Rural Ontarians are literally being starved and frozen out of their homes! ……. Liberal’s policies are killing us!

Posted: February 12, 2014 in Uncategorized

When the annual “wankfest” kicks off on February 23rd at the OGRA/ROMA (Rural Ontario Municipality Organization) combined conference at the Royal York Hotel in Toronto, the usual suspects will all be attending patting each other on the back for doing such a fine job in running Ontario!

What won’t be present at the conference will be the poor sad buggers who have to pay for this wine and dine splash for politicians……..the poor buggers called Rural Residents who are being literally frozen, starved and priced out of existence in their very homes by the same people slapping each other’s back for a “job well done”!

Ontario’s Rural Communities are done……..finished……………screwed….bankrupt……………jobless………..destroyed….or whatever description you may add to it…..PERIOD!

All due to energy prices that are unaffordable, supplies of Propane are halved, Water prices are unaffordable and there are no jobs left because the Government has decided it’s more important for a turtle to live in the bush than cut it!

The point of no return has arrived and unless a politician is brave enough to even show their face in Rural Ontario during election time, possibly their “handlers” and “spin artists” would advise them not to venture outside their comfy seats at Queen’s Park!!!

Rural food bank demand rises along with hydro, propane costs

Lesley Johansen at House of Lazarus Food Bank]

Lesley Johansen at House of Lazarus food bank. January 28, 2014 CTV

Thousands of families in Eastern Ontario are choosing tonight between food and heat. Skyrocketing propane and hydro prices are forcing people to turn to food banks to help them survive.   Lesley Johansen helps out at this rural food bank in Dundas County.  She sees the increasing need, even feels it first hand as her hydro and propane bills rise well beyond her ability to pay.

“It’s come down to whether I don’t make a car payment or I don’t eat,” says Johansen.

For first time in her life, this very proud educated woman is considering turning to the food bank for help.

“I don’t want to be in this position in my life, I’m 40 years old. I’ve worked hard but the system fails.”

The system is failing a growing number of people.  1,372 families turned to the House of Lazarus Food Bank in Mountain last year.  That’s more than a 10 percent jump over the previous year.

Pauline Pratt is the Executive Director of the House of Lazarus, “The heating costs are taking up more money than what’s coming in,” she says. “Clients are very discouraged and feel very helpless and powerless because they have no choice; they have to have heat.”



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