Ontario Liberals “screw up” another energy plan ……….. BIOMASS experiment in Ring of Fire a dismal failure!!!

Posted: January 27, 2014 in Uncategorized

The most anti-Democratic ruling ever to come out of Queen’s Park in the history of Ontario was Bill 150 in May of 2009 called the Green Energy Act and signed into Law by 59 MPP’s of which 4 were NDP MPP’s and the rest were Liberals. Just a rag tag bunch exists today as almost half of those signatories are no longer working at Queen’s Park. Talk about fleeing a sinking ship!

From that Act came the ruination of Rural Ontario with the Wind Turbine Development and Solar Energy “renewables” market! It’s still full-on.

NOW the Liberal goons have adopted the Biomass experiment in Northern Ontario which from very early on had massive warnings against it’s viability, YET the proof that it won’t work has fallen on “deaf ears”!

One would think that mistake after mistake would make our Ministry of Energy a wee bit wary of their decision-making as one failed experiment after another has proven that it’s a massive failure in itself.

NOW Northern Ontario has a biomass energy policy in place that just won’t work. Period!

If this was California where a 15 degree Celsius was considered “cool” something like this would be a no brainer, BUT we live in Canada where -20-30C is the norm for winter.

Here’s the end result of another waste of resources and tax payers money which can only spell “doom” for our Norther Ring of Fire!

Notice that Minister Michael Gravelle who was one of the signatories of that destructive Bill 150 is announcing the huge Bio-mass blunder back in November. One would think with the devastation that his Act has created he would shut his “pie-hole” when it comes to now energy announcements!

Biomass Supply Not Sufficient For Northern Winters

26 January 2014 by James Murray in Business

Minister Michael Gravelle and MPP Bill Mauro at OPG Enhanced Bio-Mass Announcement in November.

Minister Michael Gravelle and MPP Bill Mauro at OPG Enhanced Bio-Mass Announcement in November. (Gravelle signed the Green Energy Act)

Cold Northern Winter Needs More Power for Heat

Iain Angus - Common Voice Northwest

Iain Angus – Common Voice Northwest

THUNDER BAY – Common Voice Northwest says that the planned enhanced bio-mass that Ontario says can be used to fire the Thunder Bay OPG Generating Station isn’t in sufficient supply to handle possible demand.

“As plans are underway to convert the Thunder Bay Generating Station to run using biomass, the Energy Task Force is expressing concerns that the current agreement with the Province of Ontario to purchase and burn 15,000 tonnes of biomass per year will be not be able to meet the demands of future cold winters in the northwest. Had the conversion happened this year, the Thunder Bay Generating Station would have already consumed the equivalent of all of the advanced biomass fuel that the Government of Ontario is allowing OPG to buy”, according to a statement issued by Common Voice Northwest.

Cold Winter Would Use Up Supply in Three Weeks

“If the Northwest were to experience the identical weather and other conditions in January of next year that we have been experiencing since January 6 of this year, the advanced biomass fuel would have been used up within 3 weeks,” said Energy Task Force Co-Chair, Iain Angus.  “This is exactly as we, NOMA and the City of Thunder Bay have warned.”

The Energy Task Force has been tracking the hourly production of the Generating Station and are reporting that the output to date is 30,XXX MWH. That is consistent with the OPG projection that 15,000 tonnes of advanced biomass pellets would equate to between 25,000 and 30,000 MWH.

“It is interesting to note that the 25,000 target was met at noon on Jan 25 and only took an additional  28 hours to reach the higher target of 30,000″.

MPP Bill Mauro has repeatedly sought to have proponents of having all the power suggested to provide a more detailed scenario for what they are planning to power. Mauro is suggesting there is already sufficient capacity in the north.

The Energy Task Force renewed its call for the Ontario Government to increase the supply on hand:

“From the perspective of planning for severe cold spells at a minimum, the contract with the supplier should be changed from 5 years at 15,000 tonnes each year to a contract for 75,000 tonnes delivered to the Thunder Bay Generating Station prior to December 31,2014.



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