Not only did Ontario endure loss of electricity but will pay for electricity exported outside Ontario!

Posted: January 6, 2014 in Uncategorized

Talk about getting royally SCREWED!

Mother Nature threw a wrench at Southern Ontario over Christmas and knocked out power to hundreds of thousands of consumers which was unavoidable. BUT to have our very own Government double up on the misery by robbing us blind with their Green Energy Policy while we were all trying to make the best of a bad situation is bordering on the CRIMINAL!

Wynne and Chiarelli have become “energy merchants of doom” with their non-stop exporting of surplus energy with the bill for same being tagged unto our burgeoning Hydro Bills.

These people know no shame and continuously “parrot” insane explanations why they are screwing massive amounts of $$$ from our pockets!

Chiarelli’s math: another $23MM gone…or just 3 cups of coffee?

Monday, January 6, 2014

At this point, what’s another $23 mil?

Minister Chiarelli Math: $23 million gone or… just three more cups of coffee?
The last week of the year (December 25th to 31st) was an eventful one with hundreds of thousands of Ontario households trying to celebrate Christmas without electricity. As linesmen from dozens of local distribution companies from as far away as Manitoba were kept busy reconnecting downed power lines throughout the province caused by the freezing rain storm, Ontario was busy exporting surplus power.
On average, each of the 168 hours of the last week of 2013 saw 2,221 megawatt hours (MWh) exported to our neighbours in New York, Michigan and Quebec, etc. The amount exported in total was 373,178 MWh (enough to power 39,000 average Ontario households for a full year) and generated about $10,033,000—that’s assuming that we received an hourly Ontario electricity price (HOEP) of $26.89 as was reported in the Independent Electricity System Operator’s (IESO) “weekly summary”. Those exported megawatt hours represented 12.2% of all power generated by Ontario’s various generators including wind and solar developers.
Sounds impressive… until you realize that many of those without power in Ontario during that particular week will wind up picking up the bill for the monies not included in the HOEP. Those costs, referred to as the GA or Global Adjustment, averaged more than double the HOEP at somewhere around $60.08 per MWh so that additional cost of $22,790,000 will be billed to all Ontario ratepayers, including the hundreds of thousands of households without power during the week. Not included are other costs such as the loss of revenue for spilled hydro by OPG.
What the $22.76 million cost each of Ontario’s 4.5 ratepayers was a little over $5.00 each or, as Minister Chiarelli, would probably say; the cost of 3 Timmies coffees”!
All Ontario ratepayers should be worried: if that week’s events are repeated in each of the 52 weeks in a year, it adds a cost to the average ratepayer’s electricity bill of $263.00 and another annual energy cost of $1.2 million for power we don’t need. Most of us would agree that this is a lot of “Timmies” coffee purchased for your neighbours. Your neighbours might then use that free coffee to attract jobs from your province, exacerbating the impact while you were freezing in the dark!
Minister Chiarelli’s revised Long Term Energy Plan sure didn’t cover this contingency but perhaps we just don’t fully understand “Chiarelli math”?
The time has come to export both the Minister and his leader, Premier Kathleen Wynne!
Parker Gallant,
January 6, 2014
  1. […] order to understand the full import of this news story, it will be key to have read some of Parker Gallant‘s articles in the past, in which he documents Ontario’s exports of cheap power to neighbouring states such as New […]

    • Kevin says:

      If only the greenies could wrap their heads around the fact that they would have to get used to the lack of hydro in their lives if turbines were the only energy source like they probably wish for , They would vote libs out in a heartbeat

  2. 1957chev says:

    It is well past the time, when a full inquiry into the windscam, and all of the miscreants behind it, needs to take place. There is no doubt that we are being robbed. If this was a good plan, and turbines were a good product, they wouldn’t have to shove them down everybody’s throats.
    The sneaky conniving way that the windweasels come into communities, and bribe their way through governments, and regulatory bodies, is despicable. Vote for the Conservatives in the next election, unless you want to see more of the same. They are the only party, that admits that this who fiasco is WRONG!

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