TEACHERS!………………..leave our kids alone!!!

Posted: January 9, 2014 in Uncategorized

Have our children become pawns” in the adult world of politics, labour, Climate Change and sexual policies that are being preached by “educators and politicians” in order to force their bizarre agendas on the world?

All signs point to YES.

How many times as a parent have you been presented with a glossy pamphlet or a publication by your child on his her return from a day in school with their homework and “school announcements”?

More and more teachers today have become “activists” in social change that should never be part of a school curriculum.

Parents have to take hard stand on protecting their children from these forays into their personal lives by strangers calling themselves “guardians and caretakers” of your children!

I personally call it child abuse. Enough is enough!

Teachers: Stay out of politics, parenting

michael-corenBY  ,QMI AGENCY JANUARY 09, 2014

Earlier this week, my Sun News colleague Paige MacPherson interviewed a female teacher on Vancouver Island who had taken her students out of school to protest against Stephen Harper.

The woman explained she taught history and “theory of knowledge” and Canada under the Conservatives was becoming something other than a democracy.

She seemed, in short, to be an idiot. But we do, in fact, live in a democracy and being an idiot is allowed. What is not is corrupting the young.

We all remember in Ontario when Mike Harris was Tory premier and there were frequent examples of teachers introducing partisan politics into the classroom and virtually indoctrinating their students into opposing the policies of the twice-elected government.

There are other and myriad cases of teachers making their politics entirely obvious to their pupils, and those politics are always of a liberal or leftist nature.

Last year in Victoria, B.C., an elementary school teacher named Andrea Joan Skinner was suspended for five days after encouraging her Grade 1 students to write critical letters to the government during class time. But it’s extremely rare for teachers to be reprimanded by superiors, who usually agree with them. Teachers’ union leaders are extremely powerful and even more radical than their members.

None of this should come as any surprise when we remember how political the education system has become and how often children are used as political pawns by teachers — for politics in general and for their own labour disputes in particular. Surely nobody still takes seriously the claim that teachers go on strike for the sake of the kids. It’s a chant, a slogan spasm, an apology disguised as an excuse masquerading as an explanation.

Not all teachers, of course, and most of us in media have received correspondence from teachers who are disgusted by the political antics of some of their comrades, but they are intimidated by the bullying of teachers’ unions and the aggression of those with whom they work. But there is something deeper and more sweeping than this and it’s sociological as much as political. A culture has developed in the past 30 years where teachers assume that they and not parents are the primary educators and even guardians of the children in their classes.


  1. Grapes says:

    The same teachers spew feminism and perversion which causes gender issues in adulthood for the students.

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