one single ounce of validity!

Total DESPERATION from a DESPERATE Government!

Wynne seeks distance from scandals with accountability law

Premier Kathleen Wynne is scrambling to put a decade of scandals behind her minority Liberal government with sweeping new accountability measures.

The law proposed by Premier Kathleen Wynne on Thursday would expand the reach of Ontario's ombudsman, and create a new patients’ ombudsman to oversee health care institutions.


The law proposed by Premier Kathleen Wynne on Thursday would expand the reach of Ontario’s ombudsman, and create a new patients’ ombudsman to oversee health care institutions.

By:  Queen’s Park Bureau Chief,  Provincial Politics, Published on Thu Mar 06 2014

Premier Kathleen Wynne is scrambling to put a decade of scandals behind her minority Liberal government with sweeping new accountability measures.

As a spring election looms, Wynne is trying to mute criticism from the Progressive Conservatives and New Democrats over expense controversies at the Pan Am Games, eHealth Ontario, and the ORNGE air ambulance service.

To that end, she and Government Services Minister John Milloy on Thursday unveiled a wide-ranging bill to introduce more transparency to Queen’s Park.

“We want to ensure that the people of Ontario have the open, accountable and accessible government that they deserve,” Wynne said.

“These new measures, if passed, would put us on track to become one of the most transparent governments in the country.”

Ontario’s ombudsman will be given expanded investigative authority under the propose measure.

Ombudsman Andre Marin will finally be allowed to delve into municipalities, universities and school boards, powers the watchdog has long sought.

A new patients’ ombudsman would also be appointed to oversee hospitals, community care access centres, and long-term care homes.

The provincial advocate for children and youth would gain new powers, similar to those of the ombudsman, to investigate matters relating those involved in the child protection system.

As well, the Lobbyists Registration Act would be amended “to improve reporting requirements for lobbyists, address conflicts of interest and increase fines for offences.”

Proposed changes to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act would require records to be more securely preserved.

Former premier Dalton McGuinty’s office is currently being investigated for alleged destruction of emails related to the cancellation of gas-fired power plants in Oakville and Mississauga before the 2011 election,


Accountability bill simply Liberal window dressing

christina-blizzardBY  ,QMI AGENCY MARCH 06, 2014

TORONTO – It’s the political equivalent of the inmates taking over the asylum.

The scandal-plagued government of Kathleen Wynne is cracking down on scandals.

Yep, they introduced legislation Thursday that would, among other things, cap public sector salaries, force MPPs to disclose expenses online and give the province’s ombudsman oversight to the broader public sector.

What a joke.

This is the government that is being probed in two police investigations — one for the way e-mails were deleted by senior staff in former premier Dalton McGuinty’s office as he slithered out the door.

The second is investigating the massive Ornge scandal, where millions of dollars were flushed down the toilet in a failed attempt to privatize the air ambulance system.

Provincial auditor-general Jim McCarter said it was an out-of-control, rogue agency that wasted so much money and created such a web of ancillary entities, he wasn’t sure he had found them all.

“This is actually a government that’s under investigation by the anti-rackets squad of the OPP,” PC leader Tim Hudak told reporters Thursday.

“There are two criminal investigations happening on the Wynne Liberal government by the OPP,” he said. “They don’t exactly have the market cornered when it comes to accountability.”

As for capping salaries in the public sector, take a look at how they’ve hiked them over the last 10 years.

In 2003, the highest salary on the “Sunshine List” of people making more than $100,000 on the public dime was Tom Closson, then CEO of University Health Network. His salary? $626,778.

The highest salary for 2013? $1.7 million for Tom Mitchell, CEO of Ontario Power Generation.

Hey, you want to cap my salary $1.7 million — be my guest.

This salary cap is too late, too vague — and too hard to pin down.

Government Services Minister John Milloy would not give details.

He said the cap would vary from sector to sector across the public service.


  1. They have had time to destroy all the evidence

  2. infowarrior says:

    i have been pondering a question.we know that certain banks and insc. companies have invested in these green energy companies. what politicians who would have inside line on the green energy act before it became law had already invested their own money in these green companies?

    • The Green Energy Sector is packed full of retired or unelected politicians from all parties both federally and provincially……….dig deep into any wind developer and you’ll find a politicians who is using these organizations created by the government for their retirement days…………….

  3. chuck says:

    Keep the plan and kick them out. Just do not forget to put the ones that left the ship in jail.

  4. infowarrior says:

    i pray that our friends in the 416 905 area codes finally see thru these liberal sociopaths and their ndp enablers

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