Hydro One’s new billing system is “fleecing” customers faster than ever!

Posted: January 25, 2014 in Uncategorized

First it was “Smart Meters” that would save us all money on our electricity bills, not to mention stabilize our supply system and alert the supplier faster and more specifically when an outage occurred. At least that was the message out of the Liberal’s Ministry of Energy from the long line of Ministers who have since abandoned that post.

We all know how that worked out! The latest Ice Storm highlighted what a myth that was! Chiarelli, the latest in the revolving-door Ministers keeps up the rhetoric that everything is great and wonderful and good in the electrical supply in Ontario. His announcements could be called “laughable” if they weren’t so absurd and harmful.

Here is a report on Hydro One’s NEW billing system that came into effect a year ago and how “well” it has worked out. As you would suspect it has been a dismal failure and continues to spew out bills that nobody can figure out, no matter how much education they have because the system just prints out NONESENSE!

BUT, we have to pay that nonsensical amount at the bottom of the bill regardless or face a disconnection of power along with the ignorant and ill informed collection methods from Hydro One’s bureaucracy!

Similar to the organized criminal’s “protection racket” where “no-neck Louies” kneecap people for not paying monies for protection they don’t need on their businesses, the Hydro One’s billing process bills you for usage, which is about where the real figures end, and then bills you for “delivery charges, debt retirement, global adjustment”, among other titles that mean absolutely nothing to the consumer except every month when opening their bill they go to the fridge and try and figure out what they really don’t need to eat next month to save money for the bills!

I know personally many older folks who have put their homes up for sale because they can’t afford the electrical bills any more and are waiting in line to get into seniors living so they can be warm again!

But don’t worry folks. Wait a day or two and Bob Chiarelli will be back on your favourite mainstream media outlet telling you to CONSERVE and STOP using stuff like washers, driers, dishwashers stoves and fridges so you can enjoy a reduction on your bills. Oh, and don’t forget to turn your heat off if you go out because heating an empty house is just plain wasteful!

Who the hell these mandarins think they are talking to makes one wonder if we have all been transported to Bizarro World while we slept one night by an alien force which has gone quite insane in deep dark space!

Parker Gallant: Hydro One, how’s that new billing system working out?

January 24, 2014) In the Spring of 2013 Hydro One launched their new “real time” billing system  allowing them to generate an additional $160 million (reported as an $80 annual cost for a consumer of 800 kWh per month) of revenue.

This billing change became an embarrassment to Hydro One as they entered the summer months and complaints started to pop up with increasing frequency about either the lack of a bill being received or the amounts of those bills bearing no link to reality. The personal experience of the writer was expressed in the late summer of 2013 when our bill suddenly had a new line which Hydro One labeled a; “Miscellaneous Adjustment”.

In the fall the media started picking up the news of bills arriving that were simply beyond belief and one couple in the Ottawa area received an apology from the than newly appointed CEO, Carmine Marcello who in a letter to the Ottawa Citizen said, “We will learn from this and we will do better.” and went on to say; “The new IT system, writes Marcello, will enable Hydro One “to provide better experience for our 1.4 millionNB:customers                                                                                         

NB: The 2012 “Yearbook of Electricity Distributors” shows Hydro One with 1.2 million customers.  Are the additional customers a result of Hydro One’s attempt to snap up several local distribution companies which they assume will happen?

That “better experience” came to the Beaver Valley Ski Club last summer when they received a bill for $37,000.   They reported that it was a multiple of what they should have been billed and Hydro One apologized and corrected it by sending them another bill for $36 million as the January 22, 2014 article in the Globe and Mail reported.

The billing change that Hydro One made didn’t require them to get an approval from the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) but presumably the OEB would have had to bless Hydro One’s plan to spend monies upgrading the billing system which they knew would, sooner or later, find its way to our electricity bills.  We shouldn’t look to the OEB to actually analyze the system changes but they should be upset with Hydro One’s management who obviously failed to test the system properly before the launch, perhaps seeing the benefits of that $160 million in additional revenue as being more important than ensuring the new updated billing system functioned properly?




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