Here’s what the “real Ontario” looks like ………… nothing like what Wynne tells us ………… not all “shiny and happy” but, massive POVERTY!

Posted: January 2, 2014 in Uncategorized

I bet Kathleen Wynne would have loved to take back her “brilliant election idea” of helping the sad poor folks out from ice storm damages by offering up FREE FOOD CARDS!

So eager for camera shots and good news to televise across Ontario prior to her final “running of the Lizards” for election she offered up free food cards for those hit hard by the ice storm!

This has to be one of the lowest of the low strategies that this gang of idiots at Queen’s Park has rolled out in many years!

To use the tragedy for hundreds of thousands of Ontario Citizens for a photo op is lower than snakes belly!

The REAL ONTARIO is shown in all it’s ugliness in this exercise of hypocrisy and should be the message for what waits Ontarians IF these fools ever get back inside the pink building after the inevitable election is called!

Hundreds wait in vain as ice storm vouchers gone

Mom-of-three left empty-handed at mid-morning from Golden Mile Mall after lining up at 6:45 a.m.

  Staff Reporter, Published on Thu Jan 02 2014
Hundreds of people hit by the ice storm lined up at the Golden Mile Mall for hours found out at mid-morning Thursday that the food vouchers had run out.
Hundreds of people hit by the ice storm lined up at the Golden Mile Mall for hours found out at mid-morning Thursday that the food vouchers had run out.

Hundreds of people lined up in the Golden Mile Mall for hours on Thursday morning were told all the food vouchers they came for were gone by mid-morning.

Even after security guards tried to get them to disperse, more than 100 stayed lined up in the hope that a new supply might arrive in the afternoon.

“There’s no more cards,” a guard called to the crowd. Some left, but others said they were willing to wait.

Staff at the employment and social services office said they had no guarantee of more cards, $50 for an individual and $100 for a family, by afternoon.

Dorothy Hrischenko, 54, explained she would stay as long as it took even though she had been at the mall office since 7:30 a.m.

“I tried to get a card on Tuesday and was told that all of them had been given out and to come back Thursday morning,” she said.

“We’ve been on the phone with Kathleen Wynne’s office and we’re told, ‘Cards are coming but we can’t tell you when,’” she said.

At times she has been worried for her safety, Hrischenko said, as people yelled and pushed for position in line.

“There’s no fairness, there’s no sense of order,” she said.

Rather than in a line, people were packed eight across at the social service office door. The police had shown up several times through the morning for crowd control.

“Apparently now they have no more cards left, and we’re the next people,” said Sabrina Ouellette, 30, who had been standing in the mall since 6:45 a.m.

She made it to the front of the line shortly after 10 a.m. only to be told the cards were gone. She intended to stay through the afternoon in case a fresh supply arrived.

Ouellette said the ice storm left her family without power over Christmas, and she was forced to throw away spoiled food, including the Christmas turkey.

“I have a toddler, a baby, a 17-year-old. All the food that got thrown out doesn’t come back for free,” she said.

Ouellette said she tried to get a card on Tuesday at the Kennedy office, but it was “packed like sardines.

“And I had two young babies with me, so I couldn’t even get into that office with a big stroller.”


  1. claire says:

    Poverty is indeed rampant in the GTA. For many poor people/families, the ice storm did present a state of emergency. Police presence was minimal in Scarborough, the hardest hit. It’s not as if all the cops were at Tim Horton’s – way too crowded with people who had no power and no food! There were no cops at major intersections without traffic lights – why? If ever the GTA needed help from the “army”, why not during this true emergency?

    As for the “gift cards” – what a short-sighted and, I feel, cynical idea. Requiring people to make their own way to specific locations on cold days – having to pay TTC, many of them – is bound to generate chaos and disappointment – because SURPRISE, not enough gift cards!

    I wonder how this will affect Liberal support in the Spring. I suppose some will think that Kathleen Wynne did her best – and the gift cards were a good thing. And the Liberal “government” – I use the term loosely – is somewhat short on funds (gee, I wonder why), so could make only a half-hearted effort to help feed those in need.

    How about a real effort, one that would truly help people in need, in the form of a tax credit – a generous, large tax credit.

    And bring in the army to deliver food vouchers.

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