Ontario Taxpayers finance the “Green Lobby” who is bankrupting the Ontario taxpayers!

Posted: February 8, 2014 in Uncategorized

Irony of sorts?…………………….not really………this is what happens when “green elitists”  who think they are “entitled” to run amuck with tax payer’s dollars on any eco-whacked out idea they think is a just cause and believe they are above the law of the land and are just “guiding” the unwashed and unclean tax payer who are too stupid to think for themselves!

Here is the complete story of how our Royal Ontario Museum was used as a political podium by David Suzuki and 3 anti-oil lobby groups to sell their “junk science and propaganda” all paid for by you and me.

Of course Suzuki’s dream would be for all of us to be living in trees (in the summer) and caves (in the winter) heating our food with some sustainable candles or possibly dung that is natural and non polluting!

This man should actually be forced to have a mental evaluation for his actions and removed from the public scene for his own good along with the the good of Canadians as a whole!

These maniacs actually believe the tripe they push on us and that’;s what makes this even more bizarre. The so-called executives of the ROM who sponsored the mock trial of David Suzuki actually “think” they are righteous and worthy, even though in the REAL world of the tax payer they are nothing more than useless uninformed methane-producing sacks of skin!

Charities have no place in Suzuki’s political theatre

Ezra Levant_opBY  ,QMI AGENCY FEBRUARY 08, 2014

David Suzuki

David Suzuki. (QMI Agency files)

Last fall, three anti-oilsands lobby groups hosted the “Trial of Suzuki.” It was a strange gimmick — a mock trial wherein David Suzuki would be “prosecuted” for treason because of his environmentalist views.

Of course, the opposite is true. Suzuki has never been charged, or even threatened with prosecution for his views. This is Canada, not an OPEC dictatorship. Rather, Suzuki has been given a national platform on the government TV channel, the CBC, where he has pontificated for nearly 50 years. There’s another layer of irony to it, too. Suzuki has called for the jailing of people who disagree with his views on global warming.

It’s a free country, and anti-oilsands activists do like their stunts. But why was this PR gimmick co-sponsored by the Royal Ontario Museum, a public institution using taxpayers’ money? The ROM is a non-political charity. Its mandate is to be educational, not political.

It’s one thing for lobby groups to rent a room at the ROM to have their own event. But that didn’t happen. Suzuki’s lobby group, the $10-million-a-year David Suzuki Foundation, and another environmentalist group called the Ivey Foundation, and a foreign anti-oil lobby group called the Cape Farewell Foundation, got the room for free. More than that, they had the labour of a dozen ROM staff – paid for by taxpayers. And the ROM put their logo on the whole thing.

Since when do museums take sides in ongoing political debates?

The Trial of Suzuki wasn’t just a bizarre slander against the Canadian government, baselessly pretending they want to prosecute him for his politics. It was a forum for those politics, too. In the droning two-hour event, Suzuki pitched every left-wing cliché from higher carbon taxes to banning oilsands development. Suzuki – who has appeared in TV ads for the Liberal Party – used the ROM to campaign for a political point of view.

That’s fine for Suzuki to do. But what’s the ROM doing supporting this?

Would the ROM also support the other side of the debate – a pro-oil lobby group? Not just giving them free space and free staff, but also officially endorsing a PR gimmick and publicizing it? Who gets to choose the ROM’s political views?

In this case, the answer is Dave Ireland and Bep Schippers. They’re global warming activists who work as executives at the ROM. According to ROM e-mails obtained by the Sun, last summer Ireland wrote an e-mail to Schippers showing her the proposal for the Suzuki stunt, saying: “hey Bep, in confidence, check this out… freakin cool idea… I agree with Suzuki’s manifesto.”

Schippers wrote right back: “Hey Dave. Super freaking cool idea and we are going to make it happen no matter what. It’s the edgiest thing the ROM has been involved in since the history of the ROM and the only way we would be able to pull something like this off is with a partnership like this.” As in, to team up with three anti-oil lobby groups.



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