Wynne can’t bankrupt Ontarians alone any more……she brings in “old worn out Politico Martin” to help finish us off!

Posted: January 23, 2014 in Uncategorized

There isn’t any easier way to say it. Kathleen Wynne is so deep into our pockets and has continued McGuinty’s plan to destroy Ontario to the point that now nobody believes on single word she says!

Not being able to “sell” the Green Energy Scam any more she floats Al Gore at us to try and give her continued plans to ruin our energy sector some semblance of credibility! It doesn’t matter the phoney “front man” is a “disgraced and bloated Climate Change purveyor of untruths”, Wynne leers on while this U.S. Global Warming, C02 hating, bag man mumbles platitudes and BS about how great Ontario is by achieving the number one status in North America for being a Green Leader. Of course nothing is mentioned that we now have the highest electricity rates in North America.

NOW she drags another “has been” into her warm circle of idiocy by marching “long in the tooth” and retired ex Liberal P M Paul Martin onto her stage of atx paying rip offs to “legitimize” her plan to put in place a not-needed Ontario Pension Plan.

Let’s get real here Wyyny: a tax is a tax is a tax, but then in an election year that word is almost political suicide!

And on and on goes the bouncing cheque called tax payers debt load at Queen’s Park!

Liberals think we’re made of money

JANUARY 23, 2014


Premier Kathleen Wynne announces former PM Paul Martin will serve as a special advisor to Ontario’s minister of finance to establish a made-in-Ontario plan to enhance retirement income security. ANTONELLA ARTUSO/TORONTO SUN

Old prime ministers like Paul Martin should fade away, not come out of retirement to advise Premier Kathleen Wynne on new ways to jack up our taxes.

Desperate to change the channel from her government’s wanton spending, skyrocketing debt and political scandals, Wynne on Wednesday announced she’s appointed fellow Liberal Martin as her expert adviser on developing an Ontario pension “solution”.

Translation, higher payroll taxes for employees and employers to pay for it.

Martin used to say payroll taxes were a drag on the economy, but apparently that was then and this is now. He suggests a rise in employee and employer payroll taxes to fund an Ontario pension plan could be offset by predicted reductions in Employment Insurance premiums.

Right. Because heaven forbid, taxpayers should ever be allowed to keep a few dollars more of their own money in their own pockets, instead of handing it over to Ontario’s Liberal government for financial disasters like eHealth, Ornge, gas plants, skyrocketing hydro rates and the Green Energy Act.

Wynne says she would have preferred Ottawa enhance the Canada Pension Plan in co-operation with Ontario. But the question she should be answering is this: Does she think Ontarians are made out of money?

First, Wynne consulted with urban guru Anne Golden on “revenue tools” for transit. Golden came up with increasing gasoline prices by up to 10-cents-per-litre.


A fact check on the blowback to Paul Martin’s new gig

John Geddes on Thursday, January 23, 2014

There’s been quite an uproar about Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne’s recruitment of Paul Martin, the former federal finance minister, who was also, though you might not remember this part so well, prime minister for a spell.

The reaction follows from the task Wynne has assigned to the Liberal icon of budget-balancing sound fiscal management—figuring out a way to improve the public pension system in Ontario, since the federal government isn’t interested in expanding the Canada Pension Plan. Two parts of the response seem to me worth putting in context.

First there’s Kevin Sorenson, the junior federal finance minister, slamming Wynne’s latest move toward providing more pension benefits, which would, of course, require premiums to be deducted from paycheques, as a threat of “higher payroll taxes, killing jobs and deterring investment.”

What’s interesting about Sorenson reverting to this line of attack, which he’s used before, is that it is decidedly not the criticism of bigger public pensions that Prime Minister Stephen Harper emphasized when he was asked about this issue in a year-end interview. As I’ve noted before, Harper didn’t lay on the approved job-killing-payroll-tax line, instead framing this as an issue of personal responsibility.

The Prime Minister said most Canadians put aside enough for retirement and those who don’t are “a group of people who have reasonably affluent lifestyles but just don’t save.” He continued: “They have the opportunity to do so, so I don’t think the challenge is to raise CPP taxes on everybody. It’s to try and figure out how to get the people who actually need to save to do the saving they need to do.”

Harper’s response strikes me as more plausible than claiming a modest pension contribution increase phased in over several years would really cost many jobs, and more interesting as a candid expression of the philosophical reservations conservatives might well have about expanding a government pension system.

The second aspect of the blowback about Martin’s new gig that seems to me worth noting is the gotcha reaction of those who claim he has forgotten his own view of payroll taxes, back when he was finance minister, as “a cancer on job creation.” But here’s the full quote from his March 1, 1994 speech to the Empire Club of Canada about that spring’s federal budget:

“One of the major initiatives of this budget was to lower payroll taxes for business—rolling them back now, with the prospect of even further reductions in the future. Payroll taxes are a cancer on job creation. Our reduction in unemployment insurance rates this year will result in business saving over $300 million per year, money we would expect businesses to re-invest in job creation.”


  1. Anonymous says:

    sorry for the bad spelling. maurice strong. do a web search on him. cheers from infowarrior

  2. Anonymous says:

    martins good buddy maurie strong laffs his ass off in china at the stupid canadians

  3. Anonymous says:

    Europe coming!!

  4. BIX says:

    Wynne wouldn’t try this nonsense if she knew that the ‘Sane Club of Ontario’ outnumbered the
    ‘One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest’ majority. Ten years of Liberal boondoggles has left Ontario
    as a have-not province, with the highest unemployment rate and the highest electrical costs in North America, yet look at the continued Liberal popular support. Anybody who would trust this
    next policy flop with YOUR money should to check their Corn Flakes.

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