Green NGO’s face “scrutiny over charitable status”………’s about time!!!!!!

Posted: February 7, 2014 in Uncategorized

7 “charitable Environmental NGO’s” are facing a Canada Revenue Agency audit to see if they should retain their “charitable status” according to the CRA statutes.

In general, these 7 organizations have been very “active” in promoting “Climate Change” opinions and anti-oil sands development which would seem rather “biased” against industrial development and wealth creation for Canadians.

For years now there has been a steady diet of “misinformation, non–scientific claims and outright lies” wrapped around the title “Climate Change” and has been used extensively by NGO’s world-wide to promote the Big Green Lie!

7 Environmental Charities Face Canada Revenue Agency Audits

CBC  |  By THE CANADIAN PRESS/Mark Blinch Posted: 02/06/2014 8:55 pm EST

canada revenue agency

The Canada Revenue Agency is currently conducting extensive audits on some of Canada’s most prominent environmental groups to determine if they comply with guidelines that restrict political advocacy, CBC News has learned.

If the CRA rules that the groups exceeded those limits, their charitable status could be revoked, which would effectively shut them down.

Many of the groups are among the Conservative government’s fiercest critics. Finance Minister Jim Flaherty signalled clearly in his budget of 2012 that political activity of these groups would be closely monitored and he allocated $8 million to the effort. The environmental organizations believe they have been targeted with the goal of silencing their criticism.

“We’re concerned about what appears to be an increase in audits around political activity and in particular around environmental organizations” said Marcel Lauzière, president of Imagine Canada, an umbrella organization for charities.

“There’s a big chill out there with what charities can and cannot do.”

The list of groups CBC has now confirmed are undergoing audits reads like a who’s who in the environmental charity world. They include:

– The David Suzuki Foundation

– Tides Canada

– West Coast Environmental Law

– The Pembina Foundation

– Environmental Defence

– Equaterre

– Ecology Action Centre

“This is a war against the sector,” says John Bennett, of Sierra Club Canada. His group is not yet being audited, but he said he is prepared.

“In the 40-year history of the Sierra Club Canada Foundation, it’s been audited twice in 40 years” so there are more audits than usual, Bennett said.

CBC has confirmed that at least one group, Environmental Defence, has received its report back from the CRA and they are appealing it. Sources said their report threatened to revoke their charitable status. Another group, West Coast Environmental Law, had auditors fly in from Ottawa to enhance the work of the local CRA team. One source said the Ottawa CRA people called themselves “The A team.”


  1. Melodie Burkett says:

    Thank God and Greyhounds! Long overdue! Bravo CRA.

  2. 1957chev says:

    It’s about damned time. I not only want them to lose charitable status. I want them fully investigated for fraud, coercion, and every other charge they are guilty of. This has been nothing but a cruel and inhumane sales gimmick, for the equally corrupt wind industry.

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