WWF embraces “Fake Green World” just like Ontario Government.

Posted: January 15, 2014 in Uncategorized

And we all see how that’s working out don’t we? To host fake Global Warmer Al Gore last month in Ontario by our so-called “leader” Kathleen Wynne clears the air on any doubts anyone has had about Wynne and company’s green beliefs……………..totally bogus and FALSE!

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The very same thing can be stated about The World Wildlife Fund’s activities and claims about Global Warming and “end of days” for various cuddly animal groups!

After all, one needs a good cover story to sell their crap when a major scam is pulled or as some may call it, a GRIFT!

WWF is so low that it actually goes after the young and vulnerable children that have yet been unable to make up their own minds on matters of adult life!

In a nutshell this could be called “child abuse” yet hipster doofus Moms and Dads embrace this group of cuddly panda bear salesmen as “politically correct” associates!

Claiming to be scientific, the World Wildlife Fund is anything but!

It is nothing more than a Boiler Room Business that sells falsehoods and ideas covered up with a fake claim that this and that poor soul of an animal is being killed by evil human beings!

Sound like David Suzuki?

Now that your hating yourself for being a disgusting human being, WWF will allow you to feel a bit better about yourself IF you donate some money to their “cause” and Booya!………back into a healthy guilt-free life, UNTIL, the next picture of a dying penguin hits you square between the eyes from your young childs “bring home from school” glossy BS pamphlet of the month!

The WWF: Still Donning the Science Costume

January 15, 2014 at 3:05 pm

Why doesn’t the World Wildlife Fund argue for its vision based solely on that vision’s merits?

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has submitted written evidence to the UK House of Commons committee examining the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). In the first sentence of that document, it calls itself “a science-based conservation organization.”

The WWF can be described in many ways:

  • as a wealthy, multi-national non-profit organization
  • an influential pressure group
  • a collection of professional lobbyists, marketing geniuses, and fundraising wizards
  • a political force to be reckoned with

The people who work for the WWF don’t sell products – they sell ideas. They spend all day, every day, advocating a particular philosophy – a worldview regarding the relationship between Nature and humanity. They admit they want to change “the way we think.”

The WWF has goals and a “vision.” It thinks the entire world needs a new, “low carbon” economy. And not just any low carbon economy – it’s demanding an equitable one on a particular timetable.

These unelected, unaccountable individuals also insist that:

All efforts should be undertaken to keep warming of global average temperature below 1.5°C (compared to 1850).

Please note that this is lower than the 2°C we usually hear about. Goals, timetables, numbers plucked from the air. That’s what the WWF is really about.

Scientific organizations don’t view pre-schoolers as a funding mechanism. Yet WWF-Canada has raised $175,000 via the birthday celebrations of “young environmentalists.” Its website advises parents that

Contributing to WWF-Canada will help your child understand the value of a sustainable future for many generations to come.

Because, you know, the average six-year-old has the capacity to care deeply about “generations to come.”




  1. 1957chev says:

    Hucksters and Fraud artists, that’s all they are. Moms and Dads can indeed teach their kids a lesson…..don’t be sucked in by enviro-wackos like Greenpeace, WWF, or the UN. They are all crooked and deceptive. Honesty and Integrity, are NOT part of their vocabulary! Spend your money, on something worthwhile, like your education, so you know when people are scamming you, because you are aware of the FACTS!!!

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