Rob Ford doesn’t realize his request for Province’s assistance for storm cleanup will come out of Rural Ontarians pockets???

Posted: January 19, 2014 in Uncategorized

Just another short-sighted and non-realistic move on the GTA and it’s insatiable thirst for Ontario tax payer’s dollars may force Rural Ontario to pick up another “tab” to pay for Toronto’s short falls and one dimensional view of their own importance in the big scheme of things!

Rural Ontario is being bled dry and closed down due to Provincial arrogance and destructive management of everything from electrical supply to school closures and downloading of policing costs. Add to this a never ending begging for more money by our Province’s largest city, Toronto, for everything from subways to nowhere, gridlock and massive shortages of funds by their own Toronto Hydro and we have a recipe for disaster for the many citizens who call Rural Ontario “their home”!

Already poisoned by massive Wind Developments and Green Energy initiatives that destroy homes, wildlife, health, property values and economic development, are WE now expected to support Toronto’s dysfunctional and massively mismanaged Council’s edicts for “poor us” ..”we need help”……………..”send in the whaambulance” agenda?

The Ontario Government does not have an “emergency fund” for disasters or weather events like the ice storm. The Ontario Government, if they approved the Mayor’s requests” for assistance for the ice storm cleanup would have to take that money out of their “General Revenue” stash, which seems to be limitless at this point. That funding goes directly onto every single tax payer’s bill across Ontario, not just urban centres!

All Rural Ontario is asking the Provincial Government for is to “LEAVE US ALONE”!

Ice storm: Rob Ford motion seeks $60M from province

‘We cannot put this on the backs of taxpayers’ says mayor

Jan 10, 2014

Storm cost

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford puts forward a motion today that calls on the city to pay $30 million of the estimated $106 million cleanup cost of last month’s ice storm, with a request for the provincial government to cover the rest.

The ice storm that struck days before Christmas initially left 300,000 Toronto Hydro customers without power as ice-laden trees and branches knocked out overhead power lines. Ford’s motion asks senior government’s to kick in a “minimum” of $60 million to cover cleanup costs.

The mayor’s motion comes as council holds a special meeting to discuss storm fallout and how to cajole the province to pick up some part of the tab.



  1. Anonymous says:

    check out the soloman report that was presented to the ontario guberment inthe early days of daltons deal. done by lawrence soloman

  2. 1957chev says:

    What the idiots mean, is that they can’t put it on the backs of Toronto taxpayers. Why the hell should we pay for Toronto’s mistakes?

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