“Government/wind developers” promote “public participation” ….. but won’t allow any “DISCUSSION”!!!!

Posted: February 8, 2014 in Uncategorized

Can you see what’s wrong with this scenario? “Public sessions” on Wind Development are mandated in the Green Energy Act YET NO OPEN DISCUSSIONS are allowed whatsoever in these “public meetings”!

We can imagine this is the way a Communist country conducts it’s business so that at the end of the day the “oligarchs” can claim that their agenda is open and Democratic and should be O.K.. But that’s in Communist run country, Not Canada!

Or is it?

Wind Energy Meeting Silences the Public

Feb. 7/2014

Government-mandated wind project meetings are supposed to be about two-way communication. But no questions from the public are allowed, and the notice period is ridiculously short.


I live in a small town. A company called Capital Power is erecting 59 wind turbines on the outskirts of my community. This is known as the Port Dover and Nanticoke Wind Project.

Earlier today, my husband drew my attention to a story in the local newspaper (accompanied by a quarter-page advertisement). The Port Dover Maple Leaf is a weekly, distributed by the postal service to subscribers every Wednesday. The edition published two days ago informs the public about a meeting associated with the above-mentioned wind project that will take place next Tuesday, February 11th.

According to the government of Ontario, the primary purpose of this meeting is the facilitation of:

two way communications between the Company and members of the public with respect to issues relating to the construction, installation, use, operation, maintenance and retirement of the Facility [bold added, see page 15 of this document]

But no genuine two-way communication appears to be taking place. A headline on the newspaper ad says the meeting is “Open to the General Public for Viewing.” The third paragraph says the meeting “is open to the general public for observation.”

In other words, the communication will be in one direction only. No questions from the floor will be permitted. The public is expected to do nothing more than sit passively. This is Capital Power’s idea of public engagement.

Oh, wait, that’s not quite true. According to the ad – which appeared in a newspaper distributed on Wednesday Feb. 5th – members of the public can seek permission to speak at this community meeting. Here’s the relevant section from the ad:

Brief depositions may be presented by members of the public. Please note that depositions will be selected at the discretion of the [committee facilitator, Capital Power, and other committee members]. To be considered for a public deposition, a written request, which must include the written deposition, must be submitted before Thursday, February 6, 2014, to the CLC Facilitator [bold and italics added].

In order for me to express an opinion as a private citizen, the chain of events would have had to look like this:

  • I needed to collect my mail from the post office on Wednesday (residents of the older part of this small town don’t get door-to-door delivery)
  • I needed to open and read my copy of the local newspaper immediately and thoroughly
  • I needed to be in a position to drop everything else I’d planned to do that day
  • I needed to pull together my thoughts, write them down, and submit them that day
  1. 1957chev says:

    Gather a large group of people together, gather around the windweasels, and start asking questions and demanding answers, as a group. Tell them you are a group, if you like, but don’t let them separate you. It freaks them right out, when you don’t go by the script. You will get much better results. They may even slip up, and tell the truth, if you catch them off guard, and you’ll have witnesses! LOL!

    • You can actually see the “wind weasels” heads EXPLODE when you get them “off message”……………….if they forget the “buzzwords” that keep them on topic they look like a “deer in the headlights”………………..They aren’t the “brightest bulbs” in the closet!

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