Kathleen Wynne is so desperate for votes, now she’s trying to be “hip” by spouting crap on Reddit!!

Posted: February 11, 2014 in Uncategorized

This so-called Premier of Ontario has reached a new low in trying to get her “message” out to people. She has actually signed unto Reddit, the successful youth-oriented ” Internet “news” site that publishes real people’s thoughts, ideas, pics and carries discussions which is open and uncensored. In other words a young person’s place to go with imaginative ideas and artistic displays. NOW this old harried piece of political trash is trying her best to look and sound “hip” to people who wander over to this site!

Good Luck that!…………It’s like old Uncle Harry trying to look young again by using Grecian Formula, spray tan and buying youth’s clothing for a night on the town to “go back in time” for that look he imagines in his own mind that he could actually score with a young chick at the local bar scene!

It is not only sad but really embarrassing for anyone who is close to this talking skull………………….but that won’t stop her because she’s desperate to cling onto the tax payer ‘s pay cheque she needs to support her “life style” whatever the hell that is!

I’m sure the Reddit folks aren’t pleased with it!

Wynne proves her talk is cheap

FEBRUARY 11, 2014 Sue-Ann LevyBY  ,TORONTO SUN

Wynne Reddit

Premier Kathleen Wynne answers questions during an AMA on Reddit Tuesday February 11, 2014. (Antonella Artuso/Toronto Sun)

TORONTO – To appear hip, I guess, Premier Kathleen Wynne offered to answer anything Tuesday — even “tough” questions — on the interactive website Reddit.

It was the first anniversary of her rise to power and Ontario’s first lesbian premier decided to even throw caution to the wind by mentioning in her introduction to Redditors that she’s lived with her “partner” Jane (Rounthwaite) in north Toronto for 25 years.

I knew then and there the talk about answering anything was just that — talk — considering she married Ms. Rounthwaite in 2005 and still can’t bring herself to call her a wife.

After living in the closet for 20 years, I am prepared to shout from the rooftops that the woman I married in a traditional Jewish ceremony in 2009 is my wife.

But then I’m not trying to buy votes.

Even though it is reportedly their preference to call each other a partner, not wife, I am thrilled that we have our first openly gay premier.

That’s about where my positive feelings about Ms. Wynne begin and end.

Whether she has actually spent her first year distancing herself in a positive way from the sad legacy of her predecessor Dalton McGuinty and doing the right thing to tackle Ontario’s faltering economy is another story.

The fact that she can yap constantly about being open, transparent and accessible — even striking a panel to create a more transparent government — and deliberately ignore the slightest controversial question on Reddit while spewing highly stage-managed answers, proves her talk is very cheap indeed.

But what the Reddit chat did prove is that far more people than Wynne and her lacklustre team care to admit get it that public sector wages are out of control, that residents are being hit with staggering hydro rate hikes, that Ontario is deeply in debt, that new transit taxes and an Ontario pension plan would hurt growth in the economy and that like the gas plants fiasco, the Pan Am Games are going to be another Liberal boondoggle.

Ontarians are tired of hearing Ms. Wynne say she’s concerned and feels their pain.

What the past year has proven is that her only concern is with buying votes and staying in power — no matter the cost to taxpayers.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that her NDP partner-in-crime Andrea Horwath has certainly been complicit in enabling Wynne — although on most days it is hard to discern which leader is more left of centre.

Wynne, a leftist in Liberal clothing, couldn’t wait to abandon the few austerity measures McGuinty put in place to buy votes and union support.

She rushed to re-open the contracts with the high school teachers and elementary teachers unions last spring. That little exercise to buy labour peace (and important teacher union support) may have cost taxpayers as much $500 million.

But teachers aren’t the only ones Wynne tried to buy in the past year. Aside from assorted pay deals, there was the $1.4 billion for the Scarborough subway to ensure Mitzie Hunter a win in last August’s by-election and the $100-million she recently pledged to Niagara Falls to try to ensure her team a win in this Thursday’s byelection.

When she hasn’t been busy buying votes, Wynne has spent a very productive 12 months travelling around the province — visting 105 of 107 ridings — and trying desperately to distance herself whenever Liberal fiascos like the $1.1-billion gas plant and the Pan Am Games expense scandals came to light.

“I know nah-thing” became Wynne’s war cry, after offering a weak apology for the obscene amount of money tossed down the drain to move two gas plants in order to win Liberal seats and her perennial whimpers about being “deeply concerned.”

How fortuituous for her that the Mayor Rob Ford sideshow took the heat off of her regime’s pathetic record and the fact that she’s in way over her head, as are many of her cabinet ministers, most particularly her BFF health minister Deb Matthews.

Wynne also struck nearly 40 panels to give her advice on controversial policy decisions she, herself, doesn’t have the guts to make.


  1. Kim Khov says:

    I find Kathleen Wynne one of the worst premier we ever had the pleasure to have, She’s corrupt and she encourages corruption in the system with “collaboration” with Police Chief Bill Blair and his ilks (lil minions:) I did not vote for her and many people I know did not vote for her. We may as well have, like, Paris Hilton in Queen’s Park right now…with the pea size brain she has. Extremely uglier though, eh?

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