Has Tim Hudak “sold us out” to the “Green Energy Scam”???

Posted: February 4, 2014 in Uncategorized

Say it isn’t so Tim………..say it isn’t so!!!!!

Have you sold out to the dark side (Green Energy scammers) for that bag of coin for your election war chest?

Has some itinerary agent in your party booked you on the wrong bus trip?

OR………are you actually a “closet Greeny”?

The sad news is that millions of Ontarians in Rural Ontario are being literally priced out of their homes and businesses because of the Green Energy Act and it’s brutal consequences and they have been led to believe the PC’s are going to “fix” this Green mess, IF they get voted into power with the next election which is coming at us rapidly!

Lisa Macleod MPP has been the PC’s most vocal critic of the NDP and Liberals actions of bankrupting Ontario with the never ending Wind Turbine fiasco and high energy prices to pay for it.

Also Lisa Thompson MPP is a critic who may feel she’s been thrown under the “Green Bus”!

The following must be a tough green pill to swallow after hearing their boss has embraced this crazier-than-a-shithouse-rat Pumped Storage development in Marmora Ontario!

Not only is this mad plan to pump water high over the heads of the town’s people and use it to produce power when the wind doesn’t blow for the thousands of useless wind turbines, but it won’t just make towns folk ill from worry but could kill the whole bloody town if it’s dam banks were breached!

Takes on a whole new meaning of “STAY CLEAR…….STAY SAFE” message from the Ontario Power Generation televised message!

STAY CLEAR OF MARMORA should be the message!

So in view of the visit by Hudak with Northland Power and Marmora’s Council possibly someone close to the PC’s could explain why the PC’s have embraced this Green Energy project instead of fighting it!

Hudak tours Marmora Pump project

Tim Hudak and Todd Smith tour the Marmora pump storage project (Photo: Twitter/@ToddSmithPC)

Leader of the provincial opposition Tim Hudak and local MPP Todd Smith were in the Quinte region yesterday touring the proposed Marmora Mine Pump Storage project.

Hudak says the project makes sense.


  1. I’ve not very much to add to the below-linked comment (of personal explanation to a previous commentator) – that I posted to the above-linked Quinte News story page:

    The sad reality is, each public hanging of credibility formerly attached to any politician that allowed themselves to be trotted to a mine site photo-op (thought to the benefit of proponents and/ or their combined egos?) has been deeply mourned by our local opposition.

    Yet even publicly pointing out each sucker’s folly didn’t dissuade potential followers.

    The Hudak example is just one more and the most recent. Next…

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