The Ontario NDP assume Ontarians are “brain dead”? ………. we “remember” how they “sold us out” in 2009!

Posted: January 25, 2014 in Uncategorized

“Denial” is just one word we can use when listening to Andrea Horwath and Tabuns when they spout off about how bad the Liberals are running our Province.

With a looming election in Ontario on the horizon I guess the Dippers are desperate to distance themselves from any and all Liberal announcements that Ontario is on the right path for success and balanced budgets even though we all know Ontario is in one helluva mess without any end in sight!

It doesn’t matter that they slag the Green Energy Act as the cause for our demise even though Horwath’s and Tabun’s signatures are on the Bill 150, The Green Energy Act, back in 2009!

The Dips are responsible for propping up this failed Government year after year even though you wouldn’t know it from the latest outrage voiced by Horwath and Tabuns.

Maybe they assume Ontarians can’t remember anything past last week’s news on Rob Ford or Justin Bieber’s antics but the truth of the matter is not only do we remember stuff but we are reminded every single month at the arrival of our Hydro Bill how far down the Green rabbit hole we have been dragged by Wynne/McGuinty and Horwath/ Tabuns fake majority governance!

The backlash when we get to “X them out” on the ballots this spring will be BRUTAL!

Kelly McParland: Ontario NDP caught in the backwash of their own hot air

January 21, 2014

Sorry folks, no power. We sent it all to manitoba, at a loss.

Tyler Anderson / National Post Sorry folks, no power. We sent it all to manitoba, at a loss.
The Ontario’s NDP party, which is the only thing keeping Premier Kathleen Wynne in power, has discovered another reason it shouldn’t be keeping her in power. Which is pretty standard for the party. For two years the New Democrats have been propping up the Liberals — first under Dalton McGuinty and now under Wynne — all the while complaining about what a bad government it is.

The latest reason the NDP feels it shouldn’t be supporting the Liberals is the massive annual loss to the province caused by electricity exports. Thanks to the government’s disastrous Green Energy Act, Ontario produces more energy than it can use. Much of it comes from “renewable” sources, mainly wind, which receive heavy subsidies to produce power no one needs. So the Liberals ship it to Quebec, Manitoba or New York at a heavy loss, while continuing to ramp up the province’s ability to produce even more renewable energy, at an even greater loss, while claiming it’s all good for the environment. Even that assertion looks a bit dubious, however, given that the closure of the coal-fired plants means the worst source of greenhouse gas emissions has already been eliminated.

Peter Tabuns, the NDP energy critics, said Monday the annual loss generated by exports reached $1 billion last year.

“We’ve done the math,” he said, which in itself is novel enough for the NDP, which usually doesn’t worry itself with actual arithmetic. “It is an extraordinary expense that people are carrying on their electricity bills. We think this is a broken system.”


THE CANADIAN PRESS/Nathan DenetteNDP leader Andrea Horwath.

The loss works out to about $220 a year for each of the 4.9 million Ontario ratepayers, he said.

It’s a fair enough accusation. The riddle is why he would raise the matter now, when the same practise has been going on for years. Maybe Mr. Tabuns just got around to reading the article in the Financial Post that made the same calculation, and revealed the cost to taxpayers almost two months ago.



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